Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 23 "Fat Clothes" And Running Like The Wind Blows

Day 23

“Fat Clothes” and Running Like The Wind Blows

As the days roll on, I notice I'm in a good mood more than ever before. Despite any troubles or various stress factors that come along, I'm still being positive and looking forward to the future. I know that exercise triggers a chemical change and the release of endorphins, and those little fellas make you feel really good. So maybe that explains it. Oh yeah, the weight loss too might have something to do with me feeling better on a daily basis. Something to remember: Not everybody is in a good mood. There have been several times over the last 23 days I've encountered people that were less than cheerful and friendly. Even friends and family can unknowingly send a negative vibe your way. One day my oldest daughter went to the YMCA and worked out real hard on the elliptical machine for a solid thirty minutes. After she finished she told a very good friend of hers at the time about her thirty minute workout. The friends response? “Next time you might want to try doing it a little longer”. Wow. Not a single “way to go!” or “nice job”. It doesn't mean that the person wasn't her friend, it's just that some people have a hard time being positive. A friend of mine read my blog not long ago and the only thing they had to say about it was “it's too long, make them shorter”. Another's sole comment...”so, Westwood One wouldn't hire ya”. There will always be “Downers”, but I've learned that you have to look past the negative and realize that not everyone can or will be a cheerleader. You can't worry about or try to figure out everyones psychological makeup and motivation...you'll drive yourself nuts if you try. You really have to be a self-starter, a self-motivator, and then the added support you do get from family and friends is just gravy...I mean the icing on the cake...No, uh...it's just a bonus. ;)

I've been the recipient of a bunch of positive support over the last 23 days. It's really been incredible, I've even had phone calls from listeners of my show whom I've never met wishing me well and asking for directions to this blog. That feels really good. The family and friends support has been phenomenal. And I hope that I'm doing a good job of returning that positive energy. The friends and family that have jumped on board and are doing this too makes me so proud. We can do this together! We're doing it! And we have each other, we're not alone on this journey, and that can be the difference needed to get all the way to our respective goals. I talked to a friend today that I haven't talked to in a while and he too is losing weight the all natural way with portion control and exercise. He started, I would guess, about 100 pounds less than me, and he's been on the wagon a little longer. In fact, he actually rode a bike to work a couple times last week! That is so impressive! The last time I rode a bike was when I was 13. I don't even know if I'd remember how, I guess it would be just like...riding a bike. Isn't that amazing? Is it even possible to forget how to ride a bike? I don't think it is. Once your brain locks into the balance versus speed ratio coordination, you got it for life. Anyway, I'm so impressed with his attitude and commitment. I told him that I would be happy to buy some of his old clothes when I reach my first 100 pound goal and he told me they weren't for sale. He'd be happy to give them to me. And he's always been a very sharp dresser! These are premium threads my friend! And I can't wait to fit in them. He also mentioned something that is a very good thing to remember. He said that during every other attempt to lose the weight he has kept the “fat clothes” in the closet, it's a psychological thing...The “fat clothes” are ready whenever the weight comes back. Getting rid of the “fat clothes” is a great way to tell your brain...”hey, this isn't a temporary thing we're doin', this is a permanent life change”. I sincerely appreciate his generosity and since I don't plan on fitting perfectly into those clothes very long, I'll have them ready after three or four months to give to someone else who can use them. I'll pay it forward! We're both built big and we're both 6' 3” so naturally our ultimate goal weight will be similar. He had read Day 17 were I mentioned wanting to get to 199 just because it's below 200. He could totally relate to that desire. Even if it's just a day, and really it's not too far off what insurance companies require for life insurance policies. An insurance agent once told me that considering my height, I would need to weigh not a pound over 225 for me to be fully insured at a reasonable premium. Right before we hung up my friend said... “we'll see ya at 199”. He's got it together 100% and I'm so happy to be able to call and see him during this journey.

I really have no idea what it will feel like to be at a normal weight. I remember getting down to 385 back in 2004 and feeling so light on my feet, at 385! I can remember racing my daughter in an all out sprint along the walking trail. I mean I was flat out running! It was such an amazing feeling to run. I hadn't ran since I was a kid, and this time I wasn't being chased by a bully or coming in last in a playground footrace. I was running for fun, for entertainment, I was running because I could. And I was still 385! What will it feel like at 285? Or at my ultimate goal? I told Courtney not to be surprised if daddy ends up flying when the weight is completely off. Maybe I was suppose to be a super hero of some kind. We laughed so hard at the thought! Laughing is so important along the way. Not just when you're embarking on a major lifestyle change, but anytime. Laughing adds years to your life. So be of good humor and laugh my friends! Because being healthy and adding years to your life is what this is all about.

Good Choices,


  1. Sean, I just discovered your blog while you were writing on Day 665. I started my journey for the last time on Wednesday. Yesterday, I began reading your blog from day 1. I have already read so many posts to which I can totally relate. Your posts have made me laugh, cry, and cheer. Most of all, I believe in myself and your success reinforces that it's very possible and this time very probable that I will succees. Thanks for sharing your story. You are a blessing to me and to countless others.

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to keep reading. I too started again for the last time this past Monday. I'm on day 2 today of my journey. You inspire me as I have told you before on facebook. Please don't stop blogging. We need your support! thanks
    PS I am looking forward to reading your book!

  3. It's the negative people like the ones you described in your blog that make you scared to tell anyone that you're trying to change. Unfortunately one of those people in my life WAS my mom. I once lost 50 pounds and she actually told me, "but you have so much more to lose!" Not one word of encouragement- I was in my early 20s at the time, and after her comment the weight went right back on. She is much better now, she has mellowed out as she has gotten older.


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