Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 395 Weigh Day Success and My Best Full Body "Before" Picture

Day 395

Weigh Day Success and My Best Full Body “Before” Picture

Today was weigh day. I really expected two or three pounds, maybe four, but somehow, someway, I managed to pull off a five pound loss over the last two weeks. I weighed in at 284 today. 284! These numbers look so strange to me, they really do. Losing five pounds was really amazing considering that I’ve had two week periods where I worked out almost every day and then pulled out a five pound loss. I haven’t specifically worked out but a couple of times in the last fourteen days, and bam---a five pound loss. I’m not complaining, I’m actually thrilled and feeling very lucky. Who knows, maybe last time I had some added water weight, and I’ve lost it since. I don’t know. I do know a couple of things: My calories are solid and it’s not smart to try to figure out weight loss patterns. I’ve been extremely fortunate that I have yet to have a two-week period with a gain. I say “yet,” because it could happen as I slow down on approach to where I should be. I think my success has everything to do with my consistent calorie budget---it’s just enough for a steady loss. Water weight could slap me in the face someday with a gain. I think I’ve had low numbers before because of water retention, but the reality is simple, it all evens out over time.

I’m extremely excited about these weekend performances of “Call Me Henry.” If half the people show up who have said they will, we’ll have a big audience both nights. The bigger the audience, the bigger the energy, it’ll be something special. This is the last weekend for this play. So if you’re reading this within driving distance, I urge you to come! 7:30pm Friday and Saturday night at the Wilken Theatre on the campus of Northern Oklahoma College. If you’re seriously considering making the trip and you need more specific directions, just e-mail me at

A couple of people have asked why my e-mail is “seanboy105.” My Aunt Connie use to call me “Seanboy” when I was a kid, like “Johnboy” on the old “Waltons” TV show. In 1998, I took a job as a morning personality at a Country radio station with the show name “SeanBoy in the morning!” The frequency of the station was 105.5FM, hence the e-mail “seanboy105.” That can count as an Honest Scrap Award entry. Now you know the rest of the story! (Sorry Paul Harvey-RIP)

After my weigh-in, I drove through McDonalds for lunch. I grabbed a fruit and yogurt parfait and a small order of fries. The fries are 230 calories, the parfait without the granola packet is only 130 calories. I left the drive-through and approached a red light when I noticed a lady in the car stopped next to me. She was watching me eat those french fries from the bag. She didn’t say anything, it was cold and our windows were up, but her look was one of confused concern. It may be my imagination, but I swear the look she was giving me was screaming hey—aren’t you the weight loss guy? And you’re eating McDonalds fries out of a bag? Cool huh? Yeah, that was me alright. I loved McDonalds fries at 505 and I still love them at 284. I just don’t love them as much and as often. I can occasionally enjoy 230 calories worth instead of the biggest size on the menu and be completely satisfied. It goes back to my point from yesterday’s blog---eat what you like, because it’s less about what you’re eating and more about how much. Had I denied myself those fries all this time, a small order today would have made me feel like a failure. You see? I’m far from a failure.

I stopped by the Team Radio home office today and was immediately summoned into the owners office. He had found some of the best full body before pictures I’ve probably ever taken---right there on his computer. Isn’t it funny how these pictures are some that I would never want anyone to see before, but now I can’t wait to post them? Look at these pictures below, oh my! I still can’t believe I looked like that. We were broadcasting from the Oklahoma Centennial Celebration, November 2007, in Guthrie Oklahoma. Had I fully realized what I looked like, I doubt I would have been able to stand there on that street in broad daylight in front of so many people. I really was completely clueless to how heavy I’d become. No, correction, I knew how heavy I was. I just didn’t realize how heavy I honestly appeared. I’ve also included an “in-progress” recently taken on our amusement park trip---just for contrast.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Wow. That’s big.

I remember my breakfast that morning: A large bag of Funyuns, a pack of little chocolate donuts, a large coffee with a bunch of high calorie French vanilla creamer, and later in the morning I added a couple of sausage biscuits. On the way home we stopped at Lucille’s in Mulhall, Oklahoma for chicken fried steak smothered in cream gravy and the best hot buttery rolls anywhere around. I was completely out of control.



  1. You've come such a long way...lookin' good! :)

  2. Who are those two gorgeous kids!!!

    You two are HOT :)

    Well done on five pounds loss, I think I found it;( plus another two and a hoo...



  3. Fire Marshal AnsonOctober 15, 2009 at 6:58 AM

    Did you torch Lucille's in anger?

  4. I'm glad you blogged about your fries so that just in case your lady in the car was a reader...

  5. Regarding the pictures ..All I can say is "Wow". Regarding the 5 lb loss ... All I can say is "Wow". Regarding the fries ... All I can say is "double Wow" ... lol

  6. Sometimes when i look at these papers it's hard to remember you're the same person! You have done a great job Sean :)

  7. I love the fruit & yogurt parfait from McDonald's. In fact, I've never been much of a McDonald's person but discovered those on one of the 8 trips taking my daughter back and forth to NC for college in the late 90's. Every once in a while I still go get one. Delicious and a good healthier choice! I think one day we're going to lookup "lifestyle change" in the dictionary and see your before and after pics there Sean.

  8. You are absolutely incredible! I've only just come across your blog by nosing at someone else's blog list! I've commented on this same subject on my own blog, but I have to say that you look nothing like 284lbs in your recent photo! I would have guessed around 230?

    Keep up the good work!

    Patsy :o)

  9. Hey, Sean! Your determination to achieve your goal is incredibly inspiring. I am struggling fairly unsuccessfully to gain some self-control and stop eating too many calories, so I can really appreciate the effort you continue to put into not exceeding your calorie budget day after day.

    Do you find that as time goes on you feel satisfied with less and less food? I'm thinking that a small bag of fries and a little parfait don't constitute much of a meal for a man of your height and build, yet you seem to have been satisfied with it. People speak of the stomach "shrinking" as it gets used to less food coming in, which makes it easier to live with consuming less per meal. Do you notice this happening to you?

  10. Congrats on the big loss! Amazing pictures. What a difference. You must be very tall. A previous commenter mentioned you don't look 284 and I certainly have to agree that you look much lighter. I am going to have to guess you are 6'5".

  11. You are rockin Sean. You're doin much better than I am. And, by reading your post, it appears you've already been given this award.

    Well you've been given the honest scrap award again. See my latest post. Have a good un.

  12. WTG on the loss!! Those pics are amazing.
    Fires...yum! I had a salad tonight and thought of you LOL!

  13. Told you you were working out in the show!


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