Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 21st, 2016 Aim For The Same

September 21st, 2016 Aim For The Same

Weigh Day was supposed to be last Wednesday. This popped into my head over the weekend--and it was fine--I didn't freak out in the slightest. Now, my weigh-ins are simply check-ups. A month or in this case, a month and almost a half between weigh-ins, isn't a bad thing. Because let me tell you--even though I do fairly well at keeping a level perspective/understanding in regards to the scale, I still have every single urge to allow different, irrational reactions to the number. Isn't that interesting?

The source of my peace and stability isn't found in the number it shows me. My peace and stability comes from maintaining the fundamental elements of my plan each day. If I'm taking the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical care my plan encourages, then the weight truly follows, in line, as it mirrors the strength of my food sobriety. BUT--at the same time, an uptick doesn't mean it isn't working and a drop doesn't mean that, either. Big drops or big gains would be a different story, requiring a very serious evaluation.
 photo 203.8 weigh day September 21_zpscyzxjvyd.jpg
This is the exact same weight from June 8th and a two-pound drop from my last weigh-in on August 10th (205.8). I've experienced a tight 3.4-pound fluctuation since March 30th and an 8.6-pound window since December 23rd, 2015.

I had plans to grab some fresh fish from the grocery store for a nice home prepared dinner. But then a good friend of mine called. He was passing through town--and the opportunity to get together for a nice meal and visit was something we both agreed would be wonderful. It was a last minute change of plans. I like being able to shift gears like that and be okay. That feels really good. I still had fresh fish for dinner, from the Ground Round up the street from my apartment!

I didn't require a menu. I knew exactly what I wanted. Baked cod, hold the butter and crumbs--asparagus grilled well with a light brush of butter and an order (approximately 1.5 srv) of sweet potato fries. Perfect. It was absolutely delicious. Even better was the conversation with a good friend. There was a time--a very long time, where the focus was all about the food. My constant pursuit of indulgence and excess kept me in a food fog, unable to fully appreciate the simple joys that come from catching up with an old friend.

Today, I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I stayed in excellent contact with solid support and I exceeded my daily water goal. It was a very good day. I'll start again tomorrow and aim for the same.

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  1. Did you get to see Ron Howard's Eight Days a Week yet? (Be sure to stay until after the credits. There is another half hour of concert footage).

  2. You did it. You are available on the Google Play store.


  3. I have a hard time not equating my worth with the number on the scale. Even now, when I'm pretty much at my goal, when the scale shows a number over 150, it's depressing, like this morning, 151.8. I was good yesterday, so why the uptick from 149.8 yesterday? I know I weigh too often, but like I said, it's all wrapped up in how I feel about myself. I'm just glad I'm back (around) my goal weight again, after that regain over 2015 and into 2016. THAT feels GOOD! And way to go for you Sean, very little weight fluctuation over time. I think you've got this maintenance thing all figured out, and with a much better attitude than I've got! BTW, I'm available if you need somebody to talk with on your Podcast sometime!!!


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