Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9th, 2016 Observing And Analyzing

June 9th, 2016 Observing And Analyzing

A good friend of mine joked, with a smile, "I can't stand you, Mr. I'm Not Trying To Lose Weight!! I'd kill for 3.2 pounds." 

Yesterday's maintenance weigh-in was truly unexpected. I haven't handled my schedule very well. Instead of me managing it, I've allowed it to manhandle me. My point is, too little sleep and a big bunch of missed workouts, should have translated to a slight gain. It didn't. And I'm not complaining AT ALL. I'm just observing and analyzing. 

I can see where this whole I'm not trying to lose weight thing can possibly read annoying to anyone starting out or in the middle of intense struggle along the way. But before you yell, "shut-up Sean, Mr. I'm Not Trying To Lose Weight," at your computer or device screen, consider--I've been at all points along this road. And some of those places, I hung out for quite some time. 

What this is really proving to me is how the metabolism can effectively be transformed. If you told me I'd be eating 2300 calories per day and somehow, still losing weight, I would have never believed you. I was convinced my metabolism was stuck on super slow. It might have been for a very long time. But clearly, it's different now. I'm blessed and very grateful. But my bigger point is this: There's hope for anyone who believes they're forever in a down position with their metabolism.

I'm not a nutrition expert, obviously. But I think the gradual evolution of my food plan is chiefly responsible for this quicker metabolism.

I eat a lot of, what I call, "one ingredient foods" or "foods without a nutrition label." As in, an egg is an egg, an apple is an apple, natural peanut butter is simply peanuts, an avocado is an avocado, you get the idea. Granted, I certainly eat some processed stuff--but for the most part, it's very simple things. The abstinence from refined sugar for over two years, I truly believe--has contributed in a major way.

My opinion, based on what I've learned from others and the analysis of everything, on the whole--is this: The body recognizes and processes these things I'm eating easier and much faster. I'm not throwing it many heavily processed curve balls or refined sugar--I'm also getting more than enough water every day...and so, the metabolism works more efficiently. 

So what now? Do I add more calories? When I commit to a more structured weight training program (longtime readers, even though I might deserve it--please refrain from bursting out in laughter), I'll need to add a fairly good amount of calories, I'm sure. Even just a more consistent combination of cardio/strength training will require more calories, I'm certain.

If we study this from the right perspective, it offers a tremendous amount of hope for yet another wonderful part of our individual transformations along the way. Perhaps right around the corner for some--maybe further down the road for others. But, it's possible. 

Once again I wasn't able to blog late afternoon instead of last thing at night. That plan is clearly a work in progress.

Isn't everything a work in progress? 

Today, I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I met my #watergoal and I exercised well with nearly two hours of walking around my location broadcast this evening. I'm dropping in bed at a fairly reasonable hour.

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  1. I would simply "chalk" up the 3 lb. loss to natural fluctuation, and keep doing what you're doing. It's working! I would also revel in the milestone you reached with that 3 lbs. loss--300 pounds GONE! That just boggles my mind. What a great accomplishment, enjoy what you have achieved: that slim body, improved health, that dedication you continue to have to your "plan," and the undying admiration of all of us. You earned it!!!

  2. For one week I tried eating single ingredient foods...the weight loss was incredible. I tried to eat from the Whole 30 was just not something I felt like I could maintain for the rest of my life. Part of my plan is to incorporate things that I think I can walking, not running. At my age I'd rather go the distance than win a race. One thing that has hit home with me is eat foods I like! You've said that and it makes perfect sense! My plan is evolving again. I'm trying to find what will work for me. Still struggling but I'm not giving up! Thanks for your daily dose of encouragement!

  3. Muscle building via lifting or lifting heavier, core strength, flexibility, yoga, meditation, really optimum sleep, career advancement, Those are all things that can stabilize body and mind.

    Keep learning, keep eating nutrient dense foods. Replace some of the processed foods. I got "accidental muscles" by eating normal amounts of grass fed beef and lamb. What ever is in that amino acid profile really helps me post menopause to say leaner, feel good, and increase my lifting at the gym. Normal, not chronic cardio, not addicted to lifting. Just 2 days per week with rowing sprints thrown in.

    Grab a copy of The Primal BluePrint by Mark Sisson and Read the success stories over at Mark's Daily Apple (MDA). That will give you ideas for what to add to your own life template as you age. I don't eat dairy ( Primal is Paleo with dairy) but attempt the Primal sleep, play, eating principals. It really does make a difference to all aspects of my life post weight loss.

    You'll have a long, long time to live post morbid obesity, so by setting up some of the other longevity markers, you'll live a fuller life. Onward.

    PS- to any of your readers, I've gained 8 pounds in post menopause, post weight loss, and in long term weight maintenance. still normal weight for for me at 5'1". I expect it will take me about 1 year to reverse OR just to maintain. I may NEVER lose it. Doc says it's normal for me, post morbid obesity. For your female readers- never, ever compare yourself to a guy. They have a different hormonal make up for a reason, as we have a different one for very good reasons, too. Focus on yourself always. Comparison will steal your joy.

    Onward Sean. The road is just beginning.


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