Friday, May 27, 2016

May 27th, 2016 Very Well

May 27th, 2016 Very Well

Last night was pretty much a carbon copy of the night before. Shortly after posting last night's edition, I was off to the studio for severe weather coverage. This is part of my job duties. I'm also the morning personality--and when these two responsibilities collide, it makes for a really long next day. Once again, it was about three and a half hours sleep--and a big schedule today. I didn't realize how consuming today would become--but it's over now, and I made it through very well.

I did my morning show followed by production work, then a three hour location broadcast. I planned some good mid-morning food right before the 11am-2pm broadcast with the idea that it would carry me through to a later lunch. It did, very well.

I made it back to the studio and by 2:45, I was eating a late lunch and hoping to leave soon. Then, Mother Nature decided it was a great time for round three. At least today's rash of storms didn't wait until I was home and napping--nope. I barely finished lunch when the first storm warning was issued. I ran downstairs to the studio and started what I hoped would be a quick severe weather coverage. The more I studied the dry line and how it was set and moving east--and how slow the storms were moving, I quickly realized it was going to be a very very long day. I made it through, very well. 

The keys for me remaining consistent in the face of exhaustion and frustration started with making sure I had food in place. I packed and brought some extra things from work. If I hadn't done this--and I left my options thin, then I would have had to make some tougher decisions. When I'm tired is not the time to make food selection a difficult process. I simply make sure what I need is available. I made those choices really easy by making the options within reach.

I also reached out for spot support text exchanges with a few support friends. I did this, not because I was struggling--I really wasn't, I did it because sharing the circumstance and the challenge before it becomes a major issue, lessens its potential impact. We're not alone in this unless we isolate and make it that way. By sharing the potential struggle and my plan to overcome, I avoided the real struggle. It works, I promise you! Excellent accountability and support measures are powerful tools along this road.

I also enjoyed a good amount of coffee. That certainly helped in the energy department.

I left the studio at almost 9:30pm, completing a fifteen hour day on little sleep. My first thought was to dine out for the second night in a row. But the more I thought about it, the more I remembered some of the things in the fridge that needed cooked--and really, I keep it simple in the kitchen, so it's not like it would take me too long to prepare something nice. And honestly, I prefer the certainty of preparing my food with proper and precise weights and measures. Had I not dined out last night, I likely would have driven straight to Ground Round Grill and Bar and ordered something--but since I did--and considering the groceries needing cooked in my fridge--and how it wouldn't take forever to do it-- I made the decision to come home and cook. I'm glad I did. It was a very late and very delicious dinner.

The reward I get is hitting the pillow tonight knowing that I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar and I exceeded my water goal. I'm having mercy on myself in the workout department. Not that it's a major thing--but I do complete my short #morningdeal routine every single morning--but I really don't count that as a workout. I suppose my struggle over the past few days and this insane schedule--has been allowing myself to be okay without the trips to the gym. Instead of identifying places I could have squeezed it in, I'll focus on this weekend and the best times I will squeeze a great workout into my schedule.

I'm sleeping in tomorrow morning without an alarm. I'll be sleeping until I'm done sleeping.

Big thank yous to everyone expressing wonderful words to me about the interview on WPG-Atlantic City. Michelle Dawn Mooney's show was a wonderful experience. The audio link to the interview is posted within last night's edition.

If you're a touch curious why I put forth this level of effort in maintenance mode--I'll tell you why--Because if I didn't, I could--and would most likely return to over 500 pounds. The key for me--is making what I do and what I eat, enjoyable. Because when it's truly enjoyable, the effort is enthusiastically given instead of reluctantly approached with resentment and dread . It's not forced. It's natural. Developing and allowing our plan to evolve in harmony with where we are, today--gives us the best chance at amazing tomorrows.


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