Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24th, 2016 Today's Mission

June 24th, 2016 Today's Mission

It was after 2am when the storms started weakening and I was finally able to end live weather coverage, go home and drop in bed. Making my show's 6am start time was the plan, but my body insisted on more sleep. My alarm is super loud and it didn't phase me in the least. I was out. A colleague covered my show duties until I arrived a little later. In consideration of the exceptionally late weather coverage, this is acceptable and honestly, somewhat expected. It was still too little sleep going into an exceptionally busy Friday.

I couldn't just throw together an "I was up until the wee hours covering weather" look. I needed to gather myself and be presentable for a four-hour location broadcast. I took my time getting ready. I also honored my morning routine. My daily disciplines are very important to my continued stability in maintenance.

My radio show ended at 9:15am, giving me just enough time to race upstairs to the studio's employee kitchen, cook breakfast, prepare a lunch to-go, eat breakfast and be on my way to exchange my vehicle for the station's vehicle and arrive at the location broadcast, set up and be ready by straight up 10am. I was a man on a mission. Mission accomplished.

I had a good experience at the broadcast. The owner of this "backyard fun store," our client for this broadcast, was promoting a big sale on Holland Grills and the Big Green Egg cookers, complete with live cooking demonstrations and samples. The offers for free food were plentiful. Fortunately for me, this client is familiar with my story and what I do how important my continued recovery is to me and they didn't act the least bit surprised when I pulled out my pre-planned lunch.

I did try grilled watermelon. Not bad! Grilling the watermelon changes the flavor. Much like cooking anything, I suppose. I've tried grilled avocado and peaches before--and the same thing, the flavor changes. I don't have to eat something or try anything in order to "sell it" on the radio. You should hear some of the food commercials I've voiced lately. Oh my, yeah--good thing I'm not required to eat everything I advertise. It wouldn't work within my plan, that's for sure!

I finished the broadcast and hurried to switch vehicles, grab a coffee and make it to an important appointment I had with my youngest daughter. We spent some much-needed quality time together.

I made it to the store, picked up some fresh (and on sale) catfish fillets and made it home, completely spent. I wasn't ready for dinner. But I was slightly hungry. I was more tired than anything, so I opted for a holdover snack until a later dinner, then took a short nap.

I love to stay up late on Friday and work on personal projects. If I hadn't grabbed that nap, it wouldn't have been possible. This approach only works if I'm able to sleep in really well on Saturday morning--and fortunately, tomorrow--I can! No alarm!

This day was challenging. I met the challenges and through it all, I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar and I met my daily water goal.

The difference between my old patterns and what I do now comes down to asking the question: How can I make maintaining the integrity of my plan work well, today? Asking that question, instead of immediately creating, developing and embracing reasons why it can't work, is critically important perspective.

I'm stamping this day a success. 

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