Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 26th, 2016 Days Like This

May 26th, 2016 Days Like This

The weather coverage kept me up last night until 1:30am at the studio--then home, posted a Tweets Only blog post--and finally was able to fall asleep a little after 2am. A colleague covered the 6am hour of my show, thank goodness. Today was rough and challenging.

On a day like this, I must embrace a higher self-awareness. I made sure I had food options in place and I especially made sure to engage in support communications. The storms held off this afternoon and that was a good thing. It gave me just enough time to get home and manage a nap before my commitment at the theatre. I did the opening audience welcome and announcements at a big concert tonight. I hated to miss 80% of it, but I had to go. The possibility of storms again tonight shaped my choices. And storms are headed toward us, again--so as soon as I post this, I'm out the door to cover more late night/early morning weather--and tomorrow will be similar to today as far as what I must do to remain in a positive mindset despite exhaustion. Good support and solid planning is critical on days like this.

Speaking of planning, Mary asked a good question on my Facebook page:
"Sean, I love that you keep it simple and smart!! far out in advance do you plan/prepare your meals, snacks, etc.?"  

My Reply:
Great question, Mary. To me, simple is sustainable. If I make it too complicated, I might not enjoy it as much! I'll evolve naturally at a nice measured pace!

Planning and preparing--very important topic, and it's different for each person. For me--I don't like pre-cooking--preparing meals "for the week." For some, that works very very well. I'm more of an in the moment person. It doesn't mean I don't plan. I do!

But my planning is this: I make sure I have several available options at home and at work. As long as I'm stocked with the foods I need and enjoy--I can make my decisions, even last minute, and be perfectly okay. Same planning with snacks-- I know what's available and I choose what I feel like having in the moment.

For example-- I honestly haven't a clue what I'm having for dinner tonight. I do know a few things-- I know I'll keep it in a nice dinner range of calories, whatever it is-- and I know I have some options-- Salmon, sirloin, asparagus--maybe I'll grab some other kind of veggie at the store...a sweet potato--oh, and I have some chicken breasts that need cooked--and frozen shrimp... Hmmm... Options! They're all waiting for me to decide--and I might make the decision right before cooking! If the day gets crazy--I might decide to skip cooking and grab something out-- I have another set of go-to options in that direction.

So--planning and preparing means different things for different people. The way I do it wouldn't work well for some. Now--I will add this: If I know I'm going to be out--and busy--and not near a kitchen to prepare something--I'll make sure to plan, prepare and pack (The three P's!) something for my man bag-- Usually it's what I call an "on-the-go meal" consisting of almonds, fruit and cheese...In fact, I'll likely being doing that very thing tomorrow midday. The central idea is to have what you need when and where you need it-- and then you can decide. Make sense? Thanks for the great question!

The interview from a couple of weeks ago on South Jersey's News/Talk WPG with Michelle Dawn Mooney was released today on Michelle's SoundCloud. It was a lengthy interview about this blog, the book and my overall story. I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to visit with Michelle on her show. It was wonderful! She's incredible. Here's the link to the interview audio, simply click the link below and press play:
It says "Sean A Addams" on the file-- but it's me!! Michelle had my name correct during the live on-air interview.

Okay--I'm letting the Tweets tell the rest of today's story. I'm headed to the studio!

Today's Live-Tweet Stream:

Thank you for reading and your continued support,

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