Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 15th, 2017 Have I Become Too Rigid?

June 15th, 2017 Have I Become Too Rigid?

On-air weather coverage has kept me up late. Instead of blaming this late night on my time management skills, I get to pin it on Mother Nature.

I'm proud to be on the board of directors for the arts and humanities council. Once a month we have our meeting at the same place. Usually, I just drink water--but this was a long meeting, so I went ahead and looked at the menu--do I wait until I get back to the studio??? Should I order something??

At first, I declined, indicating "I'm fine, thank you, just water for me." But then I looked around the room and most everyone else was eating lunch. I thought, have I become too rigid in my food plan? I really love the meals I prepare--I take great care in the preparation and I enjoy my food plan immensely, but occasionally it's important for me to make on-plan decisions like this, and order lunch already, geez!

I decided to navigate the menu instead of having a super late lunch. It was a good decision. My usual baked tostada lunch could wait for another day! I was very specific with my order--no sauce on the salmon, plain-grilled, salt and pepper, please...and the gentleman who always serves us at the meeting knows me very well. He knows me so well--as soon as I sat down, he removed the ice water and replaced it with a bigger glass, no ice. I always order water no ice because it's easier to drink, especially if it's not ice cold. It was a good "living life on life's terms" experience.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed connected with exceptional support contacts.

This will be a short night, unfortunately. I didn't mind writing a little more tonight because I needed to wait up long enough to check the status and location on some of the remaining storms around the area. I might not be finished with tonight's weather coverage. I hope I am. If I'm finished, I'm hitting the pillow!

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  1. I have totally stopped using ice. I drink room temperature water in the hotter months. I drink hot water in the cold months. Just plain hot water. Makes a big difference in my GI system.

  2. Hi Sean. Great post which really struck a nerve with me. I check in with you several times a week. I love the details and admire your strength and commitment to your values. I need to loose 50 pounds and struggle to find the right approach for myself. So many times when I read your posts I ask myself how you manage to stay on track day in and day out - the rigidity of your schedule and what seems like repetiviness of your food choices. I find myself getting angry at myself for not making a commitment and not making daily good choices. I'm routing for you. Thanks for your daily posts


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