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Day 483 This Is Still A Family Journey and An Accurate Body Fat Measurement

Day 483

This Is Still A Family Journey and An Accurate Body Fat Measurement

This entire journey, as imperfect as it's been, has still been magical. Irene started losing weight ahead of the rest of us, and then one by one we joined into a family weight losing machine. We've lost over 500 pounds as a family and it hasn't been without struggle. Irene's 140, my 231, Courtney's 80, and Amber's over 60 has been remarkable...but lately, our progress as a family unit has changed dramatically. In fact, over the last several months our momentum together has slowed to a painful crawl. I can't speak for Irene, but I know that Courtney and Amber have struggled tremendously. I'm here for them every step of the way, but they understand and appreciate that I'm not overbearing. I can't do it for them as much as I'd like. They understand that they have the power to continue what they've started and they have the comfort of knowing that I'm here for them and so is their mom, 24/7.

Courtney talked to me today about working out with me and getting back to the basics that has brought her so far already. That thrills me. And then Amber calls tonight and gave me another wonderful gift. She's tired of struggling and is choosing to change it all around! Amber even updated her blog with an exciting and heartfelt post. I knew that the time would come and she would be ready once again to commit to her transformation. I've never doubted their success and I've never tried to force these choices upon them. I've known when they're struggling, I can see it in the choices made and the attitudes displayed. But I remained quiet for good reason. I've been where they are. And I know that well intended persuasion only works if the recipient is ready to listen and take control over their choices and direction. It's just awesome to me that both my daughters are choosing to resume the progress they worked so hard to achieve---and at the same time. I invite you to read my daughter Amber's blog and if you have time, leave her some encouraging words of support. I'm so thrilled that she's so thrilled. You can find her blog by clicking this link:

I started this Sunday by preparing Mom and me a super low calorie egg white omelet. Mom couldn't believe the low calorie count. I flavored it up big time by cooking the mushrooms and onions ahead of the egg whites. Then I used half the mozzarella I normally do for a big four egg white mushroom-onion-cheese omelet for a measly 130 calories. Wow is right! Mom was thrilled. Yesterday's breakfast, and I'm not sure I mentioned this in yesterday's post, but it was steel cut oats and fruit. Breakfast is so critical along this road, it really is important stuff. The metabolism needs it's wake up call everyday, like we're barking orders for it to start moving---and here's some fuel to get you going!

I met with Melissa Walden today so we could recalculate my body fat percentage. It's still really good, surprisingly good in fact. 16.5%. That's thrilling to me. I can remember it being well over 50% at one time in my life. you realize what that means? And Melissa assured me the number was accurate. Just so you know---I had to take my shirt off in front of her---and even had to pull down my workout pants. We wanted an accurate measurement---so I had to swallow my insecurities and do it. If you only knew the mental hangup I have about taking my shirt off in front of anyone other than Irene. It's been a lifelong thing---oh, I've written about it a few times in these pages. Anyway---can you tell I'm excited? You know what this means? It means that 45.21 pounds of fat is all that remains on my body. The rest is muscle, loose skin, and bones. And not a lot of muscle. I'll lose more weight for sure---but hitting 230 is something that may only be achieved after I have skin removal surgery.

I'm prepping my mind to accept this body fat situation. What a wonderful “problem” to have, right? I know that weight training will gradually add weight in the form of muscle---and that's good. We'll see how this all progresses. I do know one thing---my before and after pictures are going to absolutely rock.

Speaking of loose skin---another blogger gave me the news, and I confirmed by calling the burn center, they do not accept skin donations any longer. It's been years since they allowed that practice. It became cost prohibitive. It's much cheaper to harvest skin from people/donors no longer living. I will pursue the insurance route by presenting the argument that excessive loose skin could cause serious infection. I'm going to need some doctors help with that argument. Regardless, I will have it done, one way or another---it will happen.

Today marks one week without cigarettes!! I'm thrilled at how the cravings are becoming less frequent and less intense. I still get them, even though my body should be over the nicotine addiction—but they pass quickly. It's just too important to stay strong and not give into my desire to light up. Everyday that passes, I'm looking forward to it becoming less and less of a struggle and more and more natural. Last night at karaoke I was surrounded by people smoking and it didn't bother me. I also noticed a guy chewing a straw. I don't know for sure, but I bet he's going through the same thing!

My workout tonight was driven and precisely what I needed. I mentioned to Melissa about how my tail bone hurts during one particular exercise and she suggested a pillow or workout pad. Wow...I can't believe I didn't figure that one out before now. A pillow made all the difference. I went through the recommended movements from Melissa for strength training and added two miles on the treadmill for cardio. The strength training alone elevates my heart rate. I can't wait to start seeing results in the form of muscles. I want guns!! And I'm going to get them by golly!

