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October 26th, 2015 What Is It? Another Winning Loser Video Blog

October 26th, 2015 What Is It? Another Winning Loser Video Blog

It's really strange sometimes. What is "it?" Where I find myself today is so far removed from where I came. I was never strong, consistent or successful losing weight until I started doing things differently over seven years ago.

I have much more experience in NOT being successful than I do in being successful. That's just simple math.

Analyzing what didn't work for me during the nearly twenty years near, at or above 500 pounds, was critically important to coming up with a personal philosophy and plan that works for me today.

It's important to remember what works well for me may not be what works well for you. Each one of us has our own experiences and preferences that have shaped where we find ourselves.

We find our personal groove. And it may be different for each of us. But I've noticed, many of the conclusions we find, if not completely identical, have distinct similarities.

I always seemed to complicate things in the past. That's why I'm all about simplifying the approach, especially in the beginning. 

In studying many of my failed attempts, I found one of the key elements in my failure was finding ways to feel bad about my progress. I set expectations high, laid out complicated plans and white knuckled it all the way to the scale as often as possible, in hopes of some kind of indicator that I was doing things correctly. If it was a good weigh in, I'd be on top of the world--if it wasn't, I'd be crushed, left questioning everything positive I was doing.

Some people can weigh every day and handle it with a calm understanding. I'm not one of those well adjusted people. I know many who are, though. In fact, I have some good friends who swear by it--and how it helps them. I'm different. And I know there are a lot of people like me who have given the scale a bunch of emotional control in past attempts.

One of the adjustments to my approach required me to change my perspective on the scale and weighing. If you weigh daily and have found the perspective needed to process the statistics, no matter what, in a positive way, then this edition of the Winning Loser Video Blog probably isn't for you. Even still, you might smile as you watch.

But if you're like me, you just might relate. Thank you for watching!

After watching, A.A. writes:

"Hi Sean,
I just wanted to personally give you thanks for your scale video. I just watched it and loved it! I am a person who is easily broken by that scale I find myself standing on every single day. Not only does it get in my head but it causes me to fall off plan every singe time. I'll do good for a week, step on that scale one day and show a gain and snowball down hill from there. I've actually gotten to the point now where I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been and I can't seem to understand why I continue down this path of slowly killing myself. The scale definitely has too much power and I've never heard anyone talk about it the way you did. You made me question WHY I trust something that is not a reliable source. Thank you for that video!"

Letting the Tweets take it the rest of the way tonight.

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  1. Awesome winning looser video Sean! I am without question one of those people that finds weighing myself everyday preferred, as I analyze the numbers and grown immune to the daily fluctuations. At times when I go on vacation, not weighing myself I become unsure, uneasy and insecure of unknown weight fluctuations in progress. Daily observed weights the past 20 months has provided great understanding, insight, knowledge, comfort & calmness. Being able to, analyze the numbers, how specific nutrition or activity creates obvious weight fluctuation trends, using the information to establish theories as if I were pretending to be a very smart, perhaps mad scientist makes this whole process very interesting and helpful with my own transformation.

    Having said that, I realize I am more the exception than the norm. You basically nailed it, hit a HR with the advice you offered in this video blog about how often you should weigh yourself. Unless your like me, immune to 15 pound weekly weight loss fluctuations and enjoy trying to analyze and make theories from a unreliable source. You would probably be a lot happier and more successful following Sean's advice here.

    1. I know you well, Jon, having spent a few fantastic days in your company a year ago. You're a numbers person, pure and simple--and you approach it like a science experiment. In effect, you're doing some fascinating research. Me--uhg...I couldn't do it, Jon--I just would drive myself nuts.
      We've spoken about the core elements of who we are and how important it is to nurture those things...because it's truly, in my opinion, a path to happiness regardless of circumstance. And I believe your fascination and keen understanding of numbers is part of yours. It's a gift you possess.
      I thought about you as we shot this one--and I knew it wouldn't apply to you! :)
      I appreciate your recommendation of me!

