Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 9th, 2017 The Streak

August 9th, 2017 The Streak

It was bound to happen and it did. And it's okay. 

My streak of 1,213 daily, consecutive blog postings that started at the beginning of my turnaround from relapse/regain, ended last night. But really, it hasn't "ended," I mean, I'm posting this--things happen, and last night it wasn't completely beyond my control, as you'll read below, but I wasn't willing to do what I would need to do, in order to "keep the streak alive!"

It was a busy Wednesday yesterday and during dinner last night, storms developed. If you know me well, you know that on-air weather coverage is a part of my broadcasting job. The storms turned out to be minimal and I had some production work to do, so still, it was 1am before I made it back to my cozy little apartment. I grabbed some "last food of day" fruit, some water and sat down for a fast blog post before getting ready for bed. And then I discovered....

No internet service!!!! What?? Perhaps the storms had something to do with it?? I can't imagine because it wasn't a major storm situation, not in our immediate area at least. I usually have a backup plan. My backup plan for my blog is pretty simple: Laptop and my personal hotspot wi-fi from my phone service. I've used that option a few times in the last 1,213 days. Except, I loaned my laptop to mom so she could access Facebook in her room. I decided it wasn't an emergency and I didn't need to make it one. I wasn't about to wake mom at 1:30am.

I could have written a blog post from my phone, sans tweets--I mean, I did do that once in October 2014 while traveling in the passenger's seat of a vehicle traveling 75mph on I-40 on the way home from Vegas. But nah... It's okay.

This isn't a big deal to anyone but me. I get that. I do not have any illusions or delusions of significance this blog might hold for anyone but me. It helps keep me well. It's one of my tools in the bag labeled "Sean's Extraordinary Care." And the psychological "bookend" of my nightly postings before bed is a powerful thing for me--has been for some time. 

Despite the challenge, I'm well this morning (Thursday morning 8/10)! I'm centered and about to prepare a nice brunch.

I'm off today! I'll enjoy the time! 

I'm looking forward to several things in the coming days, including the start of the next session for A Better Weigh weight loss accountability and support groups. We still have some spots remaining if you're interested in joining our team! Email me with questions or interest: or

On August 9th, 2017: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed connected with good support.

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  1. I did notice and hoped all was okay. Very glad it was a systems problem and you were not sitting at the ER with someone all night. (Because that is where my mind goes.)

  2. So glad it was the blogging streak and not the other "AVOIDING REFINED SUGAR" streak that ended. I slipped the first three days this week, after avoiding temptation all weekend, but ready to get back at it today.

  3. Glad it was as just the Internet down and a loan of the laptop! Missed your post! Thanks for letting us know!


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