Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 25th, 2015 Why Would I Want To Cheat Myself?

October 25th, 2015 Why Would I Want To Cheat Myself?

I hadn't fallen asleep while writing a blog post in a very long time before last night. I have no idea how I slept for nearly three hours, sitting up, at my desk. I finally staggered to bed well after 5am. It really had the potential to tilt my Sunday in a way that could have affected beyond today and into the start of my work week. I handled it better by effectively making today a rest and relaxation day. Yesterday was full, so it was needed.

I also wrapped my birthday weekend with one of my favorite meals, fried catfish and fresh cut and baked sweet potato fries. It was amazing (see Tweet-Pic below).

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A few more pictures from Friday evening's birthday get-together. I feel incredibly blessed to have had both of my daughters and my grandson with me.

It felt good to get back to making another Winning Loser Video Blog today. It should be ready very soon. It was fun to shoot! This next episode is all about the scale and weighing.

I cancelled my trip to Stillwater to celebrate my birthday with mom. We've decided to get together on Wednesday instead. I hated to cancel, but again--I needed a day to rest and relax. Aside from the relatively short video shoot and a quick grocery stop, that's what I've done.

I was in line at the post office on Friday, my birthday, when an acquaintance, also waiting in line, asked, "Are you going to have a piece of birthday cake?"  I replied with a smile, simply, "oh no, wouldn't do that." Then she asked, "So, don't you get a cheat day or a break every once in a while?"  

I've written about this and talked about it so much, that I try to not spend too much time explaining it from the beginning, every time. My challenge in this situation is to politely and quickly reply something that makes sense without rambling on and on. Life Coach Gerri would likely advise a simple, "Nope," or maybe a "Nope, and I like it that way!"

Brevity has never been my strong suit. I kept it relatively short, considering it's me we're talking about. 

Here's what I said: "I treat my abstinence from refined sugar with the same reverence an alcoholic in successful recovery treats their sobriety. It's that critical to my continued recovery and a side effect of my recovery, I believe, will continue to be maintaining a healthy weight. Over a year and a half into my abstinence and it's proven to be the best nutritional decision I've ever made."

I didn't go into the peace and clarity I've found or any of the non-visual emotional/mental elements of my transformation. I didn't mention how I eat well, better than ever, actually. I didn't go into how I actually love what I eat--and how I don't eat things I can't stand simply because "they're good for me" or considered "diet food." I didn't mention how this entire experience, seven years in the making, has turned out to be a long search full of trial and error and an eventual embrace of a groove that works well for me. I didn't mention how I'm happier now than I've ever been in my entire life--and not because I've lost weight--but because I've discovered a love of self, nurturing the core elements of me, and essentially redefining from where I obtain my self-worth/identity. But, you know what? 

Maybe I should have mentioned all of these things...then asked a question of my own:

Why would I want to cheat myself out of this or take a break from this experience?

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    I wonder if anyone would suggest that an alcoholic or heroin addict have a bit of their favourite substance on their birthday as a special treat?! Go on... it's your birthday... actually I can kind of imagine some types of friends doing just that. The ones that are still in the rut and would be more comfortable with their own decisions if you rejoined them there.

    1. Excellent point, Natalie. Thank you for the birthday wishes!
      I've accepted that some just don't make the connection and don't understand how food can be considered on the same level with other addictions. It's not that they're inconsiderate, I don't believe--just not educated on the subject.
      I do agree--I have witnessed the "come and join me so I'll feel better about what I'm doing" dynamic...I even did it to others at one time or another in my life! :)

  2. Sean, please take a minuite to read my blog today, I quoted you in it.


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