  2. This video is so timely. I have steped on that scale daily for as long as I can remember. For the past few months my scale seemed to be way off so I gave in & bought a new one. Guess what? The new one shows I don't really fluctuate all that much from one day to the next. On the old scale I experienced daily swings of 2 - 3 pounds. I'm sad to think of all the wasted energy I spent trying to figure out what I did right or wrong & all the power I gave to a scale that wasn't even working!! I'm going to try once a've convinced me.

    1. I'm truly excited for you, A! I'm so glad you're adopting a once a week weigh day! Glad you have a new scale!

  3. Oh Sean, I have been such a "scale addict" since reaching goal weight and it stresses me out! I am going to watch your video each morning for a while and then hit the gym. It is SO much better to concentrate on working more broccoli into my diet than sweating over a little water weight!
    LOVE this video and your commitment to giving back toward others physical and emotional well-being... Thank you. ~~ Megan

    1. Megan, you nailed it--that's the idea. I'm the same. The only difference between us is, I don't own a scale at home. Otherwise, I too might fall into the potentially obsessive trap of constantly weighing.
      The idea behind this, is--in shifting our focus from the scale, to a tight embrace of our fundamental elements--and because we're likely to experience less anxiety or disappointment, it enables us a better chance at consistency within our individual fundamental elements each day.
      Thank you for the love! Helping others, helps me and my physical and emotional well being, too!

  4. I'm going to write just about what your other writers said. Yep, I'm a scale person. Daily. I laughed out loud when I saw the opening of your video because that is ME! I talked to that Bitch every day. I plead with her and tell her to be nice. Give me what I want to see. And when she doesn't I do exactly as you said. I sulk. I'm a NOTSONICE person to be around. I have cried and kicked and screamed because of my failures. Did you see what I wrote? MY failures.
    As of late, I'm trying to weigh once or twice a week. Of course after the shower and nakie . I'm slowly trying to release my failure feelings but as I do that it has given me permission to stick this in my mouth here and there... so .... there it is.. I need accountability. And how do I get it? From people around here? Nope. EVERYONE has been waiting for the failure... the comparisons and so on...
    I'm proud to say I have maintained and that is a positive.. I guess.

    You however, are a rock star... not sure how you got to rock star status but you sir are amazing. :)


    1. Rosie, your increased awareness will help you through in wonderful ways.
      Could you acknowledge two things you're doing wonderfully right, each day? Because you are. In order to have the success you've achieved (notice I said "success"), it's taken positive and wonderful things.
      Could you try acknowledging two each day for one week. Like, really think about it--identify them and truly give yourself a pat on the back for doing well.
      So many times the positive things we do each day get covered by the over-sized blanket of negativity we're using to warmly wrap our perceived failings (notice I said "perceived").
      I appreciate the rock star status you've given me, Thank you. I must tell you, though, I'm just like you.

  5. Omygosh, dying over the beginning of the funny, but true, too! I work for Weight Watchers, so I see this first hand all the time. I'm one of those who weighs myself almost every morning, but for some reason it doesn't bother me. I'm one of those weird people who it motivates to keep myself in check. I get how it can be a detriment for many, though. I can see your comedy background coming it!

    1. JMT, WW is so awesome for so many! It's truly all about perspective. Good for you in not allowing it to adversely affect you day to day! It affects you in positive ways. I wish I could say the same!
      Oh yes-- I love comedy and acting. There will be more of that in upcoming episodes, for sure! Even incorporating other actors to play certain roles.
      JMT, thank you! I didn't know you worked for WW! That's very cool.
      Does the CEO still write his blog? I haven't checked in some time.

    2. Sean, thanks for your comments! The CEO doesn't do the blog, because he's not the CEO anymore, ha! There's been a lot of changes going on there.

  6. Sean,

    This is so true and I agree with it 100%!


    1. Dede, thank you. For some of us--oh my, very true!!! :)


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