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Day 345 Getting To Know Jack and Family Weight Training

Day 345

Getting To Know Jack and Family Weight Training

The first Daily Diary of a Winning Loser audio blogger interview is posted and ready for your listening pleasure. Just click play and brace yourself for Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit! (If you haven't already—find his blog at ) Jack was very interesting to talk to, very relaxed and he sounded nothing like I imagined. Talking with him and the resulting interview really gave me a closer understanding of this blogger I follow so faithfully. He's very private and mysterious in many ways, and at the same time very honest and real, just one of us. His anonymity is extremely important to him, and I respect that 100%. His humor is like the holiday goodies you enjoy before opening the big gifts. The big gifts being his sincerely written personal post of struggle, triumph, and perseverance. His writing talent and discipline is amazing. And no matter what kind of mood I'm in, a wonderfully written post from Jack can break through and often make me laugh out loud, lifting whatever is weighing me down. Master Jack, wonderful interview my friend. I really thought I had lost you with that last question, but you handled it in pure Jack Sh*t fashion. Thank you sincerely.

I've been extremely busy today and haven't had much time to read or comment blogs. I always feel horrible when I don't. I'm planning on devoting some time tomorrow afternoon to catching up on many of my favorites. Your support of my journey through reading and commenting my blog has been an amazing difference maker in my life. I may not know you personally, but through reading and following your blog, and realizing all we have in common along this road to better health, I seriously consider you a friend. When I say “my friend” this and “my friend” that-- within these pages, I sincerely mean those words.

As many of my friends know, one of my biggest challenges and the biggest nemesis to my metabolism is time management. Things still get done when I fail to manage my time properly. I most always get in my workout and I always write a post no matter what, but often at the expense of sleep, and that negatively effects my metabolism. The solution is strict time management. It's a skill that I've never used before—and I'm really trying to learn how.

We enjoyed an amazing meal tonight. Small pork chops prepared without any added fat, plus green beans and scalloped potatoes. Irene prepared the potatoes without the butter/margarine or milk the recipe suggested. With a variety of spices, those added calories were never missed in the flavor department. They came out completely delicious! We have a food scale for accurate measuring of meat weights. Four ounces of this meat came in at 180 calories, the potatoes with reduced numbers, only 110, and the green beans only 20. A completely satisfying meal for 310 calories? Really? Yes. I was so impressed, I celebrated with a 110 calorie ice cream bar. This isn't “dieting,” this is living my friend.

We enjoyed a wonderful workout together at the YMCA tonight. You know how I've talked about my struggles in the weight room? Well, Irene and Courtney decided to join me for some upper body lifting before our regular cardio tonight. They want the fat burning effects of low weight-high reps and their support in that place is really going to help me stay focused on the training. We should have taken a picture of the three of us doing the dumbbell lifts simultaneously. It's funny, I still feel like I'm feeling my way through with the weights, but they were looking to me for guidance. I really had to “act as if” I knew what I was doing. Safety is my number one concern in the weight room, and that's exactly what I promoted tonight. When you're lifting, it can be so easy to injure yourself---and nobody wants to be out of commission simply because our impatient yearning for results pushed us too far, too fast. I'm focusing on applying my “consistent” philosophy to weight training---the results will be mind blowing in time, I trust that.

My lovely wife put together a wonderful post on her blog today ( ) titled “See The Signs.” I was very busy when I first read her words and then I mistakenly assumed she found a poem on-line to go with her post. I was in a busy-hurry and completely skipped the poem. When she told me of her poem tonight, I felt so horrible that I didn't take time to read her original work. Huh, let me see if I can turn this around... “Uh sweety, the fact that I assumed you had found an inspirational poem on the internet, probably written by some famous poet, that's a compliment to you!” Hey, after twenty years of marriage, I'm good! She's the one that came up with this original poem---and it was just incredible. She has some amazing talent within her. I later commented that it's astonishing how often we get so caught up in our daily lives and schedules that we can completely look right past the best parts.

I'm actually getting to bed at a somewhat decent hour tonight, well—decent, relative to the norm some days. I can't wait to enjoy my blog roll tomorrow and catch up on my many friends along this road. Day 345 has been a smashing success. We'll do it again tomorrow! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. You have a Lovely Blog Award waiting for you on my site !
    Thanks for your blog - I very much enjoy reading it.

  2. I don't mute my music when I am online for much, but I did for the Jack Sh*t interview...well done! And very insightful! Thanks to you for doing it and to Jack for participating!

    Weight training is scary at first, but you'll cook right along. Consistency is very much the key there, and once you get hooked, it will be all you want to do!

    Get some sleep, we will all be here when you wake up :D

  3. Totally loving the interview - I was rather surprised though, I didn't think they allowed phone calls in those sort of institutions.

    Darn, now I want a theme song...

  4. YPU baby are know I have already told you this and heard this in the rough stages and most of yesterday...LOL but you are AMAZING and you so know that!!

    I enjoyed our weight training yesterday and I so wanna go again today!! Also enjoyed the cardio and dwanna do that again today too...

    Hope you really loved the breakfast, you usually have called me before now...Maybe you didnt...what if you didnt for real....Well call me

    Hope you have a great day and cannot wait to spend the evening with you!! Ribs are for dinner..
    Love Always,

  5. The weight training has always been the trickiest part for me to be consistent with. Even though I know that it does get results, and very good ones I might add! Good for you on making that extra effort to get back into it. You'll be so happy that you did.
    Currently having technical difficulties of some sort, so I have not yet listened to the exclusive Jack Sh*t interview. Will try again though, because I really want to hear it!!!

  6. It's on the back of the blog? How Jack Sh*t is that?

    Great interview! Thanks, Sean.

  7. Bless your heart for not getting enough rest - my husband is the same way. I am glad its not slowed either of you down when it comes to your losses!

    Irene is going to have to give up some of these recipes you are always talking about!

    I hope you have an amazing day, as you are an amazing person!

  8. Jack said you completely sound like a radio dude and he's right. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  9. I have to listen to your Jack audio, I totally missed your intro and your test audio and I'm bummed. I did hear the lava cake one though. I need to bring myself some headphones to work so I can listen here. I hate missing out. Way to go on the great dinner. I love how you calculate the calories for everything. I had to go back to the hotdog post for some reason I thought it was 133 calories that's why I asked about the roll lol. Way to go on the workout too for everyone. I really miss the gym and weight training. I'm hoping my body will let me get back to it within the next few weeks. I think I'm going to have to go with the low weights this time around though. Workouts are always changing though so it's just about adapting and finding that new plan, good luck to you guys. Hope you get some rest tonight.

  10. Yeah!!! I just heard the interview, my temporary technical glitch overcome. GREAT interview!!! Thank you!

  11. Ponca City!!! I've been there a ton of times! I used to live near Stillwater! Amazing story Sean! Proud to be a new follower of your journey!!

  12. Loved the interview!
    I listen to it last night, and was cracking up.
    You should do more of those daddy!

    I love you!

  13. Great interview... you guys sound HOT! *wink, wink*

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Good interview! Back of the blog :)

  15. Sean, I jsut found your blog. I am looking forward to following your progress. Good luck!!

  16. Excellent job on the interview! Thanks for bring him to my attention, I had never checked out his blog before and I laughed my ass off as I was ready his past posts! He is a very funny guy, I look forward to following him as well. Thanks to you Sean for all that you do to inspire the followers of your site. Very nice!

  17. That was a great interview. You asked all of the questions that I was wondering about as well!

  18. Hey Velvet Voice, that was a great first interview! And I checked out Jack Doo Doo's blog and cracked up as well. You kept it just the right length, too..not too long. Thank you for making it the kind that does NOT automatically start playing when one first comes to your site...those kind, especially with music that clashes with my music, always make me go GRRRRR...but your site always brings a SMILE.
    Good job!

  19. Wow, I cannot believe you managed to get Jack on the phone!! Well done and now I have a new blog to follow...Great job so far! Am I reading this right? You have lost nearly 200 lbs in 1 year???

  20. You have a great voice for radio!

    Well done!

  21. that was a fun interview and if you were the one who wrote the intro for it that was great.

  22. I really, really, really enjoyed that interview! You are such a professional and he's just delightful

  23. Kudos on starting weight training. I have always felt intimidated by the weight room at the gym. That and I never know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Is that a lat machine or scaffolding? One can never tell.

  24. Thank you so much for the Jack Poo interview. I'm already blown away by your magnificent radio voice and incredible radio presence and thank you for doing such a great job interviewing Jack. Only a great interview could make a guest feel so comfortable and enable him to tell his story so engagingly. Bravo to the two of you!

  25. Great interview. Both you guys rock....enjoy your blogs. They keep me inspired and laughing!

    Keep 'em comin'

  26. Ohh wow, I have never listened to you, and well you dont sound like the voice I had made for you in my head, if that makes any sense at all.
    Wow that interview was fantastic. I am really impressed how all this is coming together for you.

  27. Finally got round to listening to your interview with Jack - it was fantastic! you have a very good, clear voice for radio / interviews. Thanks for arranging this.


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