Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22nd, 2017 What I've Been Told And Shown

March 22nd, 2017 What I've Been Told And Shown

Running into people whom I haven't seen in years, is sometimes fun. This happened (again) today. After giving me one look, "You're still doing well on your diet" fell out of her mouth accompanied by a surprised expression. I didn't explain anything. I simply said "yes, every day." 

I cringe a little at the word "diet"--because, I'm not on a diet--and haven't been. See this recent blog post for a more in-depth explanation of that one. But I get it and it's fine. This happens quite a bit actually--these interactions, recently in fact--the whole "You're still skinny" thing. Anyone can call it anything they like, because I know what it's been.

It's been a miracle.

Most people don't make it back. I'm here. And considering where I was and how quickly I got back there...yeah, it's an absolute miracle for me to be here, now. I give thanks for this blessing each day, right before I start doing what I've been told and shown works, by others who've traveled this road long before me.  

I don't know it all. I don't have all the answers for anybody, including me. But I can learn and I can watch and I can study what others do and I can stop talking long enough to listen and I can read between the lines and I can be honest with myself long enough to function in reality instead of some alternate perception created in my own head for the specific purpose of releasing me from the responsibility of taking extraordinary care of me. And somehow, this miraculous thing gets done, one day at a time--it gets done.  It's not impossible for me.

It's not impossible for you.

I can do this.

You can do this.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, remained refined sugar-free, exceeded my daily water goal, stayed closely connected to awesome support, and enjoyed a great workout at the YMCA. It was a good day.

I visited with mom this evening before my Y trip. She's doing better as indicated by a few things, namely her blood oxygen reading after forgetting to put the oxygen tube back on after a restroom trip. Thirty minutes later and she was still in the mid 90's. I'll pick up mom tomorrow afternoon, right after work, for a trip to her doctor in Stillwater. It'll likely be her last visit with her primary care doc there--considering she has a new doctor here. She's looking forward to getting out and about!

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  1. A miracle! I hadn't thought of it that way. But that's exactly what it is. But this miracle was achieved through your efforts. And because you are making that effort every moment of your life, it continues to be a miracle day after day!


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