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August 12th, 2017 I Don't Play

August 12th, 2017 I Don't Play

Not my food. Those three words have helped me tremendously over the years. Not my food. I rarely write about temptations--and if/when I do, you know, I must have been in a compromised circumstance--likely hungry, angry, lonely, or tired--or, just plain unprepared, that can happen too.

Temptation and the will power to overcome are two things dependent on a desire to exist. In other words, we don't need will power to overcome the temptation of something for which we have zero desire. But how do we get to "zero" desire for foods that fall into the "not my food" category?

I can only write and share from my experience, of course--can't speak for anyone but me. But the "not my food" approach starts with what is my food. I love the on-plan food I eat. It's a food plan containing only foods I enjoy, enjoy preparing--and it's a food plan with just enough balance between variety and repetition.

I fully appreciate the significance of my food plan in terms of what it brings. Peace, calm, and stability with food means, I'm well. I know what is my food and what isn't my food. The consequences of my food and not my food are very clear to me because of experience.

The "Not my food" approach is the only thing that works for me.

"Just a little" or "just this time" or "one isn't going to hurt me," are phrases found in perspectives that'll ultimately kill someone like me. Sounds dramatic, I know. But it's straight up my truth. Nearly twenty years near, at, or above 500 pounds as an out of control food addict, I don't take it lightly. But at the same time, I don't stress. With clear and honest vision, I know what fits in my food plan and what doesn't. On days when the lines get blurred and my choices are clearly affected or potentially affected by whatever circumstance in play, I must reach for support. Because I don't play.

At yesterday's Tulsa event, my favorite donuts of all time were available in the morning and the best pizza (IMO) in our entire state was available for lunch. Free food. And not just free--these selections were favorites of mine for years and years...but, now, not my food. The owners of the company mentioned that they assumed the food wasn't going to work for me--and being so awesome, they generously offered to order whatever I wanted for lunch.

I make sure to never put the responsibility of my food plan on anyone else--I don't depend on anyone or elements of chance to protect the integrity of my food plan. I must be prepared. I must be responsible for my food plan. And I was. It was a very generous offer to buy something special for me, but I was fine. As I wrote last night, I wasn't focused on food, I was focused on the broadcast in front of me.

An eight and under softball team was holding a bake sale at my broadcast today. Again, not my food. These adorable little kids enthusiastically and generously handed me several baked items as they wrapped up their time in front of the store. I graciously accepted and after they left, I regifted to the employees of the store by leaving the baked sweets in the break room. Again- not my food.

The big focus of the broadcast today was Hatch Chili Peppers. I grabbed a bag of 'em and quickly made them fit into my food plan at lunch and dinner (see tweets below). They're the best chilis! I really enjoy preparing food in the kitchen. I don't fancy myself a cook. I simply prepare most things.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I met my daily water goal, and I stayed well connected with good support.

I had a good visit with mom this evening. I'm picking up mom and my grandson Noah for dinner out tomorrow evening. I'm looking forward to the time we'll share.

I plan on sleeping in tomorrow as long as I want--no alarm--until I wake!

We still have some spaces available in the support group I co-facilitate with Life Coach Kathleen and Jordan Burgess. If you have questions, contact me right away! We're two days away from the start!

If you're ready to sign-up for this next session, let me know and I'll email you the registration link!

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  1. Focusing on what To Do is positive, proactive and helpful. It makes life a lot simpler and more peaceful.

    Really good post.


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