Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10th, 2015 I Couldn't Think Of Anything

March 10th, 2015 I Couldn't Think Of Anything

Thank you for all of the wonderful congratulations I received after the fantastic check up at the doctor's office yesterday. I'm very fortunate. Given my history, it could have been a very different story a long time ago.

It's hard to describe the feeling I carry these days. I remember feeling this same feeling as I approached goal in 2010. It's a freedom with many different layers, the physical being just the beginning, it sits atop layers and layers of deeper mental and emotional freedom.

I remember flying across the water on a SeaDoo watercraft during my initial weight loss. I weighed close to what I weigh now. I recall trying to think of something to say to describe how it felt to fly across the water like that. It was something I had never done before, something I wouldn't have attempted at 505 pounds. Certainly I could think of something descriptive to say about this sensation for a YouTube video---and I couldn't think of anything. Turns out, I didn't need to say anything. Here's that clip:

Pure joy. So much fun!

It was a busy day for me. One of my goals was to make sure I completed my workout before going home for the weight loss support group conference call. I made that goal with a great elliptical workout late this afternoon.

Tomorrow is weigh day. I'll make my way back into the doctor's office for my tri-weekly visit to the scale and we'll see what it reads. I'm not holding any expectations. This three week period included being sick for over a week with few workouts. I must remember, there isn't an end to the elements of my recovery.

There isn't a point where I revert to old ways of living because "I made it!" The key elements of what I do will be a part of my successful recovery for the rest of my life. If ever they're not, my recovery will cease being successful. In other words, time doesn't matter. If it takes me six weeks or six months to reach what I would consider to be my healthiest weight, what does it matter? It doesn't. Because either way, I'll be right here doing what I do, before and after.

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  1. Thank you for your faithfulness at writing daily. Will be waiting to hear our weight report....

    1. Nancy, thank you for your never ending support and encouragement. The writing daily, you're very welcome. The effect it has on my journey is monumental. The accountability of sitting down and writing out where I am, what I'm thinking about and details of the day-makes a profound difference. Weigh day edition is tonight! Seven more pounds lost! 143 pounds in the last 46 weeks. What a difference less than a year can make!

  2. Remembering there is no end to recovery is a helpful reminder to me. When there are off days, which you don't really have but I do, all is not lost because there is no end day. There is no end number. There is a lifetime of eating well. Thanks for articulating it just how I needed to hear it.

    1. Thinking of it in terms without end dates encourages me to continue finding the best ways for me to maintain the integrity of my recovery, in ways I can wholeheartedly embrace. In other words, simplify as much as I can without sacrificing the non-negotiable elements--for me, my abstinence from sugar.
      And "off day" is relative to the individual, I suppose. I wouldn't say I never experience one-- but maybe the definition of an off day is different from person to person. I will say this--If not for the major accountability measures I maintain--the tweets, the MyFitnessPal logging, this daily blog--I doubt I would be this consistent. I seriously doubt it.
      But it's just that-- finding the consistency involves first considering things that will contribute to the foundation of the consistency. If I just said, "I'm going to try my best to be consistent," and didn't support the desire with a solid foundation of accountability measures, I'd likely have a different experience. You're very welcome, Divad. And thank you for your continued readership and support!

    2. "...all is not lost because there is no end day. There is no end number." Exactly! It's never perfect and besides, perfection, in my opinion, shouldn't be the pursuit because it's the quickest detour to unnecessary disappointments. All is not lost, Divad! :)

  3. You are right! Pure joy in that vid.!! Fantfreakintastic!
    Thansk for the push the other day... although it was ever so slight.. this lady got up and started to move with a new pair of sneakers! LOL It was about time I rewarded myself with something ! New sneaks and exercise... seems to go hand and hand, ay?

    1. Yay, Rosie!!! New kicks (I think that's what the kids call shoes) are most always awesome! I couldn't think of a better reward! I'm glad you enjoyed the video!


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