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March 27th, 2015 Maybe That Helped

March 27th, 2015 Maybe That Helped

Whatever mood was infecting me early yesterday was long gone today. I felt sharp and focused, positive and on point, throughout. Maybe my short midday nap helped. My radio show was firing on all cylinders this morning and I was very productive in the production department.

Not long after signing off the air, I was scheduled to pick up my youngest daughter and my grandson Noah. Maybe seeing them helped, too. Courtney had an appointment and Noah was headed to daycare. When that little guy smiles, my whole world brightens. I can't put it into words how incredibly special he is to me. I'm so proud of Courtney, she's an amazing mom to Noah. He's a lucky kid! I'm an incredibly lucky and blessed father and grandpa.

It's so weird to refer to myself as a grandpa. I don't feel old enough to be a grandpa. I'm 43! Perhaps another term needs to be created for young grandparents. Something cool and young sounding.

I just spent 10 minutes with my cursor flashing waiting for me to come up with something brilliant. I got nothing.

Grandpa it is. Oh wait--- Coolpa or Hippaw--no, that's too close to hippo. Actually, Hippaw might work. Hmmm... sounds like the name of a Native American tribe. I'm over-thinking this, I think...hold on, let me think about it.

I had things to get done this afternoon upon leaving the studio and I knew, if I didn't get to the Y early for my workout, it might not get done.

Here's a timeline from today's crunch-time:

4:40 pm--Departed studio
4:50 pm--Picked up jacket for tonight's concert emcee duty
5:00 pm--Stopped by grocery store for a few things I needed for dinner
5:20 pm--Home to put away items and change for YMCA
5:30 pm--Cut sweet potato into fries, weighed 'em and had them ready for oven
5:40 pm--Leave for Y
5:50 pm--Arrive at Y
5:54 pm--Climbed aboard elliptical for a good N sweaty 30 minute ride
6:24 pm--Elliptical workout complete
6:32 pm--Leave Y Parking lot
6:42 pm--Arrive home for dinner
7:15 pm--Shower and change for Jazz concert
7:35 pm--Leave for theatre
7:45 pm--Arrive at theatre, enter through backstage door--meet band
7:50 pm--Handed suggested script points for emcee duties
8:00 pm--Take stage to make announcements and introduce band
 photo photo2097_zpsczk5rxeb.jpg
A little blurry, The stage lights make it difficult to get a good shot. I never shied away from taking the stage at over 500 pounds, but I must say, doing it now is so much better because I have increased energy, more confidence and the ability to speak while moving around a stage without constantly being out of breath.

I exchanged several support buddy text messages today. Support texting is one of the benefits of being in the weekly conference call support group I co-facilitate with Life Coach Gerri Helms. Another brand new ten week session starts April 7th. The cost is $100 for the entire ten weeks. This time, for an additional fee, we're offering one-on-one coaching with Gerri and one-on-one mentoring with me.

If you're interested in joining us for this dynamic support experience, express your interest in an email to:

We keep the Tuesday night group small on purpose (limited to 10 participants plus Gerri and me)--but if there's enough interest, we've talked about adding another group--perhaps on a Monday afternoon or evening. As it stands right now, this premium support group is only available if you live in the United States or Canada.

About the support text messages: When the two people exchanging messages share this road in common, with all the challenges, ups and downs--what happens is magical. The recipient benefits just as much as the sender. It's truly a win-win deal. This was also a big contributor to my mood shifting 180 today. When we help others it helps us too, every time.

I burned more calories today than I normally do. I actually had to bump up my calories in order to get above the 1,200 net calories after exercise calories burned. I intentionally exceeded my normal 1,700 calorie budget by 174 calories in order to hit 1,205 net. Feels interesting to intentionally exceed my budget. Having a minimal understanding of the internal science behind consumption and metabolism, I know it's actually encouraging weight loss, not discouraging.

I'm looking forward to a productive, yet restful weekend. In other words, no broadcast work duties scheduled and I get to sleep late!  

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  1. Looking very trim and gorgeous Sean! Hints of Ronn Moss in that last picture!


    1. Thank you, Zoe! Ronn Moss from the Bold and The Beautiful? You're very kind! :)

  2. Darn ... If I didn't live in Australia I might take up the 10 weeks 😞
    You looking so good Sean
    When are you shaving 😉

    1. We must look into alternative options in order to include anybody and everybody! Wish we could have you, TR! Shaving very soon!
      Thank you for the compliment!!

  3. Looking good Sean! I remember all the years searching for sites like for weight loss help and all the products that I could spend money on. While trapped in my sugar addiction, spending my money, it gave me hope but in post sugar addiction I realize I wasted my money all those years. What I appreciate most about your blog is your truly trying to help others making it public and it's not about the money.

    Knowing the importance of support and advice you give, the $100 for 10 weeks is one of best bargains, best investments of money anyone could make helping his or her own transformation. Infinity times better, money spent on any weight loss supplement. Giving this opportunity, reaching out to others at a very reasonable investment is awesome and commend you for that! Jon. L.

    1. Thank you, Jon. The weight loss industry is a 50 billion dollar a year business--and I despise 95% of it.
      I admire Richard Simmons, Weight Watchers, TOPS, OA and maybe a handful of others. The rest--especially the ones using bold marketing claims in an attempt to get people's money--uhg...make me sick. You're not alone, Jon-- I spent some money years ago on a couple different plans.
      I appreciate your very kind words, my friend. Thank you!

  4. Granpa & Granma have taken on a younger meaning because of all the YOUNG GMA's & GPA's ! Plus look at how 40-50-60-70 year olds are functioning today. No more sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair!

    1. Very true, Nancy! Young GPA! I like it.
      There's a bunch of young grandparents these days! I'm not alone!

  5. I propose using the words Youngpa and Youngma until one reaches an arbitrary age (50, 60, whatever). Age, like weight, is just a number; it doesn't define who you are.

    1. Good point! very important to remember. Youngpa...nice. Thank you!


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