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March 13th, 2015 Gone Was The Clutter

March 13th, 2015 Gone Was The Clutter

I wasn't expecting today to turn into what it did, but it did and I rolled with it. It was exceptionally long with a late afternoon location broadcast ending at 5pm and other work related activities continuing until late. This is the second day in a row without an intentional workout, and again--based on my activity, fitbit gave me a nice calorie burn acknowledgement--almost as much of a burn as one of my typical workouts.

When the plans change and an adjustment is required, it can be a tough thing to accept in a positive way. When this happens, I'm happy to report I'm no longer beating myself up over it, at all. It's okay. My trek has never been perfect, it never will be, nor should I, nor will I, even try to make it perfect. The schedule turned the way it turned and I kept a positive perspective. That's a victory.

I'm just glad to finally be in front of this computer screen for a recap of today.

Free food is often a part of location broadcasting. "Stop by and enjoy plenty of free food," always results in some extra people through the door. Some come for the food only, and that's expected. But some do occasionally stick around and find something of interest other than the hot dogs and chips.

Today it was big premium plump and juicy grilled hot dogs with chips and soft drinks. I declined three encouragements, "grab some food," "have you tried one of those hot dogs?" and "be sure to get some food before you leave." One person on staff at this car sales establishment was very familiar with what I do and at one point, they responded for me before I could politely decline: "He can't eat that kind of stuff." 

I quickly added, "Oh, thank you. Actually, I could eat it, I'm choosing not to eat it. I had a good lunch earlier and plan on eating well later. I appreciate the offer, thank you."

Even if I hadn't had a good lunch, I don't think I would have invested the calories in those giant dogs. Each one must have been 350 calories. With a bun and condiments, we're talking a 500 calorie hot dog--and if not, real close! They were exceptionally large hot dogs.

The important thing I noticed was how the allure was gone. It was non-existent. The dogs, the chips, the soda pop...didn't do a thing for me. It didn't trip my trigger one tiny bit. It wasn't a display of will power. Will power suggests we're resisting something we truly desire. I wasn't desiring any of this stuff.

If I had been hungry, perhaps missed lunch, maybe it would have been alluring. My good lunch was still keeping me, so this food wasn't attractive in the least. The reason this is an important awareness point is because in the past, it didn't matter, hungry or not, I was eating. 

Free food taste good--and once upon a time I would have indulged in a second lunch based on taste and the crazy compulsions in my brain encouraging me to enjoy. Gone was the clutter, leaving only the correct and most natural decision considering the circumstances of the day. To me, this is most exciting--to experience this again and again, a confirmation of a switch being flipped to the off position, is such a blessing. Even better, is understanding what flips that switch to the "ON" position and avoiding that stuff!

I'll be up early tomorrow to finish helping a friend move. There will definitely be a Saturday afternoon nap for me. There's no doubt about it.

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  1. p.s. please change your blog roll to show this url for my blog: Thanks! :)

    1. I'll get that done right away! Thank you for the update, Gwen! :)

  2. I wish I could find the "off" switch. I am still struggling with yet another regain.

    1. The "off switch" for me was found upon abstaining from refined sugar. It's different for everyone. AND it doesn't mean the switch isn't susceptible to being bumped "on" by stress and emotions, especially if I'm not staying aware of my reactions to them.
      Pam, hang in there, okay? If there's anything I can do for you, please email me.

  3. The combination of the physical (omitting sugar from the diet) plus the mindset (not looking at food as having to eat it because it is there - also viewing it as "free food tastes good and equals enjoyment") is the answer to making it through these encounters with the world, isn't it? Another lesson for me. Thank you!!!

    1. Exactly, Nancy! The absence of that bio-chemical reaction I get with sugar--the reaction that sets my brain off like a pinball machine--and compels me to get more, more, more--really makes a difference. And you're spot on correct--Changing the perspective when it comes to these situations is critical. I must remind myself--I get to eat and I get to eat well--just not right now! :) You're welcome, Nancy. Thank you for your support!


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