Saturday, June 4, 2016

June 4th, 2016 Busiest Weekend of The Year

June 4th, 2016 Busiest Weekend of The Year

The last two days have been insanely busy. And not just for me. It's easily the busiest weekend of the entire year in this area. Anchored by a nationally recognized Herb Festival, car shows, Relay For Life and several other big events. Naturally, this translates to my busiest weekend of the year.

I finished my downtown broadcast last night then headed uptown to the big Battle of The Burger cook-off to emcee the final part of the event--the announcements of the winners! By the time I got back home it had been a fifteen and a half hour day.

I managed almost seven hours sleep last night before getting up early in order to be ready for my first of two location broadcasts from different events. As soon as my broadcast commitments were complete, I ran into the store--grabbed a coffee and a few grocery items, and headed home to prepare lunch and finish preparing for my evening gig as the dj for a wedding reception.

The time between my last broadcast and when I needed to start setting up for the reception was too short. I stopped by Irene and Allen's place on the way to the gig. It was a fast visit with them and my youngest daughter--and my grandson, Noah. I also had a thirty minute window to get this blog written and posted. I started the blog and quickly realized it wasn't going to happen like I envisioned. Noah wanted my attention, of course! And he gets it! When the power dropped for ten seconds, resetting the computer, I decided this circumstance was beyond my control.

Tonight's reception went well. It's a major workout, too. Loading the sound equipment into the vehicle, loading in, setting up, tearing down, loading out and then delivering it back where it's stored (and it's big and heavy) is a bigger workout than any intentional workout I've experienced.

The blog and my dinner (super late--see Tweet below) required a much later time than I prefer.

I will be getting at least eight hours sleep tonight, maybe more.

I'm just glad I made it through the schedule.

I can rest now!

Today, like yesterday, I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I exceeded my #watergoal and I certainly had a workout. I'll be sore tomorrow, for sure!

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  1. Good thing you weren't a judge at the burger contest. Can you imagine, having to taste all those yummy concoctions? Too hard to limit yourself. I was reading about Daphne Oz on the Chew. She says she only takes one bite of the food they fix on the show, because she too fights her weight. But Carla on that same show, she is the dessert expert, and is impossibly skinny. How does she do that? I've been having a hard time finding decent peaches. The one you pictured looked delicious--is it a nectarine? They had Georgia peaches (fuzzy skinned) on sale at my store last week for $1.99/lb. I bought 4 or 5, and the texture is mushy and grainy, plus there is no flavor. Kind of like that first watermelon I bought a month or so ago which had no taste at all. Wonder if the melons are any better now? I keep trying....

    1. These Georgia peaches are perfect! And 99 cents a pound right now at my favorite store! Fuzzy--perfectly ripe, sweet and awesome! Yeah--the watermelons aren't the best early season. And I've only found one decent cantaloupe so far. I'll keep trying, too and I know it'll improve as the season continues.

    2. I'll never commit to being a judge at a deal like that--It wouldn't work for me and my plan. But I can emcee the festivities just fine!


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