Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 410 No More Hiding and Dad's Call

Day 410

No More Hiding and Dad’s Call

I noticed something wonderful this morning. Getting out of bed is so easy. At my heaviest, I would always have to get myself upright on the edge of the bed, then sit there for a little while, then rise slowly to my feet. I don’t know why it just now occurred to me how easy getting up has become. My overall sleeping experience has changed so dramatically. I once had to use several pillows to prop me up, then strap on a C-PAP mask. Not anymore. Now remember, weight loss isn’t an absolute guaranteed cure for sleep apnea, but for many it is exactly that. It’s certainly been the case for me. If you use a C-PAP, please do not stop using the thing without a proper test to determine the need, if any. You don’t have to get another sleep lab, they actually have a much easier test that can tell if you need it or not. It was so obviously not needed with me after losing well over 100 pounds, that I didn’t get medical approval to stop using the machine. That really was wrong of me. I should have, if for no other reason than to set a good example. Today I use only one, sometimes two pillows. I prefer to lay flatter, not so propped up. My neck doesn’t hurt like it sometimes did---and when I sleep, I actually wake feeling rested. At 505 pounds, if I tried to sleep without the C-PAP (because of a power outage—or broken mask---or forgot the machine on a trip---or an unexpected layover), I would wake in the middle of the night with my heart pounding out of my chest and with a raging oxygen deprivation headache. Sleeping like a normal, healthy person has been one of the greatest blessings of this transformation. I can sleep anywhere at anytime without worry, and when I fly again someday---that’s one less carry-on!

I prepared veggie omelets for Courtney and Me this morning. She prefers the whole eggs, so she has two of them in hers, I always go with the egg whites---four of them usually, for a big fluffy—protein rich breakfast. I used fresh baby portabella mushrooms and green bell pepper in mine today, just fantastic! I bought some more whole grain Steel Cut Oats last night, the “Bob’s Red Mill” brand. I know they’re one of the absolute best things you can start the day eating, but still I have a hard time eating them everyday. As you can tell---I’m an egg white omelet and egg white burrito eater in the morning. I did eat fresh strawberries and blueberries with yogurt the other day. It was a nice change-up. Cooking for my kids is such a wonderful joy, and they’re always so complimentary, I love them so much!

It was a very busy studio day today, followed by a remote broadcast this evening from 4:30 to 6:30pm from the downtown Halloween carnival. I love these events now. I didn’t always. At my heaviest, I would try to hide in the remote vehicle as much as possible. The least people I had to see, the better. Besides, I was too easily winded to get out and roam around. Now, I immediately jump out and mingle. The first person I ran into tonight was the marketing director for Ponca City Medical Center. He acted amazed at my progress since he last saw me. But his reaction was nothing like the “wow” reaction from Cathy Cole’s daughter. She last saw me at the “Lose To Win” Awards Ceremony on May 19th, five long months ago. The difference between then and now is drastic. I walked up to the Ponca City Medical Center “Healthy Woman” display to say hi, and she just gave me the biggest look of amazement. It was so genuine, I love…I mean absolutely love these reactions. She was stunned at the difference. It took her five or ten seconds to realize it was me. If you’re on a similar weight loss journey, keep coming---get here, because it’s a real fun place to be. You’re going to love it too! I just know you will.

I had a call from my dad in Alabama before the broadcast was over, I couldn’t talk until after I finished. The tone he left on my voice mail gave me the feeling that something was wrong. I immediately assumed he was calling about my grandpa, his dad. When I called him back I learned that no, it wasn’t about his dad, it was about him. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer today. They’re running more test to determine how early they caught it, I pray it was early and he can beat this. I have family and some good friends who have beat colon cancer and are living healthy cancer free lives right now, so it is completely possible. The significance of this situation didn’t really hit me until after we hung up with each other. I need those additional tests to be good, he needs them to be good. I pray that they show that they’ve caught it early---and he can live long and healthy. I really want to see him again now. I mean, I wanted to see him again anyway, but I didn’t really have a time frame for a visit. I hope to visit him someday real soon. I’ve only been around him for two weeks out of my entire life---that’s not enough! I want more. I know he reads this blog, so dad---let me say this directly to you: You’re going to beat this, we have some livin’ life to do together! Keep that positive attitude you spoke of tonight, don’t ever lose hope and faith. I love you dad. I know that we haven’t “known” each other very well or long, but oh---let me tell you, we’re connected and we know each other on a deep level, because we know ourselves.

