Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27th, 2016 Progressing, Not Perfecting

September 27th, 2016 Progressing, Not Perfecting

Today was a day well planned. I had a plan and for the most part, I've hit the marks. I set some goals for today and by golly, I've reached the end of the day feeling well. One of the things I'm working on understanding about me is, how can I reach the end of the day when things don't go exactly according to my plan--and still feel well about it all? You see...

I'm really hard on myself sometimes, even though I don't recommend it to anyone else.

There's a fine line between holding oneself accountable and taking it too far. I think for me, I know I've gone too far when I start focusing 100% on what I'm not doing well and essentially ignoring all the good things I'm doing. There's always something positive to find, acknowledge and feel good about, and if we look closer, we can usually find numerous things in this category. But we don't see them or fully appreciate them if our thoughts are dominated by every single thing we perceive to be wrong with what we're doing.

I drink too much coffee. I don't get enough rest. I'm not the best time manager. I say yes way too often. Lately, I haven't maintained a consistent workout schedule. Those right there-- I get caught up with regularly--so much so, I miss the opportunity to learn and grow. Instead of focusing on workable solutions, I'm too tied up in being disappointed in my progress. Negative energy doesn't contribute very well to positive progress.

I'm working on acknowledging the good and progressing, not perfecting, the other areas or things.

Speaking of acknowledging the good...

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar for the 881st day in a row, I exceeded my daily water goal, I stayed connected with amazing support and I cofacilitated an absolutely powerful support group conference call--plus, I enjoyed a fabulous workout this evening--and the workout was in harmony with my very specific support stated goals for today.

If you're listening to my new podcast Transformation Planet, thank you for listening!!

And thank you for the wonderful feedback on Transformation Planet Episode 2 featuring Kathleen Miles. I've heard from several people today all about the podcast. I feel great about it--and it's going exceptionally well. It's available on iTunes, Google Play--and straight from PodBean.com Please subscribe, so each new episode will automatically show up on your device!

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  1. It's our human nature and many tend to be our own worst critics especially if you suffer from being a perfectionist as I do...
    I see that as a good trait until the moment when I find myself in a situation that I can't control every aspect of then I beat myself up for not being able to follow through with my own "perfect" plan.
    Your correct when you say it's easy to forget to focus on what you did right on any given day, and instead to focus on what you did not accomplish. Keep setting your goals... but keep in mind that life is happening all around you and you know what? Sometimes you just NEED that extra cup of coffee!!! :) and that's ok....
    If you were so busy that you missed the window to go to the gym, or your just too tired... you probably already had a work out in a manner of speaking.Your rest is important too!
    Stay positive about yourself... you are awesome!I am awesome, and anyone trying to better their health/life.... is awesome!


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