Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7th, 2016 When I Make These Things Important

June 7th, 2016 When I Make These Things Important

My goal of late afternoon posting of this blog is proving difficult in the consistency department. This is simply a busy time in the broadcasting business! I'm identifying ways to find a better balance, I'm confident I can continue making improvements to my daily practices in order to better manage things. It's a work in progress.

I mentioned earlier this week about how a set bedtime is very difficult for me to maintain. It isn't like my calorie budget or my abstinence from refined sugar. My bedtime is affected by many different variables. These variables require me to make adjustments on a day to day basis in order to accommodate the flow. An example will come Thursday through Saturday when I'm scheduled to broadcast from the big PRCA rodeo every night from 6 to 8pm. Can I still drop in bed at a reasonable hour on those days? Yes. But only if I make adjustments earlier.

I'm very grateful each and every day. I'm grateful that my focus is in fine tuning my approach and focusing on improving areas long overdue for attention.

To be in this maintenance groove is such an amazing blessing. It takes an acceptance and embrace of my fundamental elements each and every day--and in this approach, one day at a time, I find so much peace and clarity--balance, that's what it is--a level foundation enabling me to identify other areas in need of tweaking. Like, the sleep! 

Tomorrow morning is my monthly maintenance weigh-in. I'll make my way to the doctor's office shortly after I get off the air. I've missed so many workouts lately, I'm not sure what I'll discover on that scale. But it's okay, regardless. 

And it is okay, because I'm maintaining the integrity of my calorie budget, I'm remaining abstinent from refined sugar, I'm hitting and most days exceeding my water goal, I'm in daily contact with support connections and every morning I do my #morningdeal strength exercise routine before I allow coffee. When I make these things important each day, things seem to go very well.

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