Friday, June 3, 2016

June 3rd, 2016 Please, Hold Your Applause

June 3rd, 2016 Please, Hold Your Applause

I was feeling great yesterday. It was a very productive day at the studio and simply a solid day all the way around. I'm doing well on the no caffeine after 3pm rule. I was seriously poised to be in bed at another reasonable early bedtime--one that would give me a minimum seven hours sleep.

When the evening came, that's when it all changed.

I was working on a special project last night. I decided to get that done, because seriously, it had to be done last night, then dinner--then bed. 

The plan? Be in bed by 9:30pm.

When the project started going long--and I kept trying to hurry it along, I knew I was in trouble. I finished the work at 9:17pm--and I still needed dinner. 

Three things were in play: I was H.ungry--too long between food. I was A.ngry at myself for not anticipating/calculating the project would take 50% longer than expected. And I was T.ired.

That's three of the big one's from the HALT acronym-- you know, don't get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired, and if you do, recognize the need for support.

At the same time this is happening, I'm receiving messages of congrats on this new importance level surrounding my sleep schedule. Richard messaged: "Applause, Sean! You're evolving in fantastic areas!"

Please, hold your applause.

Night three and I've already sacrificed the integrity of my sleep schedule.

I was really too hard on myself. I wouldn't turn to a friend and say the kinds of things I was saying to myself last night, and lucky for me--before it could get worse, I reached for support.

One of the many wonderful benefits of being in a relationship with a therapist is the perspective she's able to offer in situations like this--and she did offer some valuable perspective. I appreciated her words very much.

I calmed down, felt better--and decided, I wasn't cooking-instead, I stopped in to dine at a restaurant two blocks from my apartment.  

Kristin added, "Hey, remember, when you get home, your blog is already finished. You can go to bed quicker!" 

Oh wow, that's right!!

Hey, I might like this new blogging schedule after all!

I still managed almost five hours sleep. It wasn't enough, but enough to survive. And I'll continue doing better along the way. 

Today has been non-stop since the alarm sounded at 4:30am. I snoozed until 5am before bouncing up and immediately recognizing the difference between last night and the two previous. Profound difference.

I did my radio show from 6-9am, then made my way to Bartlesville about an hour away to do a remote location broadcast on a different radio station for a company that contracts me to do their voice work. Today I was their on location spokesperson, too!

I made my way back to the studio this afternoon, after 3pm, to do production items I may have missed while I was away--and now, I have an evening broadcast in Downtown Ponca City at a huge annual event.

I'll be getting my required seven hours sleep tonight, there's not a doubt in my mind. I'm looking forward to that rested feeling I felt for two days. Today hasn't felt rested. It's amazing how two extra hours of sleep (seven instead of five), makes such a profound difference for me.

It does!

I'm maintaining the integrity of my calorie budget. I'm remaining abstinent from refined sugar, I'm hitting and exceeding my water goal and oh, about the exercise--I've had and continue to get plenty today in the course of these two location broadcasts.

And, as far as my sleep schedule goes, I'm making huge shifts in my perspective and importance level. Things are going to come up for me, like on-air weather coverage and circumstances like last night. It's simply a part of what I do for a living. Maintaining a high importance level in the better rest department isn't the same as maintaining the integrity of a calorie budget.

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  1. Baby steps Sean. You're getting there.

  2. Life happens and some days you will have work or family obligations that may cut into your sleep. Hopefully those situations will be rare or at least not common. I believe your new mindset and plan to make sleep one of your priorities will prove to be of great benefit and you will hit your mark 95% of the time or more. You handled last night well Sean and I am not surprised. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I love the pics if food gives me ideas. You have done so great


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