Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21st, 2016 Like Me

May 21st, 2016 Like Me

My location broadcast this morning was from a grocery store with a Starbucks. As soon as I arrived, I was gifted a small coffee with half & half. My coffee loving reputation preceded me. It was nice.

I met Shelby from Game On Salsa. She was there handing out samples of her made in Oklahoma product. She told me about the process her and her best friend since 1st grade went through to bring their brand of salsa to market. It's quite involved, actually. Seven trials in the test kitchens of Oklahoma State University finally found the right combination. After listening to this amazing story--and how the recipe was actually an old family recipe from several decades back, I knew I had to try it--except for one thought: If it contains refined sugar, I'm out. I picked up the jar and was delighted to find it was sugar free. Thank goodness! I tried it, loved it and bought a jar!

Today was a solid day all the way around. I slept well last night, even after staying up a little later to watch the documentary, Sugar Coated, on Netflix. It's a phenomenal documentary. I highly recommend watching it if you're at all curious about refined sugar and its effects.

I fully realize not everyone has an addictive reaction to sugar, like me. Maybe it doesn't light up your brain like a pinball machine, triggering binge behavior, like me, maybe you're someone who can handle moderation, unlike me. Still, it's a great documentary. It's not all about the addictive properties. It's mainly about the overall health issues affected by and created by consuming excessive amounts of refined sugar. I was impressed with the detail and presentation. After watching, I must say--it greatly enhanced my gratitude for continued abstinence, now 752 days strong.

I credit my abstinence from refined sugar for dramatically changing my metabolic profile. My metabolism now works better than I ever imagined possible. I also believe it's given me a much leaner weight loss than my initial 275 pound loss. I'm twenty-three pounds lighter than my previous goal weight of 230, but even at 230, the second time--it looked and felt leaner, to me.

I enjoyed a wonderful evening out with my oldest daughter. We shared a nice dinner and conversation at our favorite Mexican place a few blocks from my apartment. The two of us are so much alike in ways too numerous to list. We laugh, a lot, and the conversation is always easy and flowing. It was fantastic.

I dropped Amber off at her place and made my way to the gym for a good workout. The difference between the gym I frequent and the Y--I can go to the gym any time, 24/7. Late on a Saturday evening--it was the option. I love the Y, when I make it work in the schedule, but I also enjoy the schedule flexibility of the gym. Tonight, I had the entire gym to myself. It worked. 

I prepared some great food today. I posted a video to my Instagram account--and I plan to add a new one each day--they're always short--sixty seconds or less, and that's easy--I can commit to that.

The integrity of my maintenance calorie budget was maintained. I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I exceeded my water goal by 40 ounces, I had a great workout, a good nap, some awesome support interactions and a great visit and meal with Amber. This was a nicely balanced Saturday!  

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  1. I can totally relate to how well you can feel after cutting refined sugar completely out of your diet. I haven't been abstinate as long as you, and for other reasons entirely as I don't think I have an addiction, but my sugar levels were getting a bit high and diabetes runs in the family.So I made the decision to cut out refined sugar, and grains, (as they metabolize to sugar in the body) and I have great blood glucose counts,as well as dropped another 20 lbs in almost no time at all. I've lost several inches from around my waist, and feel better than I ever remember feeling.Once you get started, it's really not hard at all and you don't get the cravings like you once would.It wouldn't be detrimental to me if a little sudar got slipped in there accidently, but I am very careful to read lables. It really is just an adjustment you have to make and it is well worth the effort!

    1. Connie--I totally relate. Although, I'm very fortunate in not having blood sugar issues--otherwise, I wouldn't be able to eat the grains and amount of fruit I eat. But the abstinence from refined sugar--oh my, it's huge, the difference it makes.

  2. I haven't been reading blogs as much as I used to, but it's nice to see you're still going as strong as ever! The meals look good and you sound happy :)

    1. Lyn--great to hear from you! Things are go very well. It's a one day at a time approach, for sure. I'm very pleased with where I am, today. It's fortunate--and I'm so grateful. Thank you!!


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