Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10th, 2016 A Focused Offensive

May 10th, 2016 A Focused Offensive

Yesterday's defense against a chaotic schedule was replaced with a focused offensive today. I had a long list of things to accomplish, many I needed to accomplish yesterday, but couldn't. I had a very productive day. Part of my morning "me time" includes envisioning how I want the day to unfold. Granted, I don't always get my way, and that's okay. 

Yesterday was a perfect example of how a day can turn into unforeseen circumstances in fast need of adjustments. And these adjustments aren't exclusive to practical-real, physical modifications to the plan, they're coupled with adjustments in perspective. When my life-stream changes course, my fundamental elements stream moves in harmony...it's the equal and opposite reaction theory in practice.

When I'm in a defensive stance, I'm asking how can I maneuver this circumstance while maintaining the integrity of my maintenance plan? This defensive response is very different from old reactions where immediately dropping my defenses and declaring defeat was the go-to. 

This automatic go-to response was very popular within me because the accepted/volunteered defeat released me from the responsibility of taking exceptional care. In this mode, I was constantly the victim of life's difficult circumstances and I liked it that way, because in that, releasing my plan--clearly, wasn't my fault. And if it wasn't my fault, ever, I could live with myself while immersed in constant struggle.

With a focused offensive and cooperating circumstances, goals get set and accomplished without much need for modifications. Not every day is like today. Some days are like yesterday, or worse--and those are the days where I must ask myself a powerful question:

Will I focus on reasons why this can't work or will I ask how it can?

If I ask how it can, and I'm being completely honest with myself, most usually the best options become obvious--and they do, because they're supported by willingness.

I made it home at a decent time, prepared and enjoyed an amazing lunch--worked on a personal project for a little while before grabbing a nicely measured nap. I had a support call scheduled at 6:15 and the regular Tuesday night conference call support group at 7pm. I met Kristin at my favorite Mexican place for a fast, convenient and on-plan dinner. The food and conversation was wonderful. This later dinner, out, worked perfectly with today's schedule. I knew it would be a later dinner, that's why I tilted my meal schedule slightly--eating something late morning as a holdover, then the later lunch.

I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. And I exceeded my water goal by 32 ounces.

Today was a focused offensive. I'll have another one ready for tomorrow. And if tomorrow turns full of unforeseen circumstances, I'll have a solid defensive ready to meet the challenges, with willingness to ask that game changing question: How can I make this work?

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  1. Admirable you holding the line no matter what the circumstances!


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