Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 8th, 2015 I Needed That

October 8th, 2015 I Needed That

The ill effects of yesterday's accidental sugar consumption were completely gone today. I felt back to normal as far as it goes on that end. On the other end...

I had some pain today. Managed it and worked my way through. I'm following the doctor's advice to the letter. He's confident this problem will become a non-issue soon. I hope so!

I swear, the way I felt today was worthy of a sick day from work. But I just couldn't take one. I had too much to get accomplished. I worked my way through an exceptionally long one and made my way home late this afternoon. Noah was waiting on me with a big hug and smile. Awe...I needed that.

Thank goodness for great friends. A friend of mine took care of Noah while I took care of me. I was hurting--needed medicine and a short rest. I was able to do that before getting up and taking Noah with me to the grocery store. I love taking Noah to the store. Occasionally, we sing about the colors of different produce and the high price of certain items. He gets the colors. I don't think he understands the economical lyrics. It's fun. And neither one of us care if anyone is looking or not. We're entertaining one another as we race up and down the aisles. Some of these experiences could very well become one of his first memories.

Noah didn't give much trouble at bedtime. As long as an animated movie is playing on the laptop in his room, he's good. In fact, he wanted to go to bed, enjoy some milk and watch something.

Is it Thursday already? Throwback Thursday photo:
 photo photo50_zps3df20084.jpg
#TBT Walking Dead Sean from November 1st, 2014

I took extraordinary care with my food today. I actually ended the day a little short. Since I didn't workout tonight, I'm perfectly okay with this.

I'm anxious about getting this medical issue behind me and getting back to normal in the exercise department. I had to take a few minutes of my "me time" this morning to focus my meditation on being okay with my current circumstance and how it's affected my exercise consistency.

I have a few critical non-negotiable foundation elements: Calorie budget integrity, abstinence from refined sugar and remaining active each day in support of others and in support of me! The other things--very important things, must occasionally shift according to circumstances. I remained true to this today. I plan on continuing the same, tomorrow.

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  1. Totally get you enjoying taking Noah to the shops \
    I took my daughter (as I do ) only this time as she picked broccoli for dinner she decided to sing into it (like a microphone) in the top of her voice \
    At first I wanted to cringe away but I thought blow it she deserves to have fun \
    Really praying your pain goes

  2. Whoa - I did a double take with your throwback pic. Reminds me of Bill Compton on True Blood. =)

  3. I have a question about the tostadas you made for lunch. Did you mix the meat in with the beans? They look so good and low cal to.

  4. I get a lot of pain post sugar exposure. Joint pain, migraines, etc. It's the inflammatory response. Thank goodness I figured it out. Here's to healing up as you need to.


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