Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 9th, 2015 I Did It

September 9th, 2015 I Did It

The other night when I turned on the C25K app at the trail it wanted me to go to Week 6, Day 3. I looked at it and said, no--not ready for this. It was 5 minutes of warm up walking followed by 22 minutes of jogging...without stopping, followed by a 5 minute walk/cool down. I refused.

I decided to do Week 6 Day 2 again, instead. It reminded me: You've already completed Week 6 Day 2. Yeah, yeah, I know---but Week 6 Day 3 looks too hard. I was having a conversation with my app. I finally discovered I could override it and do Week 6 Day 2 again and that's what I did the other night.

This evening, I had to face it. 22 minutes of jogging without stopping, once seemed absolutely impossible. Now it was time to discover the possibilities.

I did everything I could to delay it. I talked to people, I texted people--I put in a grocery store run and a coffee before it...I was doing everything I could to delay this one.

Even right before starting--I made my way into the spin studio and struck up a conversation with one of my favorite instructors. She encouraged me to join several others in doing a workout called "The Murph" on Tuesday's. And we discussed it. It's intense. That'll come another day.

I did it.

I did Week 6 Day 3. I jogged for 22 minutes straight without stopping. After about 10 minutes, I was fighting the urge to look at my phone and see how long I had left--but I knew I had to shift my focus to other things. Had I pulled out the phone and discovered I still had 12 minutes, it might have discouraged me. Finally, I couldn't stand it--I finally pulled the phone from my pocket. Just over two minutes remained. Okay...instead of discouraging, it was encouraging. 20 minutes was already a personal best--and knowing only two minutes remained in this training session empowered me to see it through to the end.

I did it.

I promised myself I would jog the entire Carter's Run For Autism 5K on September 26th without stopping. I made the declaration on this blog and on my radio show. And after this evening, I have every confidence I will keep my word.

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