Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2nd, 2015 Weigh Day Edition

September 2nd, 2015 Weigh Day Edition

This getting to bed earlier is working well. Except for tonight. I missed my 10pm goal. I've given myself 15 minutes to get this written and posted. I've made it two days in a row without some kind of nap. And it's helping me be more productive.

The past two days have coincidentally been very busy at the studio, so I've needed every bit of extra energy!

Weigh day this morning was a great experience. I felt really well stepping on the scale.
 photo 217.020weigh20day_zpscpcundd1.jpg
Down four tenths of a pound. I'm counting this as a maintain! I've decided to leave my daily calorie budget at 2,300 and immediately start weighing every two weeks instead of every week. I'm fully expecting to increase the calories even further as I get more into certain workouts in my near future.

I'm still having a difficult time psychologically processing this calorie level. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful--no complaints--but I've always been convinced that I'd be gaining with this kind of calorie budget. 2,300 of what I'm eating these days feels like too much, sometimes. My body has changed and obviously my metabolic rate has increased significantly. The thought of adding more calories than this, seems crazy to me. We'll see how it all goes.

It's way back Wednesday time!
 photo ddfbf105-9b0d-47c7-8071-06a6be469caf_zps7axlynff.jpg
#WBW Loaded with birthday cash--somewhere in early 30's, I'm guessing. 500 pounds-plus some. Always the comedian! I could describe how I was actually feeling underneath the fun goofiness in this picture. But I'm just going to enjoy the goofy face this time. You know, I look at this picture and I love that guy. If I could go back in time in some kind of Back To The Future way, I'd give him a big hug and tell him that he was alright and that things can and will get better. Oh my goodness, I'm crying now. Geez.

Goodnight, my friends.

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  1. I am touched by your compassion for your earlier self. I am learning that progress is dependent on our abilities to accept and love who we are. Thanks.

  2. You are a sweet inspiration in so many ways Sean 😊

  3. I'm glad you love that guy in the picture. He deserved only the best and he's gotten it.

  4. Why the switch to biweekly weigh-ins so suddenly, out of interest?

    1. I would rather have it two weeks a part. The closer I get to finding a good groove, the further apart I'll weigh, with a maximum length between weigh-ins of 4 weeks. But that's down the road.
      If I want to get an accurate representation of the affects of what I'm doing, it makes sense to lengthen the amount of time or "data," between weigh-ins. Dropping to 220, then another pound and another--and another--and now 217, the weekly seemed reasonable. Now at 2300 calories, I'll feel okay letting it ride a couple weeks at a time. I'll be ready to adjust when/if needed. And I fully expect that to be necessary.

  5. You are a model of compassion-- something we can all learn from. Thank you!

  6. In the Bible, Jesus was asked what was the greatest and most important commandments and He said there were two, not one. One, to love God with everything within you, and the second was to love others AS you love yourself. When I read that you would go back and hug the 500 lb Sean, it made me tear up. Learning to truly love and forgive ourselves is essential as we grow and change and your compassion, acceptance and love for yourself back then as well as today is beautiful. I believe that compassion increases our ability to then turn and genuinely accept and love others. Thanks for sharing this, Sean. Shirley from TN

    1. "I believe that compassion increases our ability to then turn and genuinely accept and love others." <<Such a beautiful truth. Thank you Shirley for your support and insights, for so very long. I sincerely appreciate you.

  7. I love how you can embrace the 500 lb Sean, too. I have not learned this. I can not look at myself in the mirror and see the smaller me. It just has not come to me yet. Not sure if it ever will. I can try the clothes on but the mirror tells me different.
    You have embraced YOU! And for that I admire you..

    1. Rosie, it's rarely perfect--it's a practice. It's one worth practicing and making important. One exercise to try--and it may help you as it has me, is to make a list of things you like, love, are good at doing, the qualities you take pride in--all of the elements that get to the core of who you are...
      The question to ask yourself to help make the list: What is it about me--what are the things that have been me--always---heavier, thinner--richer or poorer, marital status aside---what are the qualities that have endured through it all. These are your core elements of you. Embrace them, love them and realize---these are the important things, Rosie. You're an awesome person regardless of anything that naturally fluctuates. Losing weight doesn't make us better and gaining weight doesn't make us worse. We're still good people, worthy of love, worthy of success and deserving of the best care we can give ourselves.
      Thank you, Rosie.


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