Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 11th, 2015 Ladies and Gentlemen, Kids Of All Ages...

October 11th, 2015 Ladies and Gentlemen, Kids Of All Ages...

I honestly thought the circus would be like a book coming to life for little Noah. Um..not exactly...
 photo at20circus_zps9w97lfb5.jpg
This photo was minutes from the meltdown that occurred as soon as the drummer started drumming and the announcer said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, kids of all ages..." Okay, actually--I'm paraphrasing, not quoting the announcer, because I couldn't quite hear what he said above Noah's screaming. I immediately rushed him out of the big top and back to the safety of the car. He was clutching me as I carried him, like his very life depended on my protection.

Okay, so uh, maybe in another couple years, we'll try again. He did not like the lights, the noise and the general chaos. We needed another activity...
 photo Feeding20the20geese_zps2i1wry3o.jpg
Noah and I fed the geese and ducks. He loved this! He also took a bite every now and again--then would throw some bread, then take a bite--and throw some more. It was adorable. It was a wonderful way for us to conclude his visit. I miss him already.

My food was exceptionally delicious today. I took extraordinary care in preparing everything. Most of the time, Noah will get a different breakfast than me--not today, we enjoyed the same breakfast together. The kid loves bacon! And so does his grandpa!!

After Noah left, I moped around like a kid who's best friend goes home after an awesome sleep over. We had a fun weekend. I didn't want it to end, really.

I picked myself up, laced the shoes and headed to the YMCA in time for a great elliptical workout. I needed it. I'm so glad I did this. 

I'm looking forward to the week ahead. I'm hoping and praying it includes continued recovery, feeling better and more Winning Loser Video Blogs. I had to cancel our last scheduled shoot on Thursday because of my condition. We'll pick up the schedule this coming Thursday.

It's been a rather rough couple of weeks, peppered with some of the best experiences.

I hope you're having an absolutely awesome day!

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  1. Bacon in the US seems to always be what I call the "tail", the streaky fatty bit, never including the big circle of meat at one end that I call the "head" or the "eye". Is that right? Cartoons, too, always show just the streaky bit. In Australia we usually have the whole rasher, or sometimes just the leaner eye.

  2. Those potatoes look delish. :)

    Glad you and Noah had such a great visit, other than the circus (quick, thankfully) fiasco... ;)

  3. What a great time you had with Noah! What a lucky boy to have you for his grandpa!!!!! You might have to get a child's book on the circus for him and gradually introduce him to what it is all about - before your next excursion. We can't know what our little loved one's take is on some things until it happens.
    Am looking forward to your next Vlog.

  4. Oh - - - like your "halloweeny picture" !!!!


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