Thursday, May 5, 2016

May 5th, 2016 Last Night

May 5th, 2016 Last Night

It was a rough night. I'm pretty sure the combination of perhaps too much coffee, the Mexican restaurant, the pineapple last food of day and general stress, combined to create a painful stomach issue that woke me before 1am. It wasn't pleasant. I finally made it back to sleep around 3am or so--but by work time, I wasn't anywhere near ready to go. I called a colleague to cover my radio show and took a 1/2 sick day. I felt much better by mid-morning.
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A while back, someone mentioned how I only allow the most flattering current pictures to make it on this blog or my facebook page. Never mind that I once published an entire post all about loose skin--complete with my personal loose skin pictures. I'm not confirming or denying, but let's say I'm particular--how does that make me different than anyone else who takes an average of thirteen selfies before finding the one? I'm almost 85% past the point of caring about pictures and whether or not they're flattering. To counter this pointless suggestion--every day, my first tweet of the day is my #morningdeal tweet, a selfie--fresh out of bed, drinking the two cups of water right before a light body weight strength training routine--it's a self-imposed required routine before I allow myself a cup of coffee. The craziness level of my hair is a fairly accurate indicator of that night's quality of sleep. Last night wasn't good.
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#TBT Today's Throwback Thursday photo is one that's likely at my all-time heaviest. I really believe this was closer to 510-515, than 505.

I had a little twitter fun tonight and apparently it alarmed at least one person. "Sean, are you feeling okay?" was a message I received in the middle of my dinner play. You can read the series of dinner Tweets below starting with the premise tweet of how I like to pretend my kitchen is a restaurant, just for me. 

The point of it was a few laughs. The bigger point was having fun while honoring the integrity of my plan. When we take exceptional care and we do these things for ourselves--and our plan--we're practicing a different perspective. I spent many years not giving myself this level of care--and now, when I invest time in the weighing and measuring--the preparing and cooking--the planning and eating, I'm giving me what I need and what I deserve. And really--it's a way to take myself seriously--and not take myself too seriously, all at the same time. It's healthy, in my opinion, to be able to laugh at ourselves, occasionally. It's a balance. Am I feeling okay? Except for the middle of last night, never better!

Today was another day of maintaining the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, remaining abstinent from refined sugar, drinking a minimum 64oz water (exceeded by 16oz) and I got in a nice workout, too! I'll aim for the same tomorrow!

I'll let the Tweets take it the rest of the way. Goodnight!

Today's Live-Tweet Stream:

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  1. Sean, can you tell me what kind of a scale you have found that is good? I am trying to find one.

    1. I bought a simple $20 model at walmart. They have some that cost less--but I like the ones with a platform. They also have some that cost more. The $20 model in the kitchen department is the one I keep at home and work...Very accurate, very reliable! The only difference between the two different versions of the scale--one uses a triple A battery and the other uses a small watch type battery. Digital food scales can be found pretty much everywhere-- I recommend not getting the cheapest--but clearly, there's also no need to spend a fortune, either!


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