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Day 108 New Year And A New Me, This Time For Real

Day 108

New Year And A New Me, This Time For Real

Today has been a really busy day. It always is on the last day of the month. And this being the last day of the year, even more so. I totally messed up my schedule today. I had planned on working out at the YMCA, I was looking forward to a big workout, but I failed to call them in time to find out that they closed early today. Had I called a little earlier, I could've squeezed in a workout this afternoon. And tonight we had New Years Eve plans, so no it's way past midnight. I'm leaving well over 200 calories on the table and once again I haven't worked out. I'll tell you this. I'm not going to beat myself up over it! No sir, I'm looking forward to one of the best years of my life, and my success so far will be multiplied more than a few times before this year is over, so it's all good. I do plan on walking a 5K tomorrow. I really owe it to myself! The YMCA is closed for New Years, but the Hutchins Walking Trail never closes, that's where I'll be!

While running an errand today, I ran into someone I haven't seen in some time. She works at this place, and she immediately recognized the weight loss. The entire office was amazed at my total. And of course one of the questions were “How are you doing it?” The answer I give is the most simple, basic answer. “I eat less and exercise more.” “1500 calories a day and exercise.” It's really that simple. Although you and I know I've really dropped the ball this past week in the exercise department. But after reading Debbie's blog comment on Myspace, I don't feel as bad. She just reminded me that it was important to lighten the schedule and let that nasty blister on my heel heal. I'm doing fantastic and this little break from the workouts is an extremely temporary lull. Tomorrow is a new day, a brand new year, and rather than making a New Years Resolution to lose weight, I've already traveled 108 days worth of losing weight, and I'm still going strong. Right through the holidays without fear! 82 Pounds is a great start to what will surely be an awesome year for me!

I was thinking about this blog the other day and how it's kept me on track so well. The accountability factor is huge when you know so many people will read and follow the progress. It also reminded me of another time I put myself out there real good. In late 2000 I was a regular at the Tulsa Comedy Club. One night a reporter for the Tulsa World came to one of my shows and asked me if I would volunteer to be a subject in his article about New Years Resolutions. I was completely flattered that he wanted me to be a part of this story, so naturally I agreed, and naturally I made the two hardest resolutions to keep. I said that I would lose 250 pounds in 2001 and become a non-smoker. I even said I was “ready”, whatever! I did a search on the Tulsa World website and found the articles and some pics. I'm pasting the links for your reading entertainment below. I was really trying hard to be “ready” and act “ready”, but until you really are ready to tackle something so big, it's nearly impossible. By the way, I did quit smoking long enough to do the final interview for that story. But honestly, I think I was smoking again as soon as the reporter left the comedy club. I truly wasn't ready at all. Now it's seven years later. Wow, how time flies! It's funny that the accountability factor from a newspaper article with the second largest circulation in the state couldn't do a fraction of what this blog does for me everyday. I guess if they would have ran daily updates, it might have been different. No, probably not. I wasn't truly ready. Good night, Happy New Year, and...

Good Choices,

This is the link to the first article published 01/02/2001:

This is the link to the final follow up article on 12/31/2001 (I think that's when it ran)

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