I better drop in bed. I still need to make sure I'm getting enough sleep. Thank you for reading. I hope you check out Amber's blog too. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

My daughters and me before

Amber. Not sure the date of this photo. So beautiful!

Courtney. Beautiful. Again, not sure when this was taken. Beauty from their momma for sure!

The four of us. Several months ago, or at least a few. We need to update this one!


  1. Hi Sean, what a great father you are to know when to let your daughters find their own way!

    And woohoo on the 16.5% body fat!!!

  2. Oh those are all such great things! Congrats on the 16.5% body fat and congrats on the one week without smoking!! You have such a beautiful family. I'll definitely start following your daughter's blog. And, I'm sure you will be all buff in no time, haha. :)

  3. Congratulations on your success! You have such a beautiful family! How awesome to get your whole family involved in better health and be able to support one another. My family will come around soon, I hope! I am checking out Amber's blog now!

  4. I am so excited for all the changes that are going to be happening to you. I am so glad that I found your blog. Congrats on the body fat being at 16.5%

  5. Sean good job with the cigarettes...I wish I could say the same for me and my diet coke...I call it my precious (ya know from Lord of the rings)...I just can't quit it. I keep saying that it's not fair to give up food, laziness AND DIET COKE!

  6. Congratulations on a full week without cigarettes! I know from seeing friends quit that it is a difficult thing to do so good on ya!

    Also 16.5% body fat is awesome!

    Keep on enjoying those weightlifting sessions - I need to start those up myself.....That may be my thing to do today.

    Your family looks amazing in that photo and I am sure that if you do an updated photo you will be surprised yet again at how far you have all come! Keep on going Anderson family!

  7. Sean, I have a "relatively" minor obessive-compulsive habit (no details). I think your giving up smoking has been helping me to consciously come to terms with it in a way that I never have before. Thank you.

  8. P.S. Today, I published a blog post that features you and quotes something you often say. You might want to check it out.

  9. Fantastic progress and it's great that your whole family is on board.

  10. Glad to read that your family is still on the journey together. 500 pounds lost is amazing! you have a wonder family there Sean. you guys will find ways to keep the mission going.


  11. great job sean,
    Hope you can get that surgery relatively soon.
    I know what you mean about the tailbone.
    I have lost about 76 lbs and I think I may need a donut pad to sit on benches when I hit goal.
    part of the price of losing my fat blanket.
    bony butt.

  12. Wow, great job! And such a lovely family.

  13. Amazing!

    Both daughters back on board.
    One week with NO SMOKES!
    Dedicated to your new strength training plan.

    Lots of amazing things going on for you now, Sean. Keep it up and I can't wait to see how the future unfolds for you!

  14. I really like how your whole family is involved but you are not pushing your daughters. Everyone does have to make the choice to do this on their own, no doubt! Also breakfast is key! I have been doing all of this for awhile fairly isolated. I have never met anyone in person who has taken off over 100 lbs like I have and finding this world of bloggers is amazing as far as a resource of like minded of people who have been there and done that.

  15. Hi Sean, I work in the healthcare industry and wanted to give you some tips in dealing with your insurance agency. Getting skin removal surgery covered overall is difficult as insurances have to consider it as elective, cosmetic surgery.(I know. That's ridiculous.) I've lost 100+lbs and I've looked in to this myself.
    First, I would encourage you to contact your ins. company, ask them what the policy is or where on their website you can review the policy for this and what the precert process is. Also, consider that each employer when they purchase insurance has the ability to refine what they want to be covered or not covered, so you could also check with your HR dept.
    If a person if having repeated skin infections and irritations under the skin folds they should be seeing their doc to try to get it treated (as well as having it documented over time for the precert processes). Sometimes parts of the surgery can be covered if repeated skin infections persists and no progress is made with treatment. I know that some people go in to a surgical procedure that is covered by the insurance and they pay out of pocket for the parts of the surgery that the insurance doesn't cover. Also, photos of the skin irritations might be helpful if the insurance precert process requires photos. If your doctor orders the surgery and checks with insurance for authorization and it is denied you can appeal the decision. Finally, I live in Atlanta and many of the Djs here do advertisements for plastic surgeons after having work done (I'm sure at a reduced costs.)...I'm not sure this is common everywhere, but it seems like half of the DJs at a couple of stations advertise having multiple procedures / lazer hair removal / etc.
    Good luck when you are ready. sounds close

  16. Congrats on one week without cigarettes! That is wonderful! Also 16.5% is practically nothing it seems.... AWESOME!


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