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June 2nd, 2015 Unraveled Quickly

June 2nd, 2015 Unraveled Quickly

I sincerely appreciate the incredible outpouring of support on the sleep issue. It was seriously about time. My schedule is still somewhat overloaded, especially for the next few days--but I'm not backing down on getting at minimum, seven hours sleep. And no caffeine after 3pm. I'm actually sipping some decaf right now as I write this post. It's not bad. It's good coffee.

This shift in importance level is a big deal to me. There are many positive things happening in my world and I could clearly see that the sleep issue was starting to have a profound negative effect.

My dinner last night was a favorite (see tweet below). It felt weird, after dinner and after a round of strength training exercises--to just.... go to bed. The habit of making the blog post the last thing I do each night is deeply embedded. I felt a touch lost, in a way. Might sound strange, but I haven't missed a night in over two years--so it's not as easy as I thought it might be, to just be, okay with a shift in routine.

In order to counter the turbulence of change, I'm choosing to focus on all the positives this new schedule and the good sleep, might create. This change is setting up a more solid foundation for me to build a schedule--one that's more productive; more efficient.

And I know it will shift some come the weekend. I have an event Saturday night that will likely keep me out until 11pm. Still, minimum seven hours sleep, will happen--and when I get home Saturday night, the blog will already be written and posted.

Being in a successful maintenance mode for nearly ten months has given me plenty of time to adjust to my smaller size. But occasionally, I'm still taken aback. I caught my reflection today and something about it struck me. I gave it pause long enough to realize how much I have to be thankful for along this road. I don't just see the physical changes. The physical is the least of the transformation, truly. Catching the reflection reminds me of the mental/emotional growth it represents. I'm full of gratitude for the chances I've been given. I've had more than my fair share! This overwhelming sense of gratitude automatically tightens my embrace of the fundamental elements I make important each day. And I'm so glad proper rest is on that list. It's a good thing it is--because seriously, I couldn't do too many days like the one I had the other day--If I tried, I'd come unraveled quickly.  

I'm successfully maintaining the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I'm remaining abstinent from refined sugar. I'm consuming a minimum 64oz water and I'm getting exercise. I'm staying in solid contact with my support connections. And I'm open to changes along the way--like posting this blog late afternoon. It's still daylight outside. Strange!

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  1. I am so glad you are making sleep a priority. I am sure you will notice the difference it makes.

  2. I cannot have caffeine after noon or it disturbs my sleep. I hope all of your great changes help you sleep. Best wishes


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