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October 29th, 2015 We Write The Book

October 29th, 2015 We Write The Book

Writing a very short, almost "Tweets Only" post, was the plan. I'm still basically doing that--except I found an excerpt I wanted to share from May 30th, 2010. I've made a few edits and some minor reformatting to the following. I had so much ahead of me when this was written. Many lessons--some almost deadly--had to be lived and learned. I'm still living and I hope I never stop learning.

Five and a half years ago:  

I've written before about how we're all authors of our own story. And let me say this before I go any further: I fully believe that we're at the mercy of a most divine and powerful editor—who ultimately decides when and how our story ends. But at the same time, if we're fortunate, we're given the freedom to take control of our story and rise to the challenge of making it whatever we choose. 

Will our story be tragic or triumphant? Will we take control of the plot, accepting 100% responsibility for our actions, complete with a level of self-honesty that clearly stares down what has held us back? 

We write the book everyday along this road. 

My life, or book, was headed for a very sad and tragic end at over 500 pounds. My “character” was depressed over his obesity. He was sad and out of control, feeling hopeless for change---playing and fully accepting the role of victim in so many circumstances, slowly drowning in the sinkhole of life, holding on to all that was good and right—the family, the friends, the blessings---but still sinking, almost giving up and letting go of himself, everything, and everyone. Almost surrendering in a way that would surely leave his family and friends heartbroken. 

But wait! I'm the author of this story, you're the author of yours! Is it going to end this way? 

Nobody can write it for us. We have to be the one to turn it all around for the record. If it's ever going to change, we must accept the challenge and rise above our circumstances. We make that iron-clad decision, we put up that steel-curtain zone, and we do it because we've decided that tragedy sucks. 

Our story can be a happy tale, full of triumphant victory---that happy ending where everything seems right with the world. And should our most divine and powerful editor feel the need to give it a tragic and sudden twist, for reasons unknown to you and me, then we can still feel good about and appreciate that we made a difference with our individual vision of how our story could be and what we did to make it that way.

That's what drives me. It's much deeper than just being able to say no to overeating. That kind of control is just the surface. What's below the surface is the driving force toward freedom, a freedom I never knew and always believed was out of reach. Until now. Reach for it, realize that you're the author of your own story and write it with your actions.  Take it from someone who spent nearly two decades near, at, or above 500 pounds. I know you can really do it. It's in you--so grab it, write it, and live it!

Today was a very good day in a variety of ways, despite its length. I wrapped the workday with a broadcast this evening from an annual Halloween event in downtown Ponca City, Oklahoma. I ran some errands after, made it to the store and finally home to prepare a late dinner.

I've enjoyed a few really powerful support exchanges today. Those work both ways, ya know? If I'm reaching out for help from someone, it also helps them. If someone reaches out to me and I help them in some way, that also helps me.

My exercise today was my increased activity. I must be good with this. I am, I think. No, seriously--I'm okay. 

I'm hitting the pillow feeling the peace and calm that comes with honoring the integrity of my plan.

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