Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 24th, 2015 There Are More Important Things

October 24th, 2015 There Are More Important Things

Normally, no matter what happens in the world, this blog carries on without missing a beat. It's that way for a reason. Never again will I use the tragedies of the world to excuse self-destructive behavior, as in "with everything that's happened, it makes what I'm doing seem insignificant in the big picture. I'll revisit this whole taking extraordinary care thing another time, when things are better."  This type of self-enabling thought process is disguised as a selfless act of concern.

How would not taking care improve what's happened? It doesn't. This thought process is guaranteed to keep us down, because when things get better, something else happens, somewhere.

Here's what I believe happens in the above described thought process: We put everything on the same importance scale. It becomes tragic and senseless loss of life VS. making the personal choices needed in taking continued good care.  Of course the tragic happenings are always  more important than any single fundamental element of our success, truly--but it's winning a comparison that shouldn't have been made to begin with.

Heartbreaking news came from my hometown this morning. The Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade, the parade I grew up looking forward to each year, was marred by an event so unthinkable and horrible, it's very difficult to get it out of mind. A car, driven by a twenty-five year old whom police suspect was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, crashed into parade spectators at a high rate of speed. Four people were killed. Several more critically injured. Even more hospitalized with lesser injuries. One of the killed was a two year old. That really hit me. 

The families directly affected by this entire tragedy are in need of tremendous prayers and healing. I can't even begin to imagine the level of pain and grief they're experiencing.

The life stream we navigate sure can become challenging. But it doesn't need to preempt taking care of ourselves.

The gut instinct that says "there are more important things in the world," is certainly true. There are, absolutely. But for the sake of our own personal well being, our individual elements of care shouldn't be placed on the same scale in comparison.

Hug those close to you. Love 'em and please, continue taking extraordinary care.


It's been a very long day. My activity level was my exercise. I don't have a fitbit stat to tell me how much I did in the way of calorie burn, but it was a bunch, I'm sure.

Moving my sound equipment from storage to a wedding celebration and setting it up for someone else to operate was first, then home to get ready for a broadcast from a new BBQ restaurant followed by emceeing a benefit rock concert festival--all made today and tonight a physical challenge. It was a good challenge. Well worth the efforts of the day.
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  1. What a horrible tragic event, the lives of so many people changed forever including the young girl who was driving. I will make a confession here, when I was in my 20s I drove a few times while being very drunk. It was such an incredibly stupid and dangerous thing to do and I am so immensely grateful that I never hurt anyone. I often wonder why I thought it was ok to DUI and all I remember is being impaired and thinking I could handle it. My deepest condolences go out to the victims and their families.

    You also touch on something that I feel all the time: the weight of the world on my shoulders. I have always been someone who is deeply affected by tragic world events, which often leaves me feeling so small and insignificant in their wake. Struggling with my weight problem often feels so indulgent to me when I compare it to all the tragedies and wars in this world. But you are so right, you cannot put the two on the same level for comparison. What helps me in those situations is to remember that I cannot change other people's actions and that I am only ever responsible for my own. Caring for myself doesn't mean I don't care for the world but it helps me be a better person in this world.

    1. Well written, Kerstin. Thank you for sharing this. "Caring for myself doesn't mean I don't care for the world but it helps me be a better person in this world." Yes!!!


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