Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 403 The Best Year of My Life and A Haunted Night Ahead

Day 403

The Best Year of My Life and A Haunted Night Ahead

I always read what I’ve written the next day, and I have to say; I really wanted to delete most of last night’s post. Too late, it was done. I talk about not getting too personal and keeping certain things private, and the next thing you know I’m basically an open book. Even if I’m vague, it’s not too hard to read between the lines on certain issues. Sharing too much is a personality defect, it really is. In our family we call people who share too much—too soon, “inappropriate talkers.” An inappropriate talker is someone who, within ten minutes of meeting someone, shares extremely personal information. I honestly wouldn’t classify myself as one, after all, I helped coin the term. Reading last night’s post was a real wake up call for me.

I could argue that these personal experiences along the way are a part of dramatic weight loss. They really are. Sometimes, no matter how confident we are of the contrary, we just can’t handle such a dramatic change in such a short time. Oh, we’ll get through, but handling it in the best way can and does become a challenge. I’m a different person than the man who started this blog 403 days ago. I’d like to think that I’m a better version. No doubt a healthier, happier version, and when I talk about this transformation positively impacting everything we do, say, feel, think…I’m telling you the truth. I’ve said it many times, the physical transformation is a small part of the changes along this road. But you know what? It’s worth the effort. To no longer be an out of control, morbidly obese man, with a limited number of years to live---yes, it’s worth every adjustment and sacrifice we must endure.

Chris, Chris, Chris…Oh my friend, you didn’t make me “mad.” You were right! Your observations along this journey were spot on (except for the brownie—allowing myself occasional things like that has been a wonderful part of this experience ;). I know how I’ve changed my approach, and I’m aware of what it will take to get back into that solid groove. I am thrilled that my consumption hasn’t changed. If not for that, we’d be going backwards, and that would be one sad blog to read. Again, thank you for shooting straight with me, I really needed it.

This morning I overslept. I didn’t have time to cook breakfast, so here’s what I grabbed: A 60 calorie sugar free pudding, a 60 calorie cranberry apple sauce, and an 80 calorie fresh apple. I like a hot breakfast, but in a big hurry, this seemed to work for me. It was kind of cool eating pudding for breakfast. How crazy does that sound? I had chocolate pudding for breakfast! Take that weight loss industry!

The goatee is already coming back! I’m so happy for it’s return. Uh, I mean…whatever. I never like the thing. But it really grew on me (pun intended) and I kind of like it now…It’s very thin at this point, but it’s quickly taking shape! Yippee! The end of “Hank” is upon us!

Tomorrow will be my 38th birthday. As I reflect on what will forever be known as the age I finally got it together and lost the weight, I have to smile and give thanks. Thank you to my beautiful wife and daughters for being by my side. Thank you to Irene for never giving up on me. After twenty years of telling me how worried she was about my obesity, I finally listened. My 37th year has been monumental, easily the best year of my life. It’s really kind of ‘Dickens-esque’ “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” could accurately describe the last year. But you know what? It’s mostly been fabulous! Yes I said fabulous!! Turning 38 tomorrow doesn’t really bother me like it would if I still weighed over 500 pounds. I’m no longer one year closer to an early grave, I’m one year closer to being healthy and living my dreams. It’s going to be a great year ahead, it really will be.

Tonight, in just over an hour, I’ll enter the Poncan Theatre for an all night broadcast. I’ll be posting pictures and video to my facebook page via phone throughout the night. If you’re not a friend on facebook, friend request me and I’ll check it throughout the night and approve the request. They say the theatre is haunted. Several people, independent of each other, have reported the same happenings. Strange, unexplained happenings inside that theatre over the years have attracted national attention from Ghost Hunters, and TAPS affiliate Insight Paranormal Investigations. I’m completely spooked about this adventure tonight. We’ll see what happens. What a way to spend the first several hours of my birthday, huh? By the way, this whole thing wasn’t my idea, oh no…I’m not this adventurous. I’m doing it for my job tonight—wish me luck and peaceful prayers for a safe night. If I do encounter ghost or spirits, I’ll make friends with them, you watch, or uh, listen—or both on facebook.

I still have 650 calories remaining for the day. We enjoyed a classic hamburger and fries meal at home tonight before Irene departed for work. I don’t use mayo or cheese on my burgers anymore. Oh I could, but I’d rather save the calories. Mustard is great and hardly any calories at all. I intentionally left a bunch of calories on the table because I know the theatre has popcorn and since I’m going to be awake around the clock, I might eat something else before the night is over.

Oh, and yes I did sleep this afternoon. About three and a half hours, so I’m good I think. A local furniture store (Smith Home Furnishings) has provided a bed on the stage of the Poncan, I doubt I’ll be sleeping, but maybe I’ll cower under the covers. I must head to the theatre, stopping for flashlight batteries first, here we go! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Have a great night! Sounds like fun to me.

  2. Yeah I've got a bad case of inappropriate-talkativeness as well. Maybe it comes with the blogger territory ;)
    Y'all have a fun night! I'm about to FB you-wOot!!!

  3. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sean.....

  4. Happy Birthday my friend (I hope it's OK to call you that because you've been there for me more than once!) I can't imagine how cool you must be in person!

    I'll have to tell you the story sometime about how my fitness journey started on a friends birthday with a 20 dollar pen.

    I think getting back the goatee is for the best. It's your trademark like me always wearing a hat in real life. (A real hat like a fedora or bowler not those baseball caps!)

    I'm glad you can look into the abyss still and learn from it, rather than not pay attention and slip back into it.

    I don't mean to pressure you here but you sort of have a responcibility. People look up to you as an inspiration and it helps them keep modivated and making those "good choices"

    You and I and all the other bloggers ... REAL PEOPLE...need to spread the word about how it isn't about fad diets, magic pills, or 5 minute workout machines! How it isn't about a die-it but a live-it... you're about the gains- Gaining a more full life, gaining control, gaining more happiness and confidence...

    I ate pizza today and I just hit my 10 percent weight loss mark. It can be done! I just didn't eat a whole pizza! I think those days are done.

    At foolsfitness it all can be traced back to a 20 dollar nasa space pen.-Alan

  5. Have fun tonight and have a happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! I'm 40 next May and determined not to be (as) fat! ;o)

  7. Have a wonderful time tonight! Sounds like so much fun! Have a very happy birthday too!

  8. Hi Sean. I don't think you said too much yesterday at all. I appreciate your honesty that change impacts on your relationships. Otherwise people would tend to think that you're superhuman and managing to do this thing without any angst or difficulty at all. People would find it more difficult to relate to you if you appeared not to share all the normal and expected trials of life along with the rest of us.

    I have to say I think you're Superhuman anyway!

    I bet those ghosties are a no show! They'll hide away until you're gone. A bit mean of them if you ask me - they should be there singing you Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow,
    Bearfriend xx

  9. Hope you had a great time at your spookfest lol. Hopefully no ghosts got ya. As for disclosing stuff about ourselves or our lives I think that's what our blogs are about. I think as long as you are talking with love and caring it's ok.

  10. Happy Birthday sean! Have fun on your broadcast...and if you share inappropriately....I streak emotionally lmao.
    Have a great day.

  11. HEY SEAN! Happy Belated Birthday. I've posted a couple of newer posts over on my end but no one has been stopping over :(. well, maybe you all have been stopping over but no one has left a comment. (boooo whooooo whoooo). I know I was gone for a while and that's my fault but I've been doing good.

    I'm glad you were blessed with another year of life and a healthier one at that! God Bless you and your family! You're doing great things!!!

    Keep it up. Keep the faith!

  12. Did the spooks get you??? Where are youuuuuu?

  13. I almost sommented on yesterdays post and then after reading today's doubts about your post, i thought I reaslly better. I really appreciated your honesty about how your weight has affected your marriage and at the same time I appreciated the sensitivitity you showed for Irene and the privacy you guys share. I really thought you handled the question well, by saying YES there have been struggles AND I am not going into all of them in this showed integrity and reality. Because to me, an honest question was asked and deserved an honest answer. At the same time, your wife and your family need to be protected and their privacy preserved. After all, in many ways you arenot jsut telling your story, but theirs as well...and frankly theirs is not yours to I making any sense?


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