Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8th, 2015 Quality Time With My Grandson

March 8th, 2015 Quality Time With My Grandson

It was a beautiful Sunday all the way around. I slept well last night and spent most of the day relaxing until it was time to pick up Noah. That little guy was full of energy like you wouldn't believe. I'm so glad my friend, Karen, was along to help me chase the little guy! I didn't get an official workout logged today, so I'll call it a rest day--but, I exercised! Fitbit even gave me a nice calorie adjustment based on my measured activity. I'll take it today and be fine.

Noah knows very little fear. He hasn't yet developed the concept of consequences. So every time he bolted for the duck and geese pond, I hurried to get between him and the danger! It was pure joy to let him roam across the park and walking trail. Noah led the way all the way around. We walked where Noah's curiosity led us.
 photo photo2084_zpsa3flo9yw.jpg
Feeding the ducks! We quickly taught Noah the art of throwing the bread instead of holding it, before the ducks and geese had a chance to teach him the hard way!

It was decided Noah would have breakfast for dinner. You see, the boy loves bacon. After a fast trip to the store, I prepared him some bacon, scrambled eggs, a slice of toast (borrowed from a neighbor), and some fresh cut strawberries. He ate bacon and left the rest. He's not real interested in food according to my daughter Courtney. He'll eat well if he's hungry and not at all if he isn't. Noah's dad has a naturally high metabolism, eats a lot and has never had even the slightest weight issues. Hopefully Noah gets the benefit of this eat whatever I want and always stay slim, trim and relatively healthy gene.

I had a good food day. I did go over my calorie budget by 48 calories!! It's not a big deal. I made the mistake of preparing, consuming then entering my #lastfoodofday into MyFitnessPal. Entering the food should come before consuming. Usually that's what I do, but not this time.

It's nice to be okay with a small overage.  During my initial 275 pound weight loss, any violation of the budget would send me into orbit. As if it were some kind of falling off the wagon indication. I'm calm enough now to know the difference between falling off the wagon and a slight miscalculation. It's a peace and calm I enjoy as long as I maintain the non-negotiable elements of my recovery. And this peace is mine even when I unintentionally go 48 calories over budget.

Finding what works for me and then comfortably getting into that groove consistently, has made this trek from relapse/regain a much more enjoyable experience.

I go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon for my lab results and weigh day at the doctor's office is Wednesday! I'm looking forward to both visits!

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  1. Can't wait to read about your lab results.
    Your grandson is too cute

    1. I can't wait to write the post about them!! Great numbers today! Thank you, TR!

  2. Your Noah is a doll. My grandson is also Noah, he's 10 months old and is into everything, as I found out when he and his older brother and sister spend Saturday night and Sunday morning with us. I always pray none of my grandkids inherited my food addiction, life would be so much easier for them. At 328 pounds, I was unable to keep up with my oldest grandson, when he was born 9 years ago, and it is such a delight to be able to really enjoy this newest one, as he toddles/crawls quickly from placer to place. Those kids are the reason we are doing this.....I want to see them grow up and be able to be an active part of their lives right along the way!

    1. Into everything--yes! My Noah too!
      I practice the same prayer. I really think, given his father's physical type, Noah may be very fortunate in the gene pool.
      I totally understand about not being able to keep up at heavier weights. There's NO WAY I could have done what I did at that park, at my heaviest. No way, at all.
      It feels good to be here!

  3. What a doll your grandson is! I have 2/ Jacob who is 4 and Caylie who is months.. I love that I can play with them for as long as I have them without tiring out ! He looks like he can keep you hoppin' ! The best kind of exercise there is!
    Thanks also for the feed back on my last post. I thought about what you wrote and I guess I was feeling quite lonely and pretty angry. I didn't put it all together til I read your reply.
    No excuses. Not looking back....

    1. Thank you, Rosie! It is the best exercise, huh? Truly!
      I'm glad my feedback helped you shift your perspective!


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