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January 12th, 2018 What's Keeping You?

January 12th, 2018 What's Keeping You?

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal, and I stayed connected with great support.

I crossed the three hundred pound mark by age thirteen. By the time I turned nineteen, I topped the scales at over five hundred pounds. I was a functional five hundred pound family man with a wife and two children by the time I turned twenty-one. My career as a radio personality made it easier for me to stay employed despite my physical limitations, however, the struggle with morbid obesity took its toll throughout my twenties and up to my mid-thirties. It wasn't long before raging high blood pressure, sleep apnea, lymphatic system damage and swelling in my legs to the extreme of skin breakage, and more undesirable consequences started making life much harder to navigate. With each serious health concern came a new wake up call and the bold declaration, “this is it, now's the time.” I made that identical declaration many times.

I cannot count the number of weight loss plans, diets, pills, shakes, and special programs I tried over the years. My dieting career included many different methods, all with the same result. If I lost anything at all, the weight always came back, and usually with a little more. The plans didn't work, I didn't work them—or a combination of those two, but ultimately my perspective didn't work.

I wanted a quick fix. I wanted something or someone to do it for me. Every weight loss attempt was simply a means to an end. If I did have any measure of success, I was constantly waiting for it to be done so I could return to my previous behaviors with food.

Things didn't start changing for me until I stopped trying to figure it all out on my own. I finally embraced a simplistic approach that worked well for me. I also listened to and watched others who had what I wanted and once and for all, I finally installed something missing from nearly every other weight loss attempt: Solid accountability and support.

I've written about the accountability and support groups I cofacilitate with Coach Kathleen and Jordan--and maybe you've thought about it a little bit. What's keeping you from giving it an honest go?

Email me and let's chat about it. I'll answer all your questions. If you have two or three hundred pounds to lose, one hundred, forty, maybe fifty--or perhaps you're in maintenance mode, you'll be right at home on our team. We have members at every place along this road and somehow, we all relate with one another in remarkable ways. 

Jordan, Kathleen, and I work our personal plans each day. Our members do too. We're in this thing together. You see, none of us arrive at a magical place where suddenly we have all the answers--it simply doesn't work that way. If you thought it did, I'm sorry to disappoint you. The truth is, everyone I've known who's experienced consistent positive progress and successful maintenance has a few things in common: They maintain a daily practice of intentional actions, they're accountable to themselves and others, and they embrace the support from others "in the same lifeboat." The plans of each might be different because we're all different--but we're all working our own personal plan--and we need support, no matter where we are along this road. 

Our next session starts January 29th and 30th. We have room for you on our incredible team. If you're ready to embrace something positive for you (and you deserve something positive!!)--send me that email inquiry--ask me questions! If you're ready to join our next session, I'll send you the registration link.

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