I’m an emotional wreck now. It doesn’t seem right to go into a paragraph about my workout tonight, but I will briefly. Courtney had math tutoring tonight, so I was flying solo at the YMCA. I lifted weights and jumped on the treadmill for some nice cardio. I also climbed stairs, up and down several times. It was a good workout, very productive. I’m feeling it.

My cousin T is an attorney in California. I told him about the fake blogs by “Sean Anderson,” and he’s looking into it for me. Thank you T! I’m so proud of him. He’s worked long and hard getting his law degree and passing the California Bar Exam. If you haven’t read Day 409, scroll down and read about the fake blog pages. And if you’re a weight loss blogger---maybe you should see if your name is being used to add credibility to “quick fix” miracle plans or supplements. Just Google search your name plus the words weight loss. See what you find. You might be surprised and fairly upset!

Thank you for reading along this road. I never imagined I could navigate the ups and downs of life and still do well on a journey like this. But I’ve learned that allowing this transformation to evolve naturally, it’s become me. I’m no longer a person that turns to food every time I get upset or emotional. Food isn’t my blanket anymore. I control food--it no longer controls me. There’s wonderful comfort in realizing the power of that statement. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Hey sean, I am sorry about your Dad. But you are absolutely right, whatever stage it is at...people have beaten it. Of course, the earlier the better. But either way, God holds this and everything else in the palm of his hand. I will say a prayer for your dad and for jo ellen. Your workouts are important still, don't ever feel bad about getting them in. just remember they are helping you to stay healthy in the long run and to spare your family preventable pain.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad, it can be beaten and if you have inherited the detemination gene from your dad, he will have the determination to do it. You message to him will give him a spur on. You have some living laughing and loving to catch up on.

    Love and prayers go out to you and yours.


  3. What the heck is it lately, with all these darn cancer diagnosises? My mom is dealing with cancer, too, and I'm terrified. So, I know how you feel. It sucks. I'll add your dad and your family to my prayers.

  4. Sean, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. We will definitely keep him in our prayers. You know now that YOU also need to be careful and be sure to get checked, too. I pray that they've caught his very early.

  5. Sorry to hear about your dad Sean but prayer is a wonderful thing and I'm praying for him and you. Yes, like Sara said please go get checked.

  6. Sean I am holding out lots of hope that they caught your dad's cancer very early and I'm glad he went in to get the situation checked out. Plese keep us posted, all my best to you and your dad.

  7. Hello Cousin...I'm so happy you're still getting those WOW responses and you're back in the gym. You can be assured your dad is in my prayers. You should consider getting checked as well. I'm glad you have a good relationship with your dad. I only wish mine cared as much. Don't waste any time or make any need to make time to see him. Life is too short. Your parents are there one day and without any warning or without anything being wrong...they could be gone. I knew my mom was failing, but I didn't know the last time she waved and blew kisses to me when I left her, would be the last time. I remember that day so well. I was in a huge hurry to get her back home so I could hit the road and get back here to Branson. It was nine months ago yesterday that she passed and I've kicked myself in the ass every single day for putting something else ahead of spending more time with her, if only I'd have given her a little more time, even if it was just a matter of a few minutes. IF ONLY...It's a hard thing to deal make the time while you can! I love you and I'm very proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  8. Son, thank-you,and thank-you to your readers. When I get all the info on this and a plan is worked out, I will come out there to see you, I want to see all of your famley, I don't want you to have to tie any one on the roof of the car so you all can come here. We will talk. Just remember what your made of, and where you got it. love your dad.

  9. Oh Sean, I will pray for your dad. If he is anything like you (or you like him I guess) he is strong, wise, and able to overcome anything.

    - Lisa

  10. Hi Sean. I hope you get to spend some quality time with your dad in the not too distant future.

    Well done with getting back to those work outs.

    Take care,
    Bearfriend xx

  11. The last sentence that your Dad wrote is it. I'm wrapping your father in prayers right this very minute and will hold him there until we hear that all is well. I'm squeezing him in right next to JoEllen, who I'm also continuously praying for. I'm so glad he's going to come out to see you and your whole family....what a blessed time that will be! Exercise your faith Sean...tough times are God's in His almighty power. :)


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