Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 399 A Cool Sunday and The Next Cool Dream To Conquer

Day 399

A Cool Sunday and The Next Cool Dream To Conquer

I started this morning (or in this case, afternoon) like I do most. Eating. Something tasty, something filling, a great calorie value is a bonus. I love fresh mushrooms. I sautéed some with zero calorie cooking spray and then added four, yes four egg whites. Four egg whites are 68 calories, four whole eggs are 280, so I’ll stick with the egg whites! I added an ounce of fresh mozzarella too, and at 170 calories total, I folded over a big, hearty, completely satisfying mushroom and mozzarella omelet. Nice start for my metabolism and me.

We didn’t get home from the cast party last night until super late, like nearly 3am. We talked until 4am about a variety of things and then slept until twelve-thirty in the afternoon. The girls were still in Tulsa and scheduled to be back for a family meal at 4:30pm. Irene had to go to work tonight by 5:30pm and Amber was leaving for the return trip to school shortly after. I spent a little while at the studio writing Saturday’s blog, then headed back home for homemade tacos with the family.

Our dinner together was wonderful, it always is. We cherish our time around the dinner table, perhaps more now than when we were eating much more. We spend more time talking and less time eating. The food is good and satisfying, but not nearly as satisfying as the closeness we all feel for each other. Understanding the importance of communication has really helped us through some troubling times, and it will help us as we embark on more of these changing times.

Irene left for work, Amber and KL loaded up Amber’s car for the trip back home, and then we all just sat and talked about the future. Amber has finally convinced KL to join her on the quest for weight loss and fitness. We talked about what it takes to be successful on this road and he is really getting it. I think it bothers him a great deal that his girlfriends dad weighs less than he does now. I’m certainly not that 505 pound dad he met nearly two years ago. They are planning to hit the university wellness center fitness complex on their campus everyday. Amber can and will tutor him on portion control, probably KL’s biggest challenge along this road. Before they departed, we took some pictures, including some less than flattering “belly” shots. Those two are fun!

I needed to run over to the theatre and pick up some clothing I left behind. When I arrived, I found Chris, Stephanie, Kara, and Colleen going through props and clothing from the play. The set looked out of order, ready for “striking.” It was kind of sad really. It’s over. When you put so much energy into something, it can be tough when you realize that it’s over, and it certainly has been for me. It means I can get back into a groove that brought me to this place, but it also has me thinking of my next “I could never do this before” type of accomplishment.

Remember me talking about wanting to fit in and drive a two-seat sports car? Well, here in the next few days I’ll be tooling around the area in a Corvette! I can’t wait. Good friends of mine, Gary and Janet Hughes, have a fairly new Corvette and they’ve offered to let me drive!! I can’t wait! Oh, you can bet I’ll have pics and probably an “on the go” video of this one! I can’t wait. Remember early on this journey, when I did a broadcast from a Corvette show? I talked about how I couldn’t fit in one, wouldn’t want to try for fear of breaking something, but I talked about “someday” fitting? Well, that “someday” is going to happen this week my friend, this week.

After grabbing my clothes from the theatre last night, I drove to the trail for a brisk walk. I meant to jog mostly, but didn’t. I just walked. Not a 5K, but close. I ended the walk after just over two miles. It felt good, real good. And easy, oh my, so very easy. Chris left a wall comment on my facebook asking when I wanted to meet at the YMCA. I may have found another workout partner. Cool, maybe Chris and I can lift weights, then Courtney and I can do cardio. It’ll be good!

Thanks for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Great to hear how the focus is no longer on food, but on the company you keep! I can't wait to see the photos of you in the corvette; have a great time doing that. Also, I have something for you on my blog...

  2. congrats on such amaze me over and over! I can't wait to see pics of you in the corvette...that is SO COOL they offered you that fun. Have an awesome week

  3. Congrats on being able to get into the Corvette! I'm waiting until I'm light enough to be able to fit into a parachute... ;o) Doing a skydive is one of my goals!

    The egg white omelette sounds lush - I'd never realised how low in cals egg whites are! I can save the yolks for my partner to make hollandaise to go with his fish (bleurgh!)

    Patsy :)

  4. Hi Sean. Looking forward to seeing you in that Corvette!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  5. Hey hottie....glad you had a great dinner with your family...and how exciting to drive the Vette!! Can't wait to see those pics. Can you believe my lab results??? I still can't believe I changed those numbers so drastically and came off my meds...I'm still tickled pink! :)

  6. Sean i lvoe the way you speak about your daughters , such a proud father. I have 3 daughters they r the best. It is great KL is taking the time for himself, letting him make the decision for is own health is the best. Enjoy the ride in a sports car how exciting


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