Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 486 Evolving Taste and I Must Share This Message of Freedom

Day 486

Evolving Taste and I Must Share This Message of Freedom

I have no idea what exactly combined this morning to make me ill, the eggs, the fruit (can't imagine), the coffee, who knows. Whatever it was completely zapped me today with a severe upset stomach and other undesirable symptoms. Second time in as many weeks in fact. It wasn't long after my show and some production that I was out for the day.

I didn't hit my 1800 calories today, just couldn't for obvious reasons, but I did reach 1400 before the day finished. I grilled some chicken last night and had an entire can of green beans. And get this: The last two times I've had green beans, it has been without cheese! I'm finally growing up! Isn't that nice? I most always melt at least 70 calories worth of American cheese in my green beans, but not the other day when mom was here, and not last night. And you know what? It was good, not bad at all. It's amazing how I've had this lifelong dislike of vegetables, but slowly over the course of the last 486 days, my taste have evolved to include more of these previously avoided foods. Don't serve me a salad just yet, but I'm just saying—eventually, who knows? I'm open to change and taste like never before.

Remember the Tulsa World articles from almost a decade ago? You know, the ones I've written about, the articles where I resolved to lose this weight and quit smoking? I of course failed miserably to produce any results back then---and the final story reflected that dismal failure, no matter how positive I tried to spin it at the time. I had sent Jason Collington, the writer of those stories, an email telling him of my blog and progress. I just wanted him to know that I finally did it. Writing about that experience recently made me want to touch base with him and say “see---I told you I could!” Jason was impressed with the progress. And you see, Jason is no longer a staff writer at the Tulsa World, he's an editor. After reviewing this blog he has assigned their best feature writer to explore a possible 'update' story of sorts. I'll be talking with that writer on Wednesday the 20th. I certainly didn't expect that, but I will certainly not shy away from sharing my experience in hopes that it can help inspire someone facing their own journey to a better and longer life.

That's all I want to do really. I want to continue getting to where I'm headed and sharing my experiences along the way with as many as I can. A friend asked me the other day a familiar question: “Do you ever get tired of talking about weight loss?” The answer is no. Just ask my friends who have witnessed me passionately speak about the fundamentals and the complicated aspects of this journey. And I'm not talking about seminars for an organized group, I'm speaking about casual circumstances where the topic comes up, and it always comes up. I've conducted “mini-seminars” in the middle of a convenience store lobby and in the produce section of the grocery store. And don't get stuck with me in a vehicle on a road trip---just let the topic come up there---I'll talk your ear off. This is my passion. This is my future and there's nothing I can do or would want to do to change that. I can't be quiet about this freedom and what has been required of me to realize this freedom. As I continue to evolve and learn more, I'm excited about the possibilities of my transformation on many levels, especially in regard to sharing this message.

My workout tonight was short and sweet. I did my prescribed strength training exercises and two miles on the treadmill. I'll be meeting with Melissa Walden in the morning for another training session at 4:45am. I'm feeling better tonight, but still not completely well.

I sincerely appreciate your readership and support. Amber is coming in late tomorrow. She'll be here for the entire weekend. I can't wait to workout with my baby! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Congrats on the follow up article, Sean! That's great news (pun intended)! F.Y.I., I have something for you on my blog!

  2. Awesome!..btw, you're talking my "eyes" off everyday with this blog. Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Sean,

    Canned veggies suck...fresh green beans are something special and great. I'm impressed you ate them with just some American cheese! I'd have to top mine off with a pizza to make them palatable. Frozen veggies are acceptable, but anything but the can.

    Hope you are feeling better...nothing worse than the ick!

  4. Amazing how your tastes have evolved! Yeah for veggies without cheese! How awesome you may get the chance to share your story and inspire even more people though an update-article.

    Hope your belly gets better quick.

  5. I have to eat the organic green beans out of a can. I can taste the difference between them and the regular ones.

    Good luck with the article!!

  6. I made pickled green beans which were awesome!
    Hope you're tummy issue is resolved and doesn't happen again.

  7. I agree about the canned veggies. They have a fakey taste. I use fresh frozen and like them way way better....

  8. Awesome! It will be really cool to get written about.

  9. Sean,

    I just started reading your blog and LOVE it! What an incredible journey you've been on... I can't wait to read more and follow the rest of your journey!

    All the best,


  10. Keep sharing, we all need to do that! And its funny how the passion comes into play... a woman joined my masters swimming recently because of meeting me last june in a pool. I noticed she had goo technique and mentioned it, she was trying to loose weight because of her knees. She told me when she saw me she has lost 50 lbs since becoming inspired by me to join swimming and THAT FELT GREAT! I say spread the word and the good health to whomever is open to it!

    Revisting you earlier attempt with success in hand would be a great opportunity for those who have tried and failed to realized when they are ready, and serious, they can take sucessful steps forward to better health.

  11. So sorry you're sick...hope you're feeling better today. Glad you were able to get a workout in. Can't wait til the next weigh-in! :)

  12. Sean, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well - I hope you get well quickly! Thanks, as always, for continuing to share your story.

    I love that you talk about the FREEDOM this process has given you. So often I equated losing weight with RESTRICTION - "can't" eat this, "can't" eat that. When really, there is NOTHING that's off-limits, and making the choices that produce the loss is more freeing than any amount of food could be.

  13. Congrats on eating your veggies. What a good boy you are! :)

  14. Great news about the article! You know what, I HATE canned green beans, with cheese or without, give me fresh from the garden, raw or steamed, or if those aren't possible give me some from a bag, frozen, and steam them for me! Never tried them with cheese, except inside an omelet.

  15. I'm so glad that you are sharing what you've learned and experienced with others. It really is a tremendous journey. I've been battling my weight up and down pretty much all my life, and I keep hoping that this will be the time that I actually learn what I need to learn and am able to stay healthy with respect to food and myself for the rest of my life. I am grateful for what you share out here, and I know that so many others are benefitting too. You are helping us all to realize the same kind of freedom you are now starting to experience!

    Anyway, thanks!

  16. awesome sean, it's better than the last ending...the one where you didn't lose it.
    I am sorry you are feeling crappy. Hope you feel better soon.


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