Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 405 Birthday Weekend Cookout and Not Being The Biggest

Day 405

Birthday Weekend Cookout and Not Being The Biggest

It’s always wonderful when Amber comes home for a weekend. She was here last weekend too, and when she left we really didn’t expect to see her again until the middle of December. She’s spending Thanksgiving at KL’s parents house. So it was a wonderful treat for her to come home for my birthday. I grilled out today. I threw some small, 4-6 ounce chicken breast on the grill (120-180 calories) and five 270 calorie Bratwurst, one for each of us. The best part of the cookout was hearing KL ask how many calories were on his plate. He has never cared about calories or losing weight. When my weight dropped below his, it really messed with his head. Hey, whatever works, right? Now he sees how wonderful the support can be, and Amber will benefit from his returned commitment and support. It’s a really good thing.

It really thrills me to be smaller than some people I’ve known for a long time, because I never really looked at them as “real big.” You know what I mean? They always looked slender standing next to me at 505 pounds. It might be a real downer for some of them, but I’m just loving it. And I know that they’re happy for me and proud, and maybe like KL, this will encourage others to change their habits and behaviors with food. I don’t rub it in or anything like that, I’m always a nice guy, that kind of behavior just isn’t me. But I don’t have to either; my appearance does it for me. Pardon me for sounding boastful here, but this is so new for me, give me a minute. It just feels so amazing to no longer be the biggest person in a room, or building, or store, or school, or…well, you understand right?

I was called to a special meeting at the Poncan this afternoon. The director of the theatre and the lead investigator for Insight Paranormal was concerned about the preparation that went into my night of broadcasting from inside the theatre alone. We didn’t have perimeter security. So it is theoretically possible that someone was messing with me from outside the theatre, or possibly inside the theatre. So to make sure and to do it right, I’m going back inside on November 14th. This time I’ll have a team of investigators with equipment, security cameras, and security all around the outside of the theatre, plus a command trailer outside connected via radio. It’ll be just like on “Ghost Hunters.” This way there will be no room for doubt about what I experienced inside that place. And yes, I’m sure we’ll do a broadcast during the event. Details coming soon! Good thing I’ve lost all this weight, because I could have never moved so quickly at my highest. And I had a few experiences inside the theatre that sent me running for the doors. My imagination? Somebody, a listener perhaps, or several pranking me? Or was it a genuine experience? Who knows, that’s why it must be done again, this time with all of the necessary precautions and preparation, oh…and a team of pros!

I had to do a remote broadcast from the big night club in town. The band was amazing, so I stayed after a while and enjoyed the music. Several people offered to buy me drinks, but I’m not a drinker. Unlike last time this happened, I actually declined by politely explaining that I couldn’t afford the calories tonight. I did accept one MGD 64. It’s a 64 calorie beer. I’m not a fan of beer at all, so I don’t know what’s good or bad really. I guess it tasted all right, and regardless, it was a very nice gesture and appreciated.

I didn’t go over my 1500-calorie budget yesterday. Just like last year, I just didn’t feel the need to indulge in the name of my birthday. Why would I? I had good food, I was satisfied, and there was no need for unnecessary indulgence. And no birthday cake, can you believe that? Didn’t miss it at all…My co-workers at Team Radio brought me a card and a fruit tray that we all shared. It was nice, very nice.

We’re headed to Stillwater tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with family. That’s when the cake will show up, you watch! I’ll enjoy it too, you watch! I’ve requested that we all go to Taco Mayo for my birthday. I know, I know---sounds crazy. But I love that place, and it’s my birthday party---I get to choose! We traditionally go to a nicer place for special occasions and holidays, but why? I don’t want a buffet anyway, just give me some of those 163 calorie beef tacos and I’m happy! I think I’ll have three of them today…oh boy---watch out! And some cake for sure. I’ve had cake on several occasions along this journey, and it’s always good.

I’m also looking forward to seeing some incredible pictures that Aunt Jean found while cleaning out a storage closet. Uncle Keith says that a couple of them show me at a much higher weight than even 505. He couldn’t believe what he saw in those pictures. I can’t wait to post the “Ultimate Before” picture. She found some of my mom when she was a new born, those will be cool to see too. She also found some old tapes. I’m hoping they are what I think they are. When I was a little boy, I recorded our New Years eve party several years in a row. I was pretending to be Dick Clark with a microphone. Nobody knew at the time how telling these recordings would become. I guess I was meant to use a microphone for a living. If these tapes are salvageable, then I will find a way to get the audio from them and post it here on this blog. I can’t wait to find out!

Tomorrow will be a wonderful Sunday. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. I will *always* be the biggest person in the room. I may loose some weight, but I think my ego is massive.

    I really haven't mastered social eating and going out stuff at all yet. Still it's just another skill to learn and things to be mindful of... I haven't got a grip on it yet (yet... I think it will come... I've learned to push away food on my plate at times and not "need" to drink a full soda if I don't want it.)

    At Foolsfitness its not about being "real" it's about being bigger than life "unreal" Our goal is always to be the biggest person in the room!- Alan

  2. What a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sounds like a great Birthday weekend.
    Belated Birthday wishes Sean.



  4. I like what you said about not feeling the need to indulge in the name of your birthday! Until this year, that is how I lived, at every event or holiday... using that as an excuse. We recently had our 32nd Wedding Anniversary, and did NOT overindulge...and it was wonderful!

    You are doing so well...I love hearing about all your adventures as you transform!

  5. Hi Sean. You're tantilising us with what happened in that theatre ... we still don't know ... we NEED to know ....

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  6. Your birthday celebration sounds great! You are staying true to your new goals and doing your own thing-WTG!!

    Good luck on that theater thing-yikes!


    may even more of your wishes come true!



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