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June 10th, 2017 Near And Dear To Me

June 10th, 2017 Near And Dear To Me

Something that's near and dear to me is the weight loss support group I've co-facilitated for years. It's not a weight loss plan. It's a tool to help strengthen and support the plan that's working and sustainable for you. Like any tool, the more you pick it up and use it, the more it helps. This group is all about support and accountability--and those two things have been absolute non-negotiable elements of success in my almost nine-year experience along this road.

I co-facilitate the group with certified Life Coach Kathleen Miles and Jordan Burgess. Collectively we three have lost nearly 700 pounds. Members range from just getting started with more than 100 pounds to lose to maintenance mode and everywhere in between. It's truly a diverse group--and what's amazing is: We can all relate to one another. The mental/emotional dynamics of weight loss and the power of good accountability and support is universal. This group makes a difference.

We currently have openings for our next session starting Monday June 19th and Tuesday June 20th. The group uses one "secret" and secure Facebook page with five different weekly support group call options. The accountability and support of the group are ongoing daily within the group page--the group calls via conference line are weekly.

If you're ready to discover the difference solid accountability and support can make for your weight loss goals, I highly recommend joining us for this next session!  The following is a list of sign-up links for the different time options on the weekly calls. Limited spaces are available especially for the Monday night and late Tuesday group calls. We also have a direct one on one support option after the regular Monday night group call. If you have any questions at all, email me:

Monday Night Group- Fee: $120 for 8 weeks-

Monday Night Premium One On One Plan- Fee: $200 for 8 weeks-

Tuesday "Lunch With Kathy" Group- Fee: $120 for 8 weeks-

Tuesday Night Early Group- Fee: $120 for 8 weeks-

Tuesday Late Group- Fee: $120 for 8 weeks-

When you sign up for a session, you've enlisted an accountability and support team. I hope you'll join us!
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Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, I enjoyed a bunch of natural exercise across three separate location broadcasts, and I stayed well connected with great support. It was busy, but it was solid.

I planned on eating out tonight after my last broadcast but changed my mind last minute and decided the chicken in my fridge really needed cooking. I was exhausted but thought, it doesn't take much effort to turn on the grill for chicken and prepare a few simple sides. I prefer my home prepared meals over most restaurant meals with a couple exceptions--My favorite Mexican place near my apartment and Ground Round Bar and Grill also puts together a very nice plate (of course I might be biased since I write, produce, and voice Ground Round radio commercials). And both places cheerfully honor my special requests that help me honor my maintenance plan. Ground Round has even offered to use one of my Ezekiel buns if ever I prefer a burger from their establishment! Now that's going above and beyond!

I've cleared my schedule for tomorrow. The only work type thing (and I love it) will be finally getting episode 15 of Transformation Planet released. Other than that, I'm not doing anything I don't want to do--I'll be sleeping well, eating well, exercising well, staying connected with support well and I'll enjoy being well.

After three insanely busy work days including 12 hours of location broadcasting--I'm ready for a break. I may need to take an additional day off work, very soon.

Gratitude is a daily thought and practice. I'm very grateful for a long list of things. And I think about that list daily. I'm blessed.

I had a good visit with mom late tonight. We recently acquired a mini-fridge for her room. I delivered some fresh fruit and other items she requested, like cheese and Triple Zero yogurts. Now, when they bring around the nighttime snack wagon, she can say--no thank you, I got mine! I'm really proud of what mom has been doing for herself. She's walking for exercise daily and visiting the therapy room each day to use the sit-down bicycle exercise machine.

Okay--I'm headed to the pillow. I might listen to 10 minutes of a favorite podcast while I drift off to dream land.

Today's Accountability Tweets:

Thank you for reading and your continued support,

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