Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 387 Attitude Is Everything and Coming Soon To This Blog

Day 387

Attitude Is Everything and Coming Soon To This Blog

After a week of gloomy news concerning my sister-in-law JoEllen, today's doctor visit provided some hope. The doctor was very optimistic about her treatment. It was a positive thing and I could tell it really lifted JoEllen's spirit. JoEllen is off to Oklahoma City for the next three days for follow-up appointments concerning her eye surgery, a friend of hers picked her up tonight from our house, she left with a super positive feeling about what lies ahead. Attitude is everything isn't it? Thank you for your prayers and thoughts during this difficult time.

Despite the extremely tight schedule, I'm feeling really good these days. I'm well below 300 (289 at last weigh day) and this schedule and play commitment has really been an eye opener to me about good time management. How do some people do this kind of schedule year around? Not me, no! As much as I love what I'm doing right now---I look forward to doing less, much less! And sleeping more, much more!

I arrived home from play rehearsal completely exhausted and totally unable to keep my eyes open. So I opted to sleep instead of write. Actually, it wasn't my choice. My body decided for me. We rest now. OK.

It's nearly time to leave for the studio on this Wednesday morning. Chris, if you're reading and you notice the time stamp at the end says 11:59pm, that's only to ensure the proper date shows for that particular day.

Coming soon to this blog: An interview with Irene Anderson, official play photos, my Honest Scrap Award list of ten things you don't know about me, and a powerful piece I'm writing in my head and will soon put on paper and produce. It's a “time traveling” audio interview over the phone with myself at different points throughout my life of morbid obesity. From an overweight kid to a 500 pound adult, I'll go back and talk with the me of past for a revealing look into what brought me to over 500 pounds and kept me from losing the weight over the years. It's a dramatic concept, and potentially powerful—mind opening stuff. If you've ever said “I wish I knew then what I know know,” then you'll totally “get it.”

Thank you for reading. Some of these I'm looking forward to doing real soon, the interview with me will be a little while after this play closes. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Looking forward to the "Sean" interview...sounds like a really cool concept. :)

  2. Wow what a great post. it seems that you have made a great journey and I am really looking forward to this interview.

    I also conduct interviews for my site and I know my members would be really interested in what you have to say. Please let me know if you are interested.

    I have a free video revealing the number secret to losing weight without spending hours in the gym or starving yourself. Just head on over to

  3. I'm really thrilled at what you have planned for the upcoming posts. I'm also happy to hear that Jo Ellen is keeping positive.

    I was thinking in the past how you should really get interviewed, after all it's your blog. The time travel idea is great... hey can you somehow make it super retro (think flash gorden) with some buzzing and whirring time machine? Use your ray gun to zap that fat!

    I think it will be cool to hear from your wife on the journey together too. The amusement park stuff was cool to reaad about, but thise after all is the real adventure!

    At Foolsfitness we recently took an adventure into the fresh produce aisle. We were frightened by all the strange looking things to behold! Clutching our pizzas firmly we ventured in, unknowing what would lie ahead... but that's another story- Alan

  4. Good news on all fronts - excellent. Looking forward to all of it.

    Keep doing your regular amazing job man.

  5. Hi Sean,

    I've visited your blog a bunch of times and find it totally inspiring. I may have commented once, but I'm not sure. I just want to thank you for your remarkable story and the fact that you share it with us. I'm glad there is a positive tone regarding your sister-in-law's treatment. She sounds like an amazing woman to be going through all this in such an optimistic and hopeful manner. If you get a chance ever, I'd be honored if you'd drop in to my'll see why I'm so grateful for success stories like yours!

  6. I am so glad that JoEllen is feeling more positive. I hope that her treatment goes as well as expected and I will be keeping you all in my thoughts.

  7. I too am happy to hear that jo ellen got some good news today. I know what you mean about wishing you knew then what you know now. I just wrote a blog post about it. Good luck with your play and your self interview.


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