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September 30th, 2015 A Different Perspective

September 30th, 2015 A Different Perspective

Maintenance mode requires a different perspective. I'm not looking for a loss or a gain. The best maintenance weigh-in is the same number as last time. Of course, our bodies naturally fluctuate and our activity level typically changes, too. It's rather unrealistic to expect the same number every two weeks. I'm looking for trends. Trends require at least two weigh-ins and preferably three to qualify as a trend, up or down. Today's weigh-in showed me a decent gain.
 photo 220.420weigh20day_zpsn402ipsh.jpg
Up 2.8 pounds (1.27 kilos). I can tell that I'm truly okay with this because I genuinely didn't react in any negative way whatsoever. My first thought was, okay, cool--I'll keep doing exactly what I'm doing and we'll check for a possible trend in two weeks time.

What gives me this peace and calm is knowing that I'm doing the daily practices my recovery requires. I'm not having binge episodes and the integrity of my food plan has been rock solid. I'm food sober. And as long as the daily success of those elements are given the highest importance level, I'm free to make adjustments as needed if a trend develops.

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Noah and Me. He loves my chicken and zucchini tacos! We had a wonderful evening together. We grabbed a few things at the store that we forgot to get yesterday and after dinner, we made an ice cream run! His Nana and Papa recently shared a photo of him enjoying an ice cream cone. So--grandpa's turn to take him for ice cream! 

I was ordering for Noah and a good friend who, thank goodness, is helping me when I take care of him! We decided to go through the drive through at Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Store. This is the scene of countless binge episodes for me--same drive through, same speaker thingy, some of the same employees, likely. After I ordered a junior frozen yogurt and a caramel sundae, as we sat in a stand-still line, I posted to the private Facebook page of our weekly teleconference support group.

"I'm in the drive through of Braums Ice Cream and Dairy store. I'm getting Noah and my Noah helper ice cream. My dessert is waiting for me at home, in the form of fresh pineapple and banana. Bookending the Braum's visit. Not because I feel vulnerable, simply because this is the scene of so many past binge episodes. Order has been placed. Waiting in line."

"And I'd rather be safe then sorry. This post, to me, is like saying--- I'm going in, cover me!"

"Got home. Prepared my fruit. Noah didn't want his ice cream. Instead, he's helping me with my pineapple. The kid rejected ice cream!"

"Mentally, each one of you was with me in that drive through line. As soon as the post was made, I felt comforted by support, stronger than before."

That's the incredible power of accountability and support at work. It wasn't that I felt like I was in danger, but I'm never beyond relapse--it can happen, and that's why daily actions like this are so critically important. Once that post was shared with our twenty members, my chance of success shot through the roof. 

Noah is asleep. I'm so thankful! I'm headed that way now. I appreciate your loyal readership!

By the way, if you're losing weight or like me, you're in maintenance mode, and you have any questions along the way, email me! I certainly don't have all the answers, but I'll do my best!

Also, if you're on MyFitnessPal, I am too! Let's connect there! My username is SeanAAnderson. I keep my MFP diary public, so you can look through it anytime.

Oh--and in consideration of a relatively minor (yet very uncomfortable) medical issue I've somehow developed, I decided to make today a rest day from an intentional workout. My doctor provided a prescription and hopefully it soothes the discomfort quickly! I can't wait until it's behind me. Trust me, it's not a big deal, but exercise isn't helping it get better.

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  1. I completely admire you man. Not a freak out on the scale number and not a flinch in the drive thru. You are a role model sir.

    1. Shane, thank you. Putting that energy into a positive focus on the day to day fundamentals of my recovery, brings a very nice level of peace and calm. Now if a trend develops, we'll see how I react! :)
      I'm telling you, Shane, sharing the drive through situation like that, might seem nuts to some, but the power of it is undeniable. It's just hard to do sometimes. It's hard to admit we need that backup. I think many of us have an innate "I got this," attitude...I've been there and it just about killed me!
      Thank you, Shane. You're the best!

  2. Interesting that Noah didn't want his ice cream, choosing your pineapple at home. Is this a perfect example how little ones IMITATE their admired adults? Is this how WE learned our eating habits???? Interesting thought.

    1. Very interesting thought, Nancy! I think when he noticed what I was having it looked more appealing to him, perhaps? It was surprising, really.

  3. Love the accountability. It's amazing how "putting it out there" can increase our chances of doing the right thing. I hope your medical episode takes a bum steer for the better!!

    1. "bum"'re good!
      The accountability factor is HUGE.


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