Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29th, 2015 Time Moves Quickly

March 29th, 2015 Time Moves Quickly

I promised myself I would workout each day Friday through Sunday and I accomplished this goal. It took some crunching of the schedule on Friday, barely making it to the Y on time Saturday and going early afternoon today before my trip South to see mom, but I did it. I'm proud!

In all honesty, I'm in somewhat of a rut with exercise. I don't mean rut in a bad way, really. I am having fun doing what I'm doing--and I'm making sure it's working me. I know there are so many more things I could do to add variety. Will I ever get back into spinning, swimming and yoga class? I thoroughly enjoy each of these, yet--for a variety of reasons, have fallen away from them. My schedule has wreaked havoc on my yoga class plans of late, but spinning and swimming? No reason I couldn't find a class or two and a swim or two each week. I will need to challenge myself to expand and add variety. It's all good.

I enjoyed some quality time with mom this afternoon/early evening. We dined out on Mexican (big surprise, right?) and it was fantastic! I was kind of thrown a little when my usual crispy corn taco shells came out as flour based shells. Oh well, it bumped up the calories some, but since I had plenty coming, it didn't bother me. I passed on the cheese, beans and rice--opting for the shells, sour cream, chicken and lettuce. Two was the perfect amount after a good serving of chips and salsa.

When I arrived back home, I talked to mom to let her know I made it safe and sound. I was delighted to hear she got her workout in with a nice walk around her neighborhood while I drove home. I'm incredibly proud of her.

The weekend went by way too fast! Okay--well, let's get into another work week and make it a great one! I'm excited to be closing in on a year of this turnaround from relapse/regain. Wednesday's upcoming weigh-in will be week 49 and the next will be the one year weigh in! I can't believe it's been a year already. Time moves quickly.

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  1. wait, aren't there 52 weeks in a year? ;)

    Congrats on another stellar week, either way! :)

    1. Yes indeed, Gwen! This Wednesday will be week 49 weigh-in--then the next will be the 52 week, one year weigh-in.
      It's been a good year! :)

  2. Nice day you had Sean...
    I can't wait to be where your at.... right now, life has gotten in the way . I'm not turning to food, just the opposit but the hubs has hit the golden road...this is when I have to be the strongest...and I will.

    And life goes on!

    1. You're getting here, Rosie! All of us are at the point right for us, today. Sometimes life happens and it barrels its way into our fundamental elements happens. You're equipped with the knowledge and desire to draw a line and make your way in a positive direction. And there's no clock, Rosie-- Do what you can do, today and be well. This shall pass! :) You're in a fantastic state of awareness, Rosie. That's a very positive thing.


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