Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 411 Today I Crossed and Stair Running Rocks

Day 411

Today I Crossed and Stair Running Rocks

Thank you for the many wonderful wishes and prayers for my dad as he faces colon cancer. I know that he’s going to beat this, he’s overcome many things in his life, this will be another challenge. I just know that he’ll make it through.

JoEllen is doing better. She’s starting treatments early next week, after being delayed because of the eye surgery and the shunt surgery. She says that she doesn’t “feel like a million bucks,” like the doctor said she might, but she does feel better. Her vision is still very bad, but it’s not completely gone, and that’s a good thing. Her ex-husband has been so helpful and kind throughout this entire process. I take back most of the ill things I thought of him in the past. I guess some people do mature into wonderfully caring adults. I know I’ve certainly matured into a man over the last ten years.

A long studio day was once again capped by a remote broadcast, this time at a couple of small loan companies. The remote was right next door to a place called Oklahoma Hard Tails, a custom chopper manufacturer. The founder of OHT, Cory, was my guest host this morning on my radio show. He asked me to stop by during my broadcast next door because he had something for me. He gave me the best pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned! These Crown Sunglasses are amazing, thank you Cory! I’ll be sure to take some pics real soon for posting!

I was sitting in the lobby between breaks when I had a crazy idea. Could I possibly cross my legs? I’ve never been a crosser. I couldn’t, it was simply a physical impossibility. I haven’t even tried since losing all this weight. I tried and I did it! For the first time in my life, I sat comfortably with my left leg resting on my right knee. A picture is below. It wasn’t a full “leg draping over” crossing, but a very comfortable “leg on top of knee” crossing. I must sound crazy. But if you’ve been morbidly obese, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I had that casual comfortable confident look of someone crossing. I could touch my shoe with absolutely zero effort; I just reached out and touched it. This is major, considering that tying my own shoe use to leave me completely winded, to the point that I would “recruit” family members to do it for me. Now I’m casually crossing. It was indeed a very nice non-scale victory.

I’ve found a new workout that really rocks. Stair running. Yep, stair running. I found the stairs at the library downtown, pulled over, got out of the vehicle, and ran up them. Then I did it again and again. After ten times up and down, I was completely spent. I hope this isn’t considered trespassing, because they were closed. It is a public building and our tax dollars help fund it, right? I guess if I’m ever asked to leave then I’ll know! I ran the stairs at the YMCA the other night, and that was good, but these are better—longer, more of a challenge. I’ll be doing more stair climbing, uh, running…tomorrow at the OSU-Texas game. I’ll be there! More on that in a moment.

Tomorrow I have a remote broadcast at a car dealership before I head south for the game. Remember that friend of mine that won the “Lose To Win” Challenge? Yep, Brandon will be there for the broadcast, and I’m looking forward to spending the time with him. Of course our focus will be selling cars, not talking weight-loss and transformations, but you can’t get us together and not talk about weight loss a little.

After the broadcast I’ll be headed south for Stillwater and the big tailgate party outside of Boone Pickens Stadium. Come 7pm central, I’ll be in the stadium witnessing one of the biggest match-ups of the day. And running stairs. I’ll be sure to take a camera like before and I’ll try to share those with you soon. I can’t wait. A big thanks to Anson for the invite once again.

It’s been a decent Friday really. I enjoyed a banana, strawberries, blueberries, and yogurt for breakfast (yep---didn’t have time to cook this morning!!). A half a baked potato with salt, pepper, and 40 calories worth of sour cream, plus a grilled chicken wrap minus the honey mustard for lunch. I enjoyed a bowl of scrambled egg whites with mushrooms, green pepper, and mozzarella as a snack, and a couple of chicken tacos for dinner. I still have 340 calories remaining…hmmm, did someone say---low fat vanilla soft serve?? It’s time for a McDonald’s run!

Have a fantastic Saturday tomorrow. Saturday’s blog posting will probably not be finished and posted until mid-day Sunday. I’m expecting a real late night tomorrow! Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Something as small as this---is such a big deal to me. I crossed! I probably could have done it much sooner, I just never thought to try. I wonder what else I can do that I didn’t realize? Hmm…I’ll have to think about that a while.


  1. Congrats on the leg crossing! It is BIG DEAL and I know how you feel! I was in tears when I realized that I could cross my legs again. Have you tried crossing your arms yet, or even holding them easily behind your back? I had stopped doing both for so long, and then one day I just naturally did it and it took me a moment to realize what I was doing. Now that I can do all three - I do all three a lot!! What a fabulous feeling!!

  2. Ditto on the leg crossing, did my first one two weeks ago. I was sitting on the couch and my poor husband, he was sitting there in his chair and I made him watch me do it. He didn't get it. congratulations.

  3. Congrats on all the firsts...and thinking of you dad.

  4. Congrats Cousin...and all of you! I've never NOT been able to cross, but knowing you, Sean your whole life, I truly do understand what an amazing thrill this must have been for you! I'm happy for you and so proud of all you've accomplished!

  5. I cross myself all the time.

    I get angry I ate that.. and angry I ate that.

    Then of course there is time I spend in prayer at the church... there is lot's of crossing there... honest! (Don't strike me down God for the poor pun... at least I got people thinking about You as they read this!)

    So your like Rocky now running up those stairs! Eye of the tiger man, eye of the tiger! My latest joy I think is riding a bicycle again. It's just sort of a free floating feeling.

    At Foolsfitness a non scale victory NSV is when you win for throwing the scale down the stairs!- Alan

  6. That's awesome!!! I'm so happy for you :)

    Oh, and GOOOO Texas!!! ;)

  7. That's an awesome NSV Sean...and it's a HUGE deal to me. I used to not be able to cross....I love that I can now, and so easily and comfortably!!! I never get tired of the NSV's!! Have a GREAT time at the game! :)

  8. STAIR/STADIUM RUNNING is THE BEST. It accelerated my weight loss tremendously. Start slow and do more and more each time. Also, youtube has awesome videos of stair workouts. You can get really fancy once you get good. I am up to one hour now. The library may not have enough steps once you get good...look for a high school or college stadium. The pounds MELT away with stadium workouts!!

  9. That's great Sean...Funny that you mention crossing legs...that is one of the goals I look forward to accomplishing...Im sure it sounds crazy but I look forward to that. Check me out on my new blog Incredible Shrinking

  10. I am so sorry to read about your dad - I hope he is getting excellent treatment and is comfortable.

    Well done at the leg-crossing - it is great being able to do that again!


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