Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24th, 2015 Or Else What?

March 24th, 2015 Or Else What?

I've officially decided to take the advice from Janis and not give skin removal surgery another thought or mention until I've achieved a minimum five years of recovery and maintenance. After reading a few descriptions of skin removal followed by regain, I'd rather be safe. Just horrifically painful sounding when the skin needed to expand isn't available in a relapse/regain situation.

One of the things I've learned along this road is to never declare total victory. Never. I can have victories along the way, I can celebrate these victories and feel great. But I know from experience, if ever I declare "I win!" That's when I run the greatest risk of letting go of my grip on the elements of my continued recovery. These are Non-Negotiable and Sacred elements of my recovery, and I must always give them the utmost consideration and respect--or else. Or else what? I don't want to find out, again.

Cocky attracts karma in this game.

I'm grateful, I'm humble, I don't know everything and I'm always learning. I pray I'll keep those strong throughout the rest of my life.

Today was a solid day. It didn't start out too well. I woke with a horrible headache. It kept me home a little longer than normal this morning. I had a colleague cover my show for the first forty-five minutes until I could arrive feeling better.

I tried a different kind of dinner tonight. I grilled catfish and made catfish asiago tacos. Okay--me turning something into a taco isn't really something different. The grilled catfish was different. I prefer different fish for this. I'll likely not use catfish again--unless I'm frying it like I did over the weekend.

My workout tonight was encouraging. I'm getting stronger, pure and simple. I raised the weights and handled it exceptionally well. The elliptical is obviously one of my favorite workouts. The ride tonight was on high--music thumping--lip syncing happening--it was pure fun...I must always decide to make it fun or I won't remain consistent.

A Life Coach Gerri perspective shifting thought: I have years of experience in the do-nothing for exercise department--and little experience, comparatively, in the make it happen department. Which one am I better at doing?

Yep. Make it fun.

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  1. You need to try fried tilapia in those tacos! I dredge in a little corn meal and pan fry in very little coconut oil. Hands down my favorite taco.

    Thanks for the persepctive on exercise; it's a message I needed to hear this morning.

    1. I will absolutely try the fried tilapia! I don't think I've ever fried it before. Sounds great!
      I need to invest in some coconut oil.
      You're welcome on the exercise perspective. I'm not a natural exercise kind of person. In order for me to remain consistent, I know for sure--I must always enjoy it--I must make it fun, in whatever way. I don't like hard, miserable and grueling... Not to say I don't like or want a great workout, I do-- I just want it to be enough fun, I don't even notice how strenuous.

  2. SO SO SO TRUE Sean!!! We can never declare victory--for we are a continuous work in progress in fighting our addiction. Humble is key, I am so grateful for being basically able to stay in control for over 5 years, with some stumbles along the way. Those stumbles are what make me realize I will never be DONE. So even though I cannot claim victory, I do feel like a winner!!!

    1. You're absolutely a winner!! You're spot on. Those stumbles are like nudges toward the truth...this takes an on going commitment in taking extraordinary care...the benefits are worth every effort we make, IMO.
      We have wonderful victories along the way, but I'll never make the mistake of adopting the "okay-did that, I win--victory is mine" attitude. Regardless, we're winners! ;)

  3. We ARE winners at doing this hard work!
    as an addict we are never cured. I too experienced the "cocky attitude" when getting lighter than I had ever been in my life. I reached the charts goal weight! I was rewarded (for my cocky attitude) with a full regain plus an additional 130 pounds. The staying humble has been a hard won lesson.

    1. Oh, Nancy, hard won lesson, indeed. Reaching that goal weight can be so intoxicating... At least it was for me...and then maintaining for a good while... I was so very confident there was no going back... I was humbled dramatically.
      Needed to be.
      We're lucky, Nancy. We have the benefit of our experiences to help point us in the proper direction.
      Thank you for sharing this, Nancy.

  4. One of the things I've learned along this road is to never declare total victory.

    As soon as I read that I had a vision of a certain president standing under a "mission accomplished" sign. :)

    You're right, there is no such thing as total victory.10 years ago I quit smoking. After 5 years of being a non-smoker I would have bet you anything that I had kicked the habit for good, but a string of circumstances led me right back to it.

    The minute you let your guard down is the minute a sucker punch shows up and hits you where it hurts!

    1. I remember, as I approached goal during my initial weight loss, making plans to have a huge goal hitting party...a grand celebration of my "arrival" at goal. Geez. So glad I didn't have that party! I suppose I did effectively "party" during relapse and regain... Yeah...
      You illustrate perfectly why we must always remain diligent-- always aware and always practicing the elements of our recovery.
      Those sucker punches hurt.

  5. "Cocky attracts Karma" LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I'm stealing it for my FB post!
    One can never declare victory on our life long adventure. It just can not happen. I don't know to many people who could...and yet the ones that do always seem to be back at square one.
    The mentality is that you lose the 5/10/100 lbs you have to and declare that victory only to find that your pants are getting tighter and tighter because victory is only for a split second........ and here goes the ramble again..!
    Great post!

    1. Thank you, Rosie! You use that all you want--it's true!!
      I agree-- it's amazing how consistent this truth seems to be... Very few can pull it off-- and in my opinion, if they can, perhaps they're not wired like you and me...
      Thank you, Rosie! :)


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