Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16th, 2016 Every Day

May 16th, 2016 Every Day

Keeping a blog post short isn't always easy for me. Every day there's something I experience or something I'm reminded of--and these things, when they pertain to what this blog is all about, stimulate thoughts and ideas--and I'm a communicator, I want to share it right here, right now! But I often need to reel it in, be patient--be calm and get more rest!

Today had a rough start followed by an unexplained stomach ache midday that sent me home about an hour early. It was clearly something at lunch, I'm just not sure--everything was fresh. That's a wonderful benefit of eating the way I eat--it's much easier to key into direct food/body connections.

I felt much better by evening time--just in time for my Monday night support group conference call. I enjoyed a fantastic dinner--and had some fun with the tweets, too.

I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I exceeded my daily water goal and I made time for a great workout.

The day was rough in some ways and quite solid/smooth in others. How's that for balance?

Today's Live-Tweet Stream:

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  1. Do you fix some of your meals at work? And if so what do your co workers say? I was just wondering if they get interested in what you're fixing.....Robin

    1. I prepare breakfast every weekday morning at the studio. I also prepare about 80% of my lunches at work. The kitchen is limited-- we have a microwave, a single burner electric hotplate and a toaster oven with a bake and broil setting.
      In the beginning of my turnaround from regain--I received a few looks--and a few remarks about my consistent weighing of my food--and taking the photos for the tweets--but oh how consistency and success quiets the critics!
      Today, some of my colleagues do get interested in what I do with my food--and I occasionally offer to share my food--and in some cases prepare my food for others...and it always comes with rave reviews. I feel like what I do in the kitchen at work has made a positive impact outside of myself--and that's pretty cool. Thank you, Robin!

  2. What Robin asked...I've always wondered about that too. I didn't have access to anything but a microwave when I worked (I'm retired), but I know you spend hours at the office so I'm assuming you do a lot of cooking there. Pasta---YUM! I like how you gave all the options to manipulate the calories. Last night for supper, we had chicken tacos. (You inspired me since you have them so often.) I used the taco seasoning packet you can buy and I'm pretty sure it's full of sodium, cause I'm up 2 lbs. this morning, and it was a great day yesterday. I know it'll go back down--especially if I'd ever get with it and UP my water intake. You continue to be my inspiration as I lose this latest regain Sean!

    1. I hope you'll read my reply to Robin, above.
      I'm so happy you tried the chicken tacos!! I love those things. ooh--yes, the sodium in a taco seasoning packet is significant. Like you said--that type of water weight gain goes as quickly as it comes--and also, as you mentioned--increased water can flush that sodium right out of your system. I'm honored, Dup! Thank you for being so incredible wonderful and supportive! You're doing wonderful things for you--and that's a beautiful thing.


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