Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16th, 2015 Minimize In My Headspace

October 16th, 2015 Minimize In My Headspace

Two guests on my show this morning helped put my fears at ease over this entire dog bite thing. I had a veterinarian and the director of the humane society, both in studio promoting different things--and I seized the opportunity to discuss this situation with each, off the air and on.

These two guests work with animals everyday and they both agreed, the chance of this being something worthy of concern is slim to none. Had it been a stray dog or a wild animal, different story. The chances of a domesticated small dog, likely an indoor pet, contracting rabies is extremely rare. Maybe my 2% uncertainty I wrote about last night is more like .1% instead. Would I like to be 100%? Of course. But even with all of the on-air talk of this situation, the lady and her dog has yet to be found.

I do have a plan to request a colleague cover the first hour of my show on Monday morning. During that time, I'll slowly drive around the immediate area looking for them. Chances are really good she walks her dogs regularly at that time. She's likely changed her route considering what happened, but I imagine she's in the area. Dogs still need walked, right? If I find her and get what I'm looking for, awesome. If not, I'm prepared to calmly be okay and allow this to minimize in my head space.

#TBT on a Friday
 photo Before-Now_zps8qvk1qhh.jpg
This is one of my favorite side by side comparison photos. The before picture was snapped while dining at a Kentucky Fried Chicken. My ex-wife Irene is also in the picture. Over five years later, we have a wonderful post-divorce relationship based on mutual respect and the kind of love and caring for one another that transcends anything and everything. I just spoke with her for permission to use this photo again. The more recent picture was a few months ago during a grocery store location broadcast.

Today's schedule at work was fairly busy, enough to cancel any plans of an extended midday break--other than enough time to run to the store, grab a midday coffee and a few groceries for lunch preparations in the studio kitchen.

I was horrified today when I discovered two outstanding six week old shipments remaining on the books. I shipped several paperback books and MP3 audio book versions of Transformation Road over a month ago and thought I was caught up. I missed two. Uhg!! Linda in British Columbia and Raye Ann in Ontario--thank you for your patience!! And also, sincerely, thank you for your wonderful support! Your paperback and audio version copies of Transformation Road are on the way!

By the time I walked in the door of my apartment, it was almost 5:30 and I was very tired. Surprisingly, despite a late lunch, I felt a little hungry--so I decided a snack and a short nap was in order.

My nap ended up being too much. I slept right past the alarm. What was to be 45 minutes ended up being twice that and a little more--and it tilted my entire night. Dinner was late. My walk tonight was after midnight and here I am, finishing up this post just after two am. But, I am a night owl at heart and I'm completely off work tomorrow. I plan on sleeping until I've had enough. It would be different if I needed to be up early in the morning...good thing I don't.

By the way, the paperback and unabridged audio version combo of Transformation Road-My Trip To Over 500 Pounds and Back is still available as a complimentary gift with your donation to this blog of at least $25. The secure donation link can be found in the upper left hand corner. Thank you for your wonderful support!

Valerie recently commented:
"I'm continually impressed with your dedication to your health and eating. Despite some very rough times lately, you just keeping doing you- I love it!! So inspiring :)"

Thank you for that, Val! It all goes back to my parallel streams philosophy. Life is going to come at us in a variety of ways. If I sacrifice my fundamental elements stream when my life stream gets turbulent, #1--it won't improve my life stream situation. and #2-- For me, it would mean a return to the worst behaviors with food--and that always results in significant weight gain. Maintaining the integrity of my plan come what may is one of the biggest challenges worthy of my focus. It's imperative for continued success along this road.

You'll find two new blogs listed in the "Blogs I Recommend" section along the left hand side. "My Little Nook" is a blog by a very experienced blogger who's back--and I'm thrilled she's back! "Totally Kathy" is also new to the list. From what I've read of Totally Kathy's blog so ready for a great read as she loses "one pound 300 times." 

If you have a blog you would like included on my list, please email me the link so I can check it out!

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  1. Great approach to managing your health risks, which appear to be low. Good stuff. That's all life is, a risk based approach with you picking what is right. Kudos and great plan. Thinking good thoughts for you.

    Looking forward to checking out the two new blogs.

    Talking about risk based, it's exciting that your weight loss shows the lowering of visceral fat. That will lower your health risks so, so much. Glad you found abstaining from sugar a good tool for weight loss and risk reduction. Kudos all around. Powerful choices.

    1. The truth is, Karen, I have a greater risk each and every day I drive to work or dash to the car in a thunderstorm or whatever else can be risky...crossing the street. Those two really gave me some perspective. I feel worlds better about it, now.
      Those two new blogs are golden. I hope you will!
      Oh my, Karen-- the abstinence from refined sugar has proved to be a life changing experience.
      You have nearly 4 years of weight maintenance. So when you give me a compliment in the direction of my recovery and maintenance--wow, it's so awesome. Thank you.

  2. You are so sweet, Sean, thanks.

    I'm glad you talked to professional in the field about the dog, and it's eased your mind. They are probably correct. I didn't realize the injection were so expensive. I knew back decades ago that it was a terrible regime to go through, but worth escaping death. I'm glad you aren't needing to go through it.

    Try and put your mind at ease. And thanks again.

    1. Gwen, you're pure and simply one of the best souls out there. I know I don't know you personally, but the realness you apply to your writing and sharing brings out such incredible-honest, beauty.
      Yes--those professionals really helped me re-frame this whole deal. And they're correct. I trust them 100%.
      2,000-7,000 dollars... eeeck... I'm sure insurance would cover a good chunk, but still-- wow. Certainly worth it if the alternative is certain death, no question. But the chances are so small.. I mean, I would have a greater chance of demise as I drove to the doctor's office to get the injections, than if i didn't get them--in this circumstance.
      Again--if it would have been a wild animal or stray--no question--i would have already started the treatment.
      You're so welcome!!


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