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March 14th, 2015 Big Calorie Burn Day

March 14th, 2015 Big Calorie Burn Day

My plan today included a workout at the YMCA late afternoon. However, helping a friend move quickly became my workout. There wasn't any doubt. I had a great workout today. A lot of lifting and a bunch of activity. Today was the most active day I've had in a very long time. I can't remember the last time I burned 734 calories in one day, but that's the number according to my FitBit Flex.

I took a much needed nap this afternoon before getting up and getting ready for the big Temptations/Four Tops concert. I didn't plan my food as well as I could have, today. I ended the day with 1,601, 99 below my typical 1,700. But with 734 calories burned, my net calories after exercise checked in at 867. That's too low!

I'm letting it be, tonight.

My after concert dinner was way too late and there's no way I'm eating my way up to my usual minimum of 1,200 net calories after exercise calories burned. One low calorie day isn't going to hurt me in the slightest.
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Not that this is a goal. It just caught my eye when the projection popped up after completing my MFP tracking for the day. Whether I call it a goal or not, the number has some significance to me. I lost 275 pounds with that number in mind, achieved it--then after a year and a half of maintaining, found my way back to 394 before turning this ship around. The fact that I'm once again this close to the number I focused on for so long, feels good in an accomplished kind of way. 

Truth is, with weight training, my healthiest weight could eventually end up being where I am today. Or it could end up lower, I really don't know. They say it's important to have concrete goals. And I feel I expressed them well the other night. My goals are to maintain my abstinence from sugar and continue holding sacred all other elements of my recovery. If I do those, the number isn't significant. If I make those things important, I win, every time. My goal is to do just that.

I feel good tonight. It's late once again, but not unusually late for me, especially on a weekend.

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  1. I am very much interested in learning about the weight you eventually become with weight training as it progresses. Looking forward to your future blogs in comparing the differences with compared to no weight training.

    I'm curious & suspect you will need to uptake your calorie intake in order to maintain the desired weight level with weight training compared to no weight training. This information can prove quite helpful for someone like myself, better understanding the impact, difference it makes. Starting out, maintaining, increasing or decreasing the level of weight training. Understanding the right balance of weight training which is most beneficial for lifelong weight maintenance would be invaluable information. I'm sure it will take a few years to learn, but time and effort, well worth investing in.

    1. I'm looking forward to it, too, Jon. We'll find out together! Absolutely, you're right--I will need to up my calories during maintenance mode and more aggressive weight training. It'll be a wonderful experiment of sorts! Thank you, Jon, always my friend!!

  2. I had a fitbit zip then updated to a fitbit charge hr. I can't see how I burn more calories than you. You do the elyptical, I do not. I guess I'm somewhat active around the house, although I do have a desk job for 6 hours a day. My typical calorie burn is @ 1000 calories a day. So I eat around 2200. I'm a woman. I'd like to know @ how many steps you take in a typical day? The days I'm doing 10,000 steps, I eat more. The days I'm less active, I eat less. Unless, I go out to eat, in which case, I'll eat light later on or the next day. Do you ever eat more than 1700 calories to make up for exercise and weight training? In my mind.. eating should be an ebb and flow based on activity. Just curious. thank you.

    1. I usually burn somewhere between 400 and 420 during my elliptical workouts. On a typical day of 1700, it lands my net calories after exercise calories burned right above 1,200.
      I didn't do it today--but typically, if my net calories after exercise falls below 1,200, I've been known to bump it up with some calorie dense food, like natural peanut butter or avocado. Since I rarely burn 500 or more calories with exercise--I rarely feel the need to bump up past 1700. But yes, I'm willing to if/when needed. Not tonight because it was so late and I just wanted to rest--honestly didn't feel like eating anymore than I did.
      I don't count the general calories burned--the count Fitbit shows me throughout the day...I only count the exercise calories...or as fitbit calls it, "Calorie adjustment based on my measured activity."
      I still add my workouts manually through MFP-as FitBit instructs on its website--and when I do, Fitbit automatically adjusts the number it's given me. It's interesting how it does this, and it does!
      I'll be watching my calories vs. exercise fairly closely--especially getting into weight maintenance mode soon. I agree with you about the ebb and flow.
      Thank you for your questions and input!

  3. LOL- that MFP predictions. For me while losing, motivating. Once I hit weight maintenance, then the calories in calories out theory was total bunk. If I went by that, I would have regained 30-40 pounds by now. Mine is more about obesity hormone maintenance. That is very reliant on the sugar (for me grains) abstaining.

    A good abstinence plan, kicking the slippery slope thinking to the curb, and on food template with exercise and strength, with group support- that's a great formula for body AND mind maintenance- IMO.

    Glad you are looking at all aspects. It will take you very, very far into the next steps. Bravo! Karen P

    1. I'm lol'ing right along with you, Karen. The predictions are truly pointless. I agree with you, 100%. Excellent formula. #1 priority! I'm looking at it all and taking it very seriously as I move forward. Thank you, Karen!

  4. Good job, Sean! You are right; one low cal day won't hurt.

    p.s. my blog has moved to:

    1. Thank you, Gwen. Agreed, 100%. It was just too late and I was too tired--and no longer hungry anyway... As long as I don't make a habit of eating too little---and seriously, that's never been a problem for me.
      I got your blog address successfully changed on the blogroll!
      Thank you, Gwen!

  5. You are kicking butt not only in the weight loss but also the exercise department! I am so happy for you and continue to be inspired as I follow along! Thanks for sharing!


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