Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 14th, 2015 Okay, Then

October 14th, 2015 Okay, Then

I was feeling some fairly nasty pain this morning courtesy of what I will appropriately refer to as "the condition." It slowed me down considerably, enough to ask a colleague to cover the first 1/2 hour of my radio show until I could pull myself together. Then, as if that wasn't enough to manage, I finally get to the radio station and end up getting bit by a dog on the sidewalk just outside our window front studios. A nice older lady was walking her two dogs, both on leashes--and it was still dark, and apparently these dogs considered me a threat to their master. The smallest dog did exactly what came natural, it defended his/her master and attached itself to my leg. Two broken skin bite marks and a ripped pair of new jeans was the result.

I'm way too nice and forgiving for my own good. She assured me the dog was properly vaccinated, apologized, then I countered with "my new jeans are ripped--and oh wow, there's blood." She apologized again, reassured me for the third time that her dogs have had their rabies shots--and she quickly exited the scene.

This was the point where I should have said, "hey, wait, uh, maybe we should exchange information and you could give me the name of the vet just to make sure he's properly vaccinated--and you think you should replace these new jeans and perhaps pay for my insurance co-pay on a visit to the urgent care facility?" That's exactly what I should have said. Instead I simply muttered, "Okay, then." 

I talked about the incident on the air, encouraging this dog owner to contact me, or "if you know who this person might be, please have her contact me." I took the blame for not getting the information when it happened. And my intent certainly isn't to call her out. I wouldn't mention her identity on the air under any circumstances. I really only care about seeing proof of vaccinations. If she pays for the jeans and the urgent care visit co-pay I paid this evening, then great, but at the very least--shot records, please.

It didn't result in her contacting me. I did get quite a bunch of advice and encouragement to seek medical attention. This may become a new morning show bit, "The search continues, Day whatever..." 

I was just going to treat it at home with over the counter stuff until mom insisted I go see a doctor. I did go tonight. I received a tetanus shot, some fancy ointment samples and a prescription for an antibiotic. Mom's happy and aside from hating needles, I'm happy that it looks like I'll live.

Then it was time for my bi-weekly maintenance weigh-in at the doctor's office. A support friend suggested I see the doctor about the bite during the weigh-in, but I didn't have an appointment. The weigh-in is a drop by arrangement, not an appointment and he was busy with patients. I knew from the start if I was going to end up seeking medical attention it would be at an urgent care facility.

Where were we? Oh yeah--the weigh-in....I don't know what to think of this one.
 photo 213.020weigh20day_zpssn9zqu3x.jpg
213 pounds represents a 7.4 pound loss over the last two weeks. It's also the lowest I've weighed since I was eleven years old. I fully expected a pound or two gain considering all of the missed workouts because of "the condition" and my insane schedule of late. I was shocked. I stepped off and back on. We re-calibrated and tried again. Made sure it was properly "zeroed" and tried again. Still, 213. Okay, make sense of that one. I'll try...

Maybe, just maybe-- last weigh day's nearly 3 pound gain was actually a temporary water weight gain--and maybe it should have showed a slight loss instead...and maybe this time I didn't have any excess water weight issues and perhaps this, coupled with a pound or two or three of actual loss, equaled the 7.4 pounds. I don't know. And you know what? It doesn't matter.

I'm eating very well. I honestly don't think I can add much more without it messing my with my mind a little. My plan is to watch this for another couple weigh-ins, keeping the calories where they are (2300) and resuming workouts in a regular way. I'm feeling fine. I'm not getting overly concerned. I've talked with a couple of support friends about this today and they've both agreed that I should keep on keeping on and see if this continues. I plan on doing just that.

It's been a crazy-wacky day. I've learned a few things:

1. When somebody's dog bites you, it's perfectly acceptable to ask for what you need.  
2. The scale is insane.
3. Tetanus shots burn.

I'm going to bed and hoping for a restful night and a morning without pain from "the condition."

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  1. I am so sorry about the dog bite, and sorrier still that you were in such shock you didn't get the info you needed. I don't mean to sound like a pessimist, but read up on rabies symptoms, just in case. contact the local dog shelter, and maybe, just maybe, go back to the same area, same time, a few more times to see if you can catch her again. It's important. :(

    1. Gwen, oh my--you're right, I was in shock!! I didn't even think of that. I had been using some fairly negative thoughts regarding my intelligence in this matter--but that makes sense. It wasn't until after the shock subsided, I realized-- oh wow, I should have done more.
      I will find her. I agree, very important. Thank you, Gwen!

  2. OMgosh, that is so irresponsible of that woman! You were certainly not responsible for thinking straight after her dog took a chunk out of your leg. That's just crazy...hope you get to feeling better soon! Jane

    1. Thank you Jane! I really wish she would come forward. All I really want is peace of mind that her dog was properly vaccinated.

  3. Dude... Crazy day!!! I hate needless too :( Hope your Thursday goes much better!

    1. Valerie, thank you!! I'm a BIG baby when it comes to needles. And I don't apologize for it! Only if it's 100% necessary will I suck it up and take it!

  4. Great post as always, (sorry about the dog bite). I am sure your body will eventually settle out where it wants to be. If you like how you are moving and eating, then I would think that is the key. The body will catch up. Seems to me that you are going to be set for maintenance the way you are going.

    1. Thank you, A. I feel really well with what I'm doing and honestly, I've never felt better. I'm allowing it to do what it does. As long as I continue eating well and within my plan, I'm not going to drive myself crazy trying to wrestle with the scale. I feel like I'm prepared for some quality maintenance experiences. :)

  5. You are having a hard couple of weeks! Excellent work keeping the streams separate. I wonder if the dog owner is worried you will sue her or have her "vicious" dog put down? But it was very rude and irresponsible of her to just walk off. If she'd hit you with her car and hurt you like that it would illegal for her to just drive away (in Australia, anyway).

    1. If it was right outside your studio, do you have security cameras outside?

    2. No security cameras. The closest would possibly be at the intersection about 40 feet away.
      I seriously just want to be at peace with the shot records. I don't want to sue her or anything--I just need to know that she's telling the 100% truth about the vaccinations. She probably is--but when it's potentially a life or death thing, like rabies would be-- then "probably" doesn't cut it.
      I agree--I thought about this today--had someone hit my car--something that could be replaced or repaired, I wouldn't think of just letting it go.
      But I'm the one injured and I do... Frustrating.
      The only thing I'm worried about is what you just described--her telling me the dog has shots just so I'll drop it---and she'll not lose her dog--but what if it doesn't have the proper vaccinations?
      Uhg. I don't like the uncertainty